Side Effects Of Abortion

The side effects of abortion are serious and most commonly long lasting. Though the subject is controversial concerning when the pregnancy includes an actual life, the termination of the possible life remains. Careful consideration for religious, social, and medical concerns may lead a woman toward a more educated decision than the simple fact of not wanting responsibility of a new life. Adoption is a growing alternative to pregnancy termination. Speaking with certified professionals of religion as well as the medical community additionally aid in making the right decision for the individual situation.

The decision to approve of the actual surgical procedure should be based on the responsibility laid on the woman for terminating life as well as the physical effects of abortion as the bodys response to this action. In addition to the physical complications, a woman puts herself in danger of mental distress due to the severity of her decision. In addition to depression, a woman may experience chemical reactions due to the way in which the procedure was performed as well as the bodys unique reaction, which may be due to other medical problems that are known or unknown. The side effects of abortion may be life threatening including cancer, heart disease, and death during surgery. Putting ones body at these risks instead of giving the baby up for adoption is more often the more debilitating choice. And the mother of the child said, [As] the LORD liveth, and [as] thy soul liveth, I will not leave thee. And he arose, and followed her. (2 Kings 4:30)

Determining the health of the woman and how far along in pregnancy she is will additionally aid in making an accurate decision. Though laws differ from state to state and country to country, understanding the actual biology of human development while in the uterus aids in making a personal decision concerning when life starts. Though any Christian would state that life begins at conception, scientists and other medical professionals argue over this topic. Physical effects of abortion may even affect the social life of a woman who succeeds in this procedure. Friends and family may disapprove of this action or guilt may overcome the woman causing withdrawal from social activities. And thou shalt be secure, because there is hope; yea, thou shalt dig [about thee, and] thou shalt take thy rest in safety. (Job 11:18)

Complications include uterine hemorrhage, uterine perforation, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, coexistent ectopic pregnancy, asherman syndrome, and delayed sequelae. In addition, many women face mental challenges of depression and regret. Though the statistics are low of women who experience these complications, they can be deadly without any notice. For the grave cannot praise thee, death can [not] celebrate thee: they that go down into the pit cannot hope for thy truth. (Isaiah 38:18) Infections that may occur are very unlikely and commonly are due to previous health problems. The physical effects of abortion may simply be exaggerated symptoms of these problems, however any surgery would decrease the functionality of the immune system therefore putting the body in a vulnerable position in respect to bacteria and viral infection.

In some cases the health of the mother is at risk in a pregnancy and a team of medical professionals must discuss survival of either her or her baby. A second opinion is always recommended even when the first answer is the desired answer. Additionally speaking with religious authority such as a pastor or religious counselor may help to make tough decisions if the mothers life is in danger. Finding support through local and national organizations in addition to friends, church family, and biological family may create the required support for mental and physical wellness during this difficult time. No matter what the circumstance, doing right in Gods eyes is the most important. Carrying a baby for nine months is a sacrifice a woman goes through in order to give that child life. This is a short period of time when considering that on average a human lives for 75 years.

If a woman has already had an abortion, qualified medical professionals need to be consulted to ensure long-term health. Age and previous health history define the general risk of physical effects of abortion a woman has during and after the procedure. These side effects of abortion may not be evident until later in life when disease takes over the body and it is revealed that an error was made by the surgeon damaging surrounding organs. Likewise, a woman may develop irritating symptoms that go untreated such as loss of appetite and fatigue which really are key in diagnosing insulin problems and general immunity dysfunction. As with any type of surgery, a woman carries risk of the surgeon or her own body not responding appropriately to foreign chemicals and procedures. In addition, pregnancy may offer healing methods through the exchange of chemicals produced by increased estrogen lessening the instance of some diseases. Educating oneself about personal health issues as well as statistics about the side effects of abortion is crucial in order for a woman to make the best personal decision. If a woman has a family history of breast cancer, she increases her risk of developing this disease by going through with an abortion. Additionally a hysterectomy may be necessary following or during the procedure even in the most healthy women. In the end, in most cases, the risks outweigh the responsibility of following through with a pregnancy.

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