Anti Wrinkle Cosmetics

Anti wrinkle cosmetics are being offered at most fine department stores, in local drug stores and by independent beauty representatives all over the country. The growing popularity of anti aging products has skyrocketed in past years primarily because of the aging baby boomer generation. This generation of people are considered to be the most affluent and most concerned with appearances and images than any other generation in the past. This is due partly to the way that they are being treated by the younger generations. The Bible refers to the fact that as people age they become wiser with experience and understanding for the ways of the Lord. It is not right for elders to be treated as if they are no longer needed and with a lack of respect. "Cast me not off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength faileth" (Psalm 71:9). God instructs His children to take care of the elders and care for them just as the elders cared for the younger ones throughout the years.

While it is not a new phenomenon to try to reverse the effects of aging, technology today has grown substantially. There are more anti wrinkle cosmetics on the market than ever before. People now have a choice in the locations they shop and in the prices they are willing to pay for purchases and most are seeking to find the best wrinkle cream with the highest success rate for a particular type of skin. Those that have been blessed with dryer skin during the younger years are now fighting the clock as the dermal layers crack and form what we call "wrinkles". This is due to the pores of the skin becoming dehydrated. If the acne during adolescence was tough for some because of oily skin, those people are aging gracefully now. Oily skin still has the collagen and elasticity to postpone the development of fine lines from appearing. Men and women alike are flocking to the shelves to purchase anything that will remove or fade the signs of aging both on the face and on the body. This is proven by the sharp increase in sales for retailers who specialize in producing anti aging products.

Men are a new breed of consumer in this day and age, striving to find the best wrinkle cream to soften their lines, but not to remove them. This results in a higher success rate. In fact, there are a variety of shaving creams and after shaves that contain the line softening ingredients such as retinol and alpha hydroxy acid. The acid works to peel off the first few layers of dermis. The retinol, which is a derivative of vitamin A, works to replenish the nutrient necessary to the skin to stimulate collagen and elastic growth. Since men are not trying to completely remove the wrinkles on a permanent basis, they have been successful with the expected results. Smoothing out the lines around the eyes, mouth and on the forehead allows a man to retain the rugged and experienced look he has earned over time, but doesn't show any signs of fatigue or wear and tear. Men can look a little older and wiser than a young professional man without being discriminated against. Unfortunately, women are not as lucky and are lining up, not only to buy wrinkle reducers, but anti wrinkle cosmetics as well.

Most women find that purchasing a foundation with anti aging serums as an ingredient works best. Trying to apply multiple moisturizers at various times throughout the day can be a daunting task. Finding anti wrinkle cosmetics that act as a "2 in 1" seem to be gaining popularity because women tend to apply cosmetics daily anyway. Other makeup that contains anti aging factors include: eye shadow, eye makeup remover, lipstick, and certain eyeliners. Most of these products are much more expensive than traditional types without the anti aging effect. Finding the best wrinkle cream in a foundation depends on the type of skin a woman has (oily or dry) and what level of repair is needed (deeper wrinkles versus subtle). In addition to anti wrinkle cosmetics, women also purchase daily facial cleansers containing anti aging ingredients. Again, these cleansers are more costly, but in combination with the best wrinkle cream for a particular skin type, the results can be rewarding. Completely eliminating lines should not be an expected result. Most creams and lotions only fill in the cracks of the pores of the facial dermal layers which gives the illusion of disappearance. The lotions and cleansers must be applied daily to retain the illusion.

There is no replacement as of yet to regenerate the cellular decay that is inevitable as the body ages. If the body ceases to produce cells at a fast rate, then the body begins to slowly decay. One of these areas is in the dermal layers due to the fact that the body cannot produce enough collagen and elastin on a consistent basis. The drier the skin gets, the more the lines can be seen. Even the best wrinkle cream on the market cannot stop the aging process. However, they can slow the appearance down and allow a man or woman to retain a more positive self image coupled with a high confident level to face society. Eventually everyone gets older; postponing it is not a problem, as long as the process of acceptance is in accompaniment.

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