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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

i am physicaly and mentaly tired i want to go home need financial miracle to do this asking prayer. need to pay off debts first as jobs dont pay well there and wont be able to make enough to oay everything. god knows situation. pray he release me from this bondage of debt so i can go home

INNEED   11/23/14 06:53:26

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray for my cousin, who has a drug problem and for his son who was taken by social services.

Anonymous   11/22/14 15:10:21

Prayer Request - Financial

well i need a financial miracle of 10,000 pounds to go and work in Canada and London i have found a job but i have no air ticket. thank you in case of any revelations this is my no ,000256776985859.

muwanguzi angel joy   11/22/14 05:18:34

Prayer Request - Encouragement

Prayer for Single people, Lord, we change but,thankfull you the same.we kno'you Omnipresent.Let Mercy send the right mate for allthose who wonder why? am I a lone?.Lord make allowances,touch a heart/rite Man for that woman/ Vice versa/God pray with me.Ps.23 bless those you chose already to to your quiet voice.Love of Jesus! _amen.

Elena 9555   11/21/14 16:03:29

Prayer Request - Healing


ashish debnath   11/21/14 12:38:00

Prayer Request - Relationships

dear lord please let daniel arangio and valerie davi be married lord please help daniel see and feel the love inside valeries hear lord may he never leave her forsake her love or take her love for granted lord please let them live together and have a life of love peace and happiness together please lord

valerie   11/21/14 07:45:07

Prayer Request - Faith

PLease pray with me that i hear from victor and he is alright today.God Bless.

Anonymous   11/21/14 07:32:49

Prayer Request - Faith

just want to praise god for prayers answered ! son will have full custody of his children in the next 2-4 weeks. thank you lord for prayers answered.the children are soo excited to be reunited with their daddy as is all of us who have been praying for them. thank you lord...thank you

inneed   11/20/14 15:51:33

Prayer Request - Faith

please pray for Gods will for a christian mate and ministry.

mary   11/20/14 11:36:22

Prayer Request - Faith

Dear Friends, please kindly pray for the safety and travel mercies as group of our friends are travelling today. Thanks

Anonymous   11/19/14 20:42:31

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me. I need to pay my children school fees, in higher institution and putting somethings in order. I want God to surprise me before the end of this month. Thanks.

RaphAde   11/19/14 16:22:40

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my dear friend J. who is having a terrible financial set-back. It seems her faith is very weak. Thank you for praying.

Jean    11/19/14 12:10:55

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me that i hear from victor today and he is doing alright.God Bless

Anonymous   11/19/14 07:46:31

Prayer Request - Financial

lord please help me i dont know what to do now my family needs financially support from me pls lord help me and my family to overcome this dificulties in our life.. thanks god

Genalyn Sibayan   11/19/14 03:18:36

Prayer Request - Faith

Dear GOD JESUS CHRIST.Please help me in getting a good job and pay in USA.Please send me and settle me in USA.Show this miracle in my life.Thankyou GOD.I always love YOU,believe YOU and pray you.

jam   11/18/14 11:51:26

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