Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs

Internet marketing affiliate programs are some of the most popular and dynamic ways to increase website profitability. There are many proven strategies for getting one's business out on the Internet and to drive visitors to one's website. Social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, giveaways, blogs, web design and other strategies are all within the confines of a web advertising strategy. But Internet marketing affiliate programs rank near the top of most experts' list of effective Web efforts to "draw in the net." Affiliate or colleague networks draw on the power of community, identity and relatedness to harness the power of the web in new ways.

Colleague networking is very much like a guided tour of a great historical mansion such as the Biltmore. Led by arrows and one-way halls, a person follows a prescribed route among dozens and dozens of rooms only to end up at the place to buy gifts and food, a grand scheme designed to spend more of the guests' money. A visitor may think that there is some independence in the tour; that "I didn't need a guide, I did this all myself." That's foolish thinking because the guests always ended up exactly where the evil marketers envisioned them going all along. Spending money on hot dogs and ashtrays.

In the same manner, internet marketing affiliate programs are designed to lead Internet visitors who have a specific interest along a carefully crafted labyrinth from one chosen website to another until, if the plan is successful, some kind of a sale is made. And not only is a sale made, but the sites hosting the adventure are also making money and it becomes a happy day for all involved. The genius of the colleague network is first in community; the power of hundreds of websites linked together. It continues in identity; that is to say that there is a common theme among these network websites. And finally, the networks are related by an understanding that supporting one another in a plan that even rivals can agree is profitable.

There are hundreds of colleague programs on the Internet, each beginning with a specific theme. That theme may be anything having to do with a computer, anything food related, anything having to do with autos or travel or finance. For example, computer Internet marketing affiliate programs will link together all things computer plus so much more. Software, hardware, video games, tech blogs, computer science, retailers, communications, all things Internet and on the possibilities go on and on. Vast networks of websites covering all these related and not so related computer subjects, and all members of that network allowing one another to advertise on their website, even inviting them to portal to an affiliate's site make up this marketing scheme. The unsuspecting Internet visitor visits first a blog on computers use in the medical field, but sees a link to a software maker. From the software maker's site he travels to a video game site and from there sees an invitation to check out a sale on laptops at a major retailer's website. And in a seeming less haphazard and completely spontaneous pattern of window shopping, our unwitting visitor who first went to a blog and ended up buying a laptop successfully maneuvered through another of the many well planned Internet marketing affiliate programs.

And all along the way, as the visitor was happily mouse clicking his heart out, websites were seeing their cash registers ring as their willingness to allow other companies to advertise on their site was paying off in real money. Internet marketing affiliate programs pay one another by one of three methods. The first is pay per click, which pays the host website from the coffers of the company to which the link was attached. The second is pay per action, which pays a website host when a linked company receives data field information such as name, email address, etc. from the visitor. The third method, usually for larger and pricier sales items is fees and commissions. The free market system is alive and well on the World Wide Web!

Pay per click agreements may pay from a few cents to terns of dollars for one click on a portal link. Typically pay per action agreement payoffs are a little more and of course, a commission on a finance loan or some other large ticket item could amount to several hundred dollars. Top websites on the pricey Internet marketing affiliate programs of the web can make up to fifty thousand dollars a month from affiliate ads run on their home pages. Software programs enable all affiliates to log onto the network manger's website and view all the transactions occurring from their websites as well as ascertain how much is owed other companies for portal links to their own home pages. Jesus was constantly warning people of the dangers of seeking wealth. He once said, "Take heed and beware of covetousness: for a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of things which he possesseth." (Luke 12:15)

Maintaining Internet marketing affiliate programs is an ongoing task. This maintenance of the network might be similar to trying to keep a herd of cats together. There will always be those wanting to wander off, looking for more interesting and profitable networks, always believing the grass is greener somewhere else. Affiliates must be contacted regularly, checking for areas of concern. Constant communication with present members as well as being on the lookout for new members who can make the network stronger is an on-going process.

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