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Asthma sufferers searching for nebulizer supplies such as nebulizer machines are looking for relief from triggers that cause their airways passages to swell or close up. Asthma can come from two different types, extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic means that the asthma trigger is from outside environment, such as dust and pollens. Intrinsic means that the cause is from infection, stress, or changes in environment or climate. Some people have a mixture of extrinsic and intrinsic causes. This disease can affect both children and adults, but many times is more severe in children because their airways are smaller and are more susceptible to the swelling and constriction caused by their condition. For many people whose illness is more than casual, drugs can be an essential element of their treatment plan. Some of the drugs are administered through nebulization, a method of making the medication airborne so that it can be sprayed into the lungs and get to the affected parts of the organ. Milder cases of the illness can be treated through over-the-counter drugs, which can either be taken in oral form or through a hand-held contained that sprays the medication into the mouth.

For those who have more severe asthma, nebulizer supplies can come in the form of nebulizer machines that administer the drugs through a face mask or through a hand-held hose that is designed to fit into the mouth. These machines are especially effective in treating young children, the elderly, and the severely ill. The medication is placed in a special area that allows the drugs to be released in an appropriate amount through a fine mist. These treatments can help alleviate the spasms experienced by asthmatics, and may be used at home. Many times, these treatments can keep the patient from making another trip to the emergency room. The main symptoms for this illness are shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, and increased production of mucus. Shortness of breath and wheezing are caused by twitching of the air passages. That's because the muscle layer of asthmatics is oversensitive, sometimes being triggered by something as simple as the smell of perfume or popcorn. The body has air tubes along the throat, trachea (windpipe), and all the way to the base of the lungs. The smallest ones are called bronchi. These are what bring the oxygen to the blood and removed the carbon dioxide from the blood. When these go into spasm, they cannot function, thereby depriving the body of its vital oxygen.

These spasms can be triggered by many different causes, including allergies to foods, pollens, and pet dander. Infections, including the common cold, can make the disease worse. Cigarette smoking and second-hand smoke can trigger the symptoms. Dust and particles in the air from burning wood can bring on the spasms. Exercise or hyperventilation, cold air, and smog are also causes. The ingestion of some drugs can bring on the problem. Certain food dyes and intense emotion can make an asthmatic sick. Household or occupational chemicals can be dangerous for these sufferers. Even nighttime can be a reason for increased sickness. Most asthmatics learn the things they must avoid to be able to live healthier lives. Most serious attacks have accompanying inflammation, so this condition must also be treated. Nebulizer machines bring the needed medications to stop the spasms and allow the lungs to continue their job of transferring oxygen to the body. Sometimes, when a person is in the middle of a severe attack, a physician will order an injection of adrenaline or similar drug. Although this helps stem the attack, the dose will also cause the heart to race, so the drug is administered carefully and in small enough doses so that the heart isn't damaged. If this treatment and other inhalation therapy aren't effective, the doctor will order intravenous drugs and fluids. That's because the rapid breathing caused by the attack will also cause the body to lose fluids, which must be replaced. Sometimes the intravenous drugs may be the same ones used in nebulizer supplies, but they can be given in larger doses through the veins. Arterial blood gas tests are given to these patients to determine abnormalities in the electrolyte system in the body. It also shows how much oxygen is being carried by the blood, so shows how effective the lungs are in transferring the needed elements to the blood.

"Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the Lord hath wrought in this? In whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind." (Job 12:9-10) With other words, those who suffer from shortness of breath and other breathing maladies can have confidence that God is ultimately in control. Medical science has come a long way in treating the diseases of the lungs and nebulizer supplies can now be ordered over the Internet. Physicians have opened clinics that serve asthmatics twenty-four hours a day. But the main responsibility for caring for the disease still falls on the person who has the illness. Some of the main areas of concern should be avoiding those triggers, maintaining a good system of exercise that corresponds with building healthy lungs. Another element for healthy living is knowing about over-the-counter prescriptions and pharmaceutical medications, including nebulizer machines, and taking them as prescribed.

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