Natural Remedies For Sinus Infections

Natural remedies for sinus infections include using vaporizers, herbal cures, colloidal silver solutions, nasal sprays and supplements to boost the immune system. Just about everyone has endured an acute bout or two of sinusitis throughout their lives, but some people have been unfortunate sufferers of chronic nasal problems for years. Those who suffer with prolonged discomfort may benefit from one of the many home or holistic treatments. These are available as an alternative to harsher drugs that can upset the body's system when used constantly. Youngsters may particularly benefit from children's sinus infection remedies that can help restore their health without having to take antibiotics or steroidal prescriptions. Most natural cures that are effective for adults are generally effective for children, but should be applied in lower dosages to insure safety.

There are many causes of sinusitis such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, allergies and pollutants. Most presentations are the result of a viral infection that damages the lining in the nasal cavity. Inflammation occurs as a result, with accompanying mucous and drainage. The lining becomes thick with mucous in the nasal passage and closes up the opening to the sinuses. The normal route of drainage is stopped which allows bacteria to remain and grow in the sinus cavity. Bacteria can invade the lining of the sinuses and an infection results. People who suffer from allergies or are exposed to pollutants can experience the same results. Allergens such as animal hair, pollens, or mold can be inhaled through the nasal passage and can cause inflammation. Pollutants like toxic fumes in the air, indoor chemicals and cleaning agents can also trigger nasal inflammation. Those who develop sinusitis as a result of these irritants can benefit from natural remedies for sinus infections that can be quite effective.

Another cause of sinusitis is the development of fungi in the membranes of the sinus cavities. Candida infections can spread through the membranes of the sinuses and cause serious problems. Acute sinus problems are easier to deal with since their onset is very sudden and lasts for approximately 10 days. Usually the result of a virus, most cases can be cured in approximately 20-30 days by using typical medicines prescribed by a doctor. Chronic sinusitis is much more difficult to treat and sufferers who experience the condition can deal with symptoms for months at a time without significant relief. Some natural remedies for sinus infections attempt to address the underlying causes as well as the obvious symptoms in order to alleviate the chronic condition. There are many adult, as well as children's sinus infection remedies, that may help those with long term problems. "Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord." (Psalm 31:24)

Since prolonged infections are many times the result of a weakened immune system, herbal experts point to echinacea and golden seal as valuable herbs to boost immunity. Golden seal is known for its antibiotic properties that can help rid the body of infection. Echinacea is an immune booster which should only be taken a month at time with appropriate intervals. The two herbs work well together and can be found in capsule form at health food stores. Recommended dosages should be adhered to since too much of either herb may be harmful. Another powerful herb is Ma Huang which can be used to relieve a stuffy nose.

Ma Huang can be used in tea form, but may be difficult to find since it was banned for a time by the FDA. If used for the proper health condition, this herb can be very effective. Eyebright is an herb that is helpful in reducing inflammation in the nasal passages. Garlic is very effective in attacking inflammation in both adults and children. The only negative in taking so much garlic is its obvious odor, but of course, one can purchase odorless garlic if preferred. Many of these herbs can be used for children's sinus infection remedies, but the dosage should be cut to suit the weight of each child. For safety in herb usage for children, parents should consult an herbalist or holistic doctor for the recommended dosage.

Lozenges made from zinc have been shown to be effective for anyone suffering from the onset of a cold which may lead to sinus problems. Lozenges are particularly appealing as one of the children's sinus infections remedies that kids like. Peppermint oil can provide temporary relief from stuffiness and can soothe an inflamed throat as well. Vaporizers and humidifiers are commonly used to alleviate stuffiness and to help soothe inflamed sinuses. A cool mist vaporizer can be particularly helpful in providing moisture to the sinuses and promoting healing. Those with mold allergies should be extremely careful to keep vaporizers clean since a small buildup of mold or mildew can occur in vaporizers or humidifiers.

One of the newest, popular remedies for sinus infections is colloidal silver that can be used as a nasal rinse or taken orally. Colloidal silver is basically silver that is processed into very fine particles and suspended in pure water. Silver can be used as a nasal rinse that has provided relief for many people who suffer with chronic sinusitis or it can be taken orally to boost the immune system. As with any product, a holistic doctor should be consulted before administering silver as one of the children's sinus infection remedies. There are many other natural remedies for sinus infections that can be found through online sources. Carefully choose the cures that are safe and that have proven to be effective for others.

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