Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer

Finding cheap or even free bankruptcy attorneys may seem like a daunting task, but a cheap bankruptcy lawyer could be found as close as a local school of law. Many law schools offer public clinics directed by legal professionals. These clinics vow to offer law students the chance to gain valuable experience while providing low or no cost advice to the general public. Students at public and private universities may also obtain free or low cost advice from future lawyers attending a university law program under the supervision of a qualified expert. These legal services are typically offered on per semester or per term basis to students and their families. The advice given by the supervised law student will range from general in nature to a full walkthrough of the legal process. Search for local law schools on the Internet or in a local phone directory and then contact them for information on times and locations of public legal clinics.

Free or low cost consultations with a professional attorney may be merited depending on the depth and complexity of the financial problems involved. As with the university services, make the most of an initial visit by being prepared to present an accurate financial situation to the attorney in order for him to determine a course of action in a timely fashion. These sessions generally will only direct clients along the right path to choosing the appropriate papers to file. The new bankruptcy laws outline these requirements and an experienced certified legal professional may be able to navigate the legal wording of the act's provisions more successfully than the average person or inexperienced law student.

Legal technicians or legal assistants are yet another way to obtain similar legal advice and services that cheap or free bankruptcy attorneys will provide. A legal technician or assistant is typically a lawyer's secretary or aid who has decided to open their own legal assistance business. For fees substantially lower than an attorneys, they will walk a client through the entire legal process. These services are not necessarily governed by the state bar associations and therefore determining the legitimacy and accuracy of the advice received may be difficult. A lawyer registered with the state bar has had his educational background and experience certified. If the risk is worth it in order to save money, search the Internet or local phone directory for legal technicians or legal assistants and as always check their record with a consumer protection agency. Of course, when choosing whether to hire low cost legal assistants, free bankruptcy attorneys or an experienced cheap bankruptcy lawyer, keep in mind the Biblical wisdom, "the labourer is worthy of his hire." (Luke 10:7) With the new bankruptcy laws making the filing process more difficult, an experienced professional may be worth the money.

Many Web-based companies also offer services similar to those of a cheap bankruptcy lawyer or legal assistant and can be found through a search on the Internet. Many of these services will provide an online questionnaire that will allow them to evaluate a financial situation. They will then guide someone through the court-required paperwork tangle for a nominal fee. Other websites further require that a person submit all of their specific financial information via the Internet so that they may fill in the appropriate forms for them. They then email completed forms to print and file with the court, also for a nominal fee. As with any business on the Internet, it is important to be certain that they are a legitimate organization in good standing with a consumer protection agency.

If submitting a financial history via the Internet is not an option, find a professional cheap bankruptcy lawyer, free bankruptcy attorneys or inexpensive community legal service by contacting a local state bar-certified lawyer referral service, state bar association or other attorney regulating government agency. As with many businesses, these services can also be found in a local phone directory, on the Internet or through a search at a local library. Even if a free one cannot be found, once a cheap bankruptcy attorney is located, many certified lawyers offer payment options that make professional services more accessible. A fee schedule can be negotiated whereby all fees associated with the process can be laid out, however, be certain to have an estimate of all legal costs associated with the process as well in order to determine whether they are affordable. By law, this estimate must be written if the fees will be $1000 or more. Keep in mind also that if the attorney's fees are not paid, he may drop the case and the contracted fees may still be owed.

Many other debt solutions exist that may avoid the need for bankruptcy altogether. If, however, it turns out to be the best option, a counseling service can set you up with the legally required pre-filing credit counseling that must be completed six months prior to filing. A person must also obtain a credit counseling certification and pass a "means" test before filing. Once these requirements have been met, a cheap bankruptcy lawyer or any of the other low cost services mentioned above can determine the correct course of legal action. Once again, since new laws make it more difficult for an individual without a legal background to file, any legal advice obtained can be beneficial, even from free bankruptcy attorneys. "Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding." (Proverbs 3:13)

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