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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for healing for victors legs and that the Lord will take all the pain of of them. and he will be able to walk soon. God bless.

Anonymous   9/27/16 06:40:57

Prayer Request - Faith

Pl. pray for my son Abhishek Michael that God help him to find suitable Job soon as his visa is going expire soon. He is in Denver CO. Pl uphold him in your prayer for his future too. Thanks

James Michael   9/27/16 05:53:32

Prayer Request - Financial

Lord, give me a financial miracle now, in Jesus name, Amen

Anonymous   9/27/16 05:07:55

Prayer Request - Faith

Good evening BrethrenPlease pray with me that the Lord may faithfully connect me with my destiny helpers that the work He's called me for and its preparation may stand lacking no resources.Also pray with me that I may only go where He leads me

Favour   9/26/16 17:44:28

Prayer Request - Employment

I'm hopeless..because I'm trying for job many more times..i ask for god many more times..please sir..I'm painful..pray for me.

PATNALA JESURAJU    9/26/16 12:27:23

Prayer Request - Marriage

Father I lift up Evelyn and Cesar broken and dead marriage to be resurrected, healed, restored and reconciliation, Please Father open the lines of forgiveness and communication for us. Father I will be you testimony I know that many are laughing at my prayers that it won't be answered but I live by your ways your word and promises that our marriage will be restored in Jesus name Amen

Evelyn    9/26/16 10:30:22

Prayer Request - Employment

Lord increase me. Help me change my work this year, in Jesus name I ask.

Anonymous   9/26/16 04:37:22

Prayer Request - Faith

HONG KONG NO JUSTICEHong Kong is no legal and no justice, and there is cheating people of one country of two system, the Legal Aide Department has made the false statement, and messy working and communication procedure, disorder mailing letter and material to delay my case, and messy my case, the Judge speaking to go home to waiting the reply, and can play the game in their favor, to reject my Legal Aid Application without ANY reason, and they do not apologize their mistake,

Anonymous   9/26/16 02:22:07

Prayer Request - Faith

My Heavenly Father,God, I declare I need my marriage restoration immediately, I need we are fall in love again, and we get merry and we are in love and together forever.

Anonymous   9/26/16 02:13:13

Prayer Request - Faith

CALIFORNIA FITNESS CLUBThe California Fitness Club they use the devil chicken women Pauline, Susana, Anita, Laura, Gloria and the class Schedule Manager Grace, and their devil party to make confusion, intimidate, nuisance the new and the old members in the Zumba classes, and cause the close the door of California Fitness Club in Hong Kong, they must be punished, arrested by the Police and put them all in prison.

Anonymous   9/26/16 02:10:08

Prayer Request - Healing

pleaseuphold Jeri Fry, faithful Christian, 'continuing with chemotherapy.There has been some improvement.' Thank you each fo ryour intercession. The LORD bles each of you through Jesus Christ our Lord.*Romans 11:33-36 !

Rich   9/25/16 16:26:06

Prayer Request - Marriage

I lift up to You, Father, David Harkless for his salvation, if need be. And please restore His marriage. In Jesus Christ's Holy Name.Amen.

Rich   9/24/16 15:24:46

Prayer Request - Marriage

Marriage RestorationI Remove move the pain and hurt knowly and unknowly I cause over the years in her heart.

DAVID HARKLESS   9/24/16 12:35:09

Prayer Request - Faith

I'm feeling very lonely i want God to send me a God fearing man that could be my husband.

Wendy Hair    9/24/16 07:21:03

Prayer Request - Faith

Help me saints with your prayers am struggling to get tuition fees for my Bible school i know with God all things are possible.

Exon Govati   9/24/16 02:34:28

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