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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Marriage

Lord help!We need your help,my husband don't take time with us his family,he goes who knows where,the whole marriage still lonely for me.We need a help!!!a refreshing !!in jesus!

Lami9364   7/25/16 02:17:35

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray for my father Daniel Carrion Gomez., I n the last 24 hours he has had a mental breakdown , anxiety, crying, screaming spells. Where it has been difficult to calm him., even the clinical staff tried to calm him. He only slept last night for two hours and the staff where he is residing explained that he did not rest well and carried on with mental anguish. Please pray for his mind and soul to be at peace, comfort and tranquility.

Mayra   7/24/16 21:23:19

Prayer Request - Healing

Please uphold retirmenet age Jeri Fry, a faithful Christian, regarding her brain turmor & the treatment. Thank you & thank you for this opportunity. The LORD bless you through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Rich   7/24/16 13:16:45

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for salvation for all my children. God bless.

Anonymous   7/24/16 07:07:04

Prayer Request - Faith

Please touch my husband heart he is Sting I need Clothes We just survive thank God a fireI have hardly no Clothes today goin to church but pray for me!Need clothing desperately thanks love you Elena

Elena 95555   7/24/16 06:00:11

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my cousin who is in prison and has lost his way. Please pray for all those effected as well

Anonymous   7/23/16 23:27:24

Prayer Request - Financial

My family and I have to leave the house we're currently in and we have nowhere to go. Please pray so we can get a house we're to live.

Monica   7/23/16 21:54:50

Prayer Request - Salvation

Plese uphold 11 year old Lexi Charsky for her salvation. Take note that while maybe her time this week at a Christian camp made a impact upon her maybe a double God-blest impact will be her time n Children's Church tomorroat at First Baptist Church of Wellsboro, PA. Pleas also take note that Lexi is the classic 'strong - willed child.' thank you & thank you for this opportunity. The LORD bless you through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Rich   7/23/16 15:00:36

Prayer Request - Bondage

Dear Jesus, I need your help to give me strength & wisdom to do an excellent job in cleaning my room. I've accumulated so much during the years & there is so much to do. Pls help me finish fast.

Anonymous   7/23/16 14:44:07

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for Y.U. to be healed, thyroid is enlarged, and neck disc problem.

J.T.   7/23/16 10:47:18

Prayer Request - Faith

I need prayer for some debt issue's tax. And cars

Thomas   7/23/16 08:29:42

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for my son victor s healing and that i hear from him today and he is going to get out of jail soon and for his healing of mental attacks. God bless.

Anonymous   7/23/16 07:19:49

Prayer Request - Salvation

The requet of 86 year old Grace is for the salvation ofa s many members of her family as possibl. Thank you & thanks for this opportunity. The LORD bless you thru Jesus Christ our Lord.

Rich   7/22/16 15:00:43

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for healing for my sons mind body and spirit and that he keep his apartment and every thing he got. God bless.

Anonymous   7/22/16 07:06:20

Prayer Request - Bondage

Please pray for these women here some are so bitter,mean God has a plan for all of us we got to pray,cry out to the Lord he will hear our plea ijn.thanx

Anonymous   7/22/16 05:09:06

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