Abortion Is Wrong

Abortion is wrong for reasons beyond God's laws and moral obligation. The greatest anti abortion argument involves the topic of murder. Many people will say that women have a right to choose what goes on in their body. The problem with this frame of mind is that we are not separating two humans from one another. Yes, a woman has the right to choose what goes on in her body, but abortion is wrong because the baby is a separate human being. Another argument can be that the women should not have a right to kill her child. If murder is against the law, then killing a baby ought to be as well.

Six weeks after conception, the baby's heart starts beating. It is a real child that sits inside a woman's body. The moment it is conceived, it is a child. An anti abortion argument can be that when people are pregnant the life is called a baby. Immediately the soon-to-be mother starts to think of the life inside of them as an actual life. When women decide to terminate a pregnancy, they are disturbed for a long time due to knowing they are killing a child. This does not necessarily faze them until after the procedure is done. Many years after, women will need to get counseling because they know in their hearts the right thing to do.

Many people will say that rape is a reason to keep abortion legal. These people will say that this is ok under these circumstances. However, abortion is wrong if always looking at the perspective of the child. Killing a child is wrong no matter what is going on with the mother. But rape can also be considered a non argument because usually there can be so much fighting in the condition of a rape that a pregnancy is not likely to happen. Rape has one of the least percentages of people getting pregnant as a result. Therefore this cannot be used as an argument against practices such as this of any type.

If a pregnant mother is murdered, then the murderer will be prosecuted for a double homicide. This law obviously considers an unborn child a real person to be considered. Why then is abortion legal? The mother who has a terminancy of pregnancy is committing the same crime that the murderer of the pregnant mother committed. The government won't say anything that would be a strong decision one way or the other, but will make a law concerning a pregnant mother. People who believe that killing an unborn child is the same as killing a child that has been born should always speak loud supporting their opinion.

So many children are lost because people do not see that abortion is wrong. However, there are cases of children surviving and they have an amazing story to tell. Many of the great people of today could have been aborted. What would we be missing from today's society if we had aborted the great people of this nation? Abortion is wrong because of how much the Lord reveres life in the Bible. He sees this subject with the utmost disgust and disrespect for what He has created. If a mother was to think about how incredible the formation of a baby through her body really is, she might have a different perspective on whether or not to terminate the pregnancy.

When a woman gets pregnant, always consider the baby a blessing no matter how the child was conceived. This is a great anti abortion argument because the Lord would not put a child in anyone's life if He did not have great plans for it. This is another great anti abortion argument because the Lord would never knit together trash and He loves his children and honors them completely

The Lord honors life and gives children as a part of himself. Never does he create a child for the purpose. He has our lives planned from the very beginning and would never choose differently for us. To have an abortion is to take lives into our own hands. This does not honor the Lord in anything and is a great anti abortion argument. In fact, this grieves the Lord to no end. Before we were ever born, the Lord was knitting us together inside our mothers. A thousand years before we came about, the Lord had amazing plans for our lives. It is not right to take those plans into our own hands. If we want to honor the Lord, then we must honor his children no matter how it will affect us. "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations." (Jeremiah 1:5)

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