Zinc Oxide For Acne

Using zinc oxide for acne can help prevent the disorder as well as regulate the activity of the oil glands. Combined with a compound of oxygen, this mineral is effective in allowing protein synthesis and promoting a healthy immune system. A good immune system can assist in the healing of wounds which is why zinc oxide for acne treatment is used. The skin disorder is considered a surface wound, and the body has the ability to fight bacteria that may be the cause of the flare-ups. The mineral can be found in many food sources including: egg yokes, fish, legumes, liver, meats, mushrooms, pecans, brewer's yeast, poultry, whole grain, and pumpkin seeds. The skin disorder known as acne is a result of an imbalance of two or more factors having to deal with the sebaceous gland and the body's duct system. Oil is normally produced in the body by the gland in the skin, then the oil moves through the ducts to the hair follicles and to the top layer of the dermis. When an excess amount of oil is produced, it can result in a blockage in the duct system. If the oil cannot move freely through the duct, it is clogged and results in the disorder.

Another cause of the disorder is when the skin cells improperly shed and, instead of flowing through the duct, stay longer in the body and build up within the duct to the point of closure. Zinc oxide for acne in combination with a sulfur mineral has been shown to clear up acne within one day. The sulfur destroys bacteria quickly and the zinc combats rashes. In addition to these ingredients, and effective mix with zinc oxide for acne treatment can include Tea Tree Oil, and Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera. Applying this mixture to the affected area 4-8 times daily should clear up the breakout quickly. The more times the mixture is applied, the faster the pimples can be cleared up. For chronic or severe types of the disorder, a thicker layer of the mixture should be applied, wrapped with cling wrap and left on overnight. Upon awakening the sufferer should cleanse and reapply the mixture again throughout the day and repeat at night until the infected area has cleared. Chronic skin problems may take one to two weeks for maximum effective results. "But that on the good ground are they, which in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience" (Luke 8:15).

It is important not to get the mixture in the eyes or mouth. If a skin irritation develops due to the zinc oxide for acne treatment, the sufferer should discontinue use and contact a physician. The overnight cling wrap method should never be used on the face, only below the neck and on the body. In addition to using zinc oxide for acne, studies show the mineral has also been known to help for bed sores, dermatitis, eczema, yeast or fungus, psoriasis, rashes, ring worm, and other wounds that are difficult to heal. The mineral used is labeled "Zincite". Zincite is a rare mineral and the majority of the crystals can be found in the mines of the Sterling Hill and Franklin, New Jersey area. The structure of the mineral consists of tetrahedrons of ZnO4. They are all oriented in one direction and produce the six fold rotational symmetry. The color is typically an orange-yellow to deep red or brown. The luster is adamantine. The crystals are usually translucent and more rarely transparent. They are also found as granular crystals, massive in veins and lamellar. There is a basal parting in the crystal and can sometimes carry an orange-yellow streak. This mineral may be rare in most other parts of the world, but grows abundantly in the mines of New Jersey.

Causes of common skin disorders vary and can be based on a variety of factors from age and hormonal development to external influences such as pollution or certain lotions and perfumes. Many wonder if stress is a cause, and whether or not a zinc oxide for acne treatment will cure the flare-ups that are stress induced. While stress is not a direct cause, the feeling does allow the body enzymes and immune system to cause stimulation of the oil glands. If these glands are stimulated too much, clogging in the ducts will happen and an outbreak may occur. In this case using a mixture of minerals, vitamins and zinc oxide for acne should control the breakout. The mixture will not, however, control future outbreaks because the root cause, the stressor, has not been dealt with. Hormonal changes, such as the years of puberty, pregnancy and menopause will also alter the secretion of skin oil cells. Being prepared at these major times in life can help prevent to onset of the skin disorder and hopefully treat it before it becomes severe or chronic.

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