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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Financial

Dear friends in christ,I am doing Lord's ministry in India and undergone my theological studies (Bachlor of divinity),I have to pay the fees Rs.41,300 (just $1000 ) per year.Please pray for my studies and family,I have two children both are studing fourth and thired respectivly.Thanking youYours in Lord's ministryLawrence

Lawrence   9/21/14 13:33:47

Prayer Request - Faith

will god receive my prayer? will he listen to my heart. will he come to my aid will he forgive me my sins I feel alone and ask for gods favor to lift me up from the darkness of my heart please

Anonymous   9/21/14 07:42:18

Prayer Request - Financial

Lord Jesus, anoint myself Xuanli with excellent communication skills, people relationship skills, convincing skills, persuasive skills, excellent product knowledge, mental strength, physical and spiritual strength to fix at least 12 to 15 appointments DAILY from Monday to Saturday. Grant me favour with all my clients and prospects. Open doors for appointments that will lead to sales closings and closed doors for those that won't. Lord, grant me favour with all my superiors. Thanks.

Xuanli   9/20/14 07:12:20

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me that victor will call me today and that he is doing alright.and that my printer will work so i cna print out my prayer pages.God Bless.

Anonymous   9/20/14 07:05:49

Prayer Request - Faith

I request deep prayers for Corey Hanson, burdened with depression due to an amputation of his lower leg from diabetes. And I request prayer for Karen who is Coreys main supporter. I am so grateful. Thank you so much!

Anonymous   9/20/14 06:00:51

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my Sister to find new Job in Calgary Canada with open LMO.

Anonymous   9/20/14 05:26:31

Prayer Request - Faith

Please O God,Majesty yo'name.I need you to heal a broken heart Our Church needs you Jesus! Forgiveness ReturnLove heart & Soul Mind Back On Our God,Jesus, holy spirit touch our leader ' mend that marriage(s) Single people Do Not Panic!keep Jesus our focus!The Blood of Jesus! CONQUER SATAN IN jesus name.No more Rapes,killings over in Park near our church.The Blood of Jesus! Touch keep...IJN

Elena 9555   9/20/14 03:00:25

Prayer Request - Encouragement

O Lord make me and my mum very happy.

Anonymous   9/19/14 16:04:05

Prayer Request - Healing

i request you to remember me in your prayers. please pray to Lord to heal me from polycastic ovary syndrome. i m on regular medication for past 5 months. please pray to our Lord Who is merciful to His people to cure me and answer our prayers. thank you

taqdees   9/19/14 08:28:06

Praise Report - Encouragement

Praise God for another day to enjoy His beautiful creation and to worship His Son Jesus Christ!

Rob   9/18/14 17:33:25

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray for healing. My wife is in pain and needs surgery. Thanks.

Anonymous   9/16/14 23:13:49

Praise Report - Parenting

My sons are growing up to be God loving men.

Lester   9/16/14 23:10:10

Prayer Request - Healing

A good night sleep!

Rob   9/16/14 23:04:51

Prayer Request - Faith

I've been going through a difficult period these past 3 weeks.I've felt abandoned by a friend,I've had promises made to me that have yet to be fulfilled,and things aren't going the way I'd like.I'm praying for financial,emotional and spiritual provisions.

Jeff   9/16/14 14:01:39

Prayer Request - Relationships

Please pray for Gary that God will change his heart towards me. We've been talking for almost 6 years and he cannot seem to make up his mind what he wants.Doesn't seem to want to commit to a relationship.

Anonymous   9/16/14 11:38:48

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