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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Bondage

Please help me,get restitutionwicked neighbors using my acct. get free lights/gas let them be a shame in Jesus name.I have no hate they should pay bills repent give over to God turn their life to Christ in.Jesus Name.

Anonymous   8/24/16 19:16:17

Prayer Request - Healing

also 'encouragement'Im no longer listing autistic Justin. As of today I'm listing in his place 86 year old Grace Miles, a faithful Christian lady who lives alon e in her own residence. She is very susceptible to infections, has great difficulty with food allergies & sensitivity & needs 'perseverance & the guidance for medical help.' Thank you each fo ryour intercession.The LORD bless eac of you through Jesus Christ our Lord.*Romans 11:33-36 !

Rich   8/24/16 15:22:51

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for victors healing and stregnth after his sugery and he be able to go home to his apartment soon and that he get the down stairs apartment without any trouble soon.God bless

Anonymous   8/24/16 07:40:35

Prayer Request - Bondage

Pray for my deliverance from debts and loans.

Jangmei Rietha B. Marak   8/24/16 03:31:20

Prayer Request - Employment

Hello,Please join me in prayer for my brother Willie. He is seeking employment. Asking God to give him self confidence. Asking God to bless Willie with a job he will enjoy doing this 2016 year. Asking God to place favor upon Willie and his resume. Asking God to open up a door and his grace and mercy be upon him. Thank You for joining me in prayer. God Bless.

Irene J.   8/23/16 18:03:48

Prayer Request - Salvation

Please uphold Mark for 'his salvation & the ability to recognize blessings as such.' Thank you each fo ryourintercession. The LORD bless each of you through Jesus Christ our Lord.*Romans 11:33-36 !

Rich   8/23/16 17:39:00

Prayer Request - Healing

I suffer very badly by asthmattic attack and kedny stone problems for many years.

Tilahun Kassa   8/23/16 16:21:36

Prayer Request - Faith

Please keep our family in prayers,here housing shortage it'hard!God help all here we need clothes,coats,a apt.desperately help me get my paperwork done.we need urgent help.thanks!

Anonymous   8/22/16 21:52:19

Prayer Request - Healing

Please uphold Jeri Fry, a faithful Christian lady, concerning the effect upon her of her brain tumor & that the MRI will showno need fur further treatment & for doctors' wisdom. Thank you each fo ryour intercession.The LORD bless each of you through Jesus Christ our Lord.*Romans 11:33-36 !

Rich   8/22/16 14:19:06

Prayer Request - Parenting

My special needs son is being bullied & school isn't taking it seriously. We need legal representation & can't afford it. My son has alot of anxiety & scared to go to school

Nancy Hansen   8/22/16 11:26:22

Prayer Request - Marriage

God please remove the pain and hurt I cause knowly and unknowly over the years in Shawn heart. Remove the ungodly counsel from around her. Remind of the love in her heart for me. Reminder how much I love her. I blind the emeny that is attackimg our marriage. Father restore our marriage according to your word

David   8/22/16 10:24:36

Prayer Request - Faith

I have a back injury and alot of pain

Anonymous   8/22/16 09:51:41

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my husband's sister C.L. She's working but it is not enough to support her and her little son.

J T    8/22/16 09:13:19

Prayer Request - Faith

I pray for the Lord's Hand in the new relationship am pursuing that through God's nature of being Omnipresent distance is no challenge and it shall be God based and God guided in Jesus Name

Anonymous   8/22/16 05:20:42

Prayer Request - Financial

Urgent FatherGod help me get all my important papers again help me!!please help me get a place to live urgent O God!! Love church need a small not bad condition amen.thankyou Jesus!!

Anonymous   8/21/16 22:27:07

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