Christian Views On Abortion

The Christian views on abortion can seem, at first glance, to be conflicting and difficult to understand, particularly for those who are relatively unfamiliar with relevant scriptures. This may be due to the fact that there are such a wide variety of voices that claim to represent Christian opinion in this controversial area. As these voices struggle to be heard, the question remains, which voice represents a truly Biblical stand on the topic of abortion? While some who speak out on this issue strongly oppose the practice of abortion, others claim that to offer women a choice in this matter is the more correct approach. Even churches and denominations can't seem to agree. Some denominations take a very conservative stance . These groups maintain that to abort an unborn child is tantamount to murder. Other, more liberal denominations claim that women have the right to terminate a pregnancy if they so choose. With all of this heated debate taking place in the name of various religious organizations, it is no wonder that many women are confused as to the moral implications that are attached to choosing to abort an unwanted child. For those who believe that life begins at conception, there is no option for discussion. In their minds, truly Christian views on abortion clearly maintain that to terminate a pregnancy to to end a life. But what does the Bible say on this subject?

If there is a final authority on Christian views on abortion, the Bible can surely supply this authority. So what does the Bible say? There are, in fact a number of verses that support the more conservative side of the debate. Descriptions of God's knowledge and love for human beings beginning in the womb can be found in scriptures. Beautiful descriptions of God as the force who creates and forms life within a mother's womb is a clearly stated Biblical theme as well. Additionally, a respect for life and care and concern for those who are pregnant is also mentioned in scripture. All of these verses strongly indicate that terminating a pregnancy is not an act that is approved by God. Yet even with such Biblical mandates, controversial debates on Christian views of abortion still rage. For anyone who believes that the Bible represents the Word of God and is the final authority on moral issues, there would seem to be no room for debate. Those who hold the scriptures in high esteem believe that life begins at conception and therefore abortion is morally wrong. Taking the opposite view, many proponents of abortion believe that terminating a pregnancy is simply another form of birth control. There would seem to be little in the way of middle ground on this debate.

Conservative or liberal, where an individual stands when it comes to Christian views on abortion will depend largely on the view that this individual takes of the scriptures. Those who believe that to abort an unborn child is equal to murder are generally those who take the Bible as the final word on the subject. But those who see the scriptures as simply part of the historical record of the church, terminating a pregnancy is seen as an unfortunate practicality of life for women who make this choice. Respect for human life is mandated in scripture. There would seem to be little room for interpretation when it comes to what honest Christian views on abortion have to say about this controversial subject.

Some proponents of the right to terminate a pregnancy make no attempt at claiming that their opinions represent traditional Christian views on abortion. Liberal opinions on the subject argue that women have the right to control their own bodies and therefore should not have to carry a pregnancy to term if they choose not to. Those who take a more conservative approach would argue that there is more than just the woman's body at stake when a pregnancy is ended deliberately. There is a vulnerable unborn life that will be sacrificed if an abortion is carried out. While debate on this issue will no doubt continue, a truly Biblical take on the subject would indicate that aborting an unborn child is indeed a sin.

Anyone who is seeking to explore Christian views on abortion may be doing so out of concern over past mistakes. Women who made a previous decision to have an abortion may latter find that they are plagued with guilt and doubts. The emotional nature of the subject is only multiplied when attempting to cope with the knowledge that a human life was destroyed. For many, the decision to abort a child may have been made out of ignorance or misunderstanding or may have occurred before a conversion to Christianity and a full understanding of Christian views on abortion. When this is the case, looking back on past actions can be particularly painful. Whatever the reason, finding relief from guilt and grief can be very difficult. Coming to grips with this problem may require professional counseling. It will certainly require turning to God in prayer. Exploring the scriptures can be beneficial as well. Honest confession before God, regardless of the seriousness of the sin will bring peace and comfort to repentant believers. There are many verses in scripture that explain the forgiveness that is offered by God. The invitation to lay heavy burdens before God is found in many places in the Bible. "Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved." (Psalm 55:22)

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