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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Salvation

The request o f 85 year old Grace is for the salvation of as many members of her family as possible. Thank you. the LORD bless you through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Rich   6/30/16 17:05:42

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for Heinz-peace & healing & biopsy to go well today & a good report,peace on Oscar-depression to lift,his place to sell,healing of cancer for Rusty & Cale & their salvation,strength & healing for Abe-better mobility for Abe-ribs to heal,pain to go & strength for wife Esther

Mel   6/30/16 08:43:12

Prayer Request - Faith

I need God's help regarding foolish mistakes I have made, and how to get out of difficulties that have arisen.

Anonymous   6/30/16 08:24:44

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for peace for my son victor and that he stop having mental attacks.God Bless.

Anonymous   6/30/16 07:20:34

Prayer Request - Healing

Please uphold 14 year old Justin Charsky, a faithful Christian, who's 6/7 on the autism spectrum. His Dad is away through September, assigned to an Army base hours from home. Not only does Justin need supernatural healing - if it is the Lord Christ's 'perfect will' - but failing that hee needs a friend to build into him. Thank you. The LORD bless you through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Rich   6/29/16 15:08:34

Prayer Request - Parenting

PassOver of Alexander adoption of phoenix Arizona I pray the world is set free from people who are naked and clothed with garments without penetration or rape!Closure!

shelley renee upchurch   6/29/16 12:43:49

Prayer Request - Marriage

Please pray God heals my marriage and home from infidelity and domestic violence. Pray myHusband seeks the Lord and a miracle happens today. We have two beautiful daughters that want our family healed. Please hear my prayer. We are to see each other today and pray the meeting has an impact on his heart.

Anonymous   6/29/16 08:35:22

Prayer Request - Healing

Loved ones, thank you for your prayers. My teacher thinks she lets me know my results around 11th of coming July.

Amanda    6/29/16 08:06:02

Prayer Request - Bondage

Please pray for my safety and protection from my neighbor, for my para to be nicer this school year, for my boyfriend, his family and my stepmom to get saved, for me to have favor with all my coworkers ijn. Thanks and God bless!

Anonymous   6/29/16 04:49:19

Prayer Request - Bondage

Please pray we can see the Owner we have a old guy always makes trouble When Too much drinking whiskey he a nice when SOBER...not often he cause much trouble too...pray he will repent his evil sins cry out to.God in.jesus name.Elena

Elena95555   6/29/16 04:04:23

Prayer Request - Financial

Dear Heavenly Father I ask to be able to buy a car.In Jesus name amen.

Anonymous   6/29/16 02:45:21

Prayer Request - Employment

heavenly father Passover of alexander adoption help me and save my life American red cross

shelley renee upchurch   6/28/16 19:54:12

Prayer Request - Salvation

Pleae uphold Mark for 'his salvation & the ability to recognize blessings as such.' Thank you. The LORD bless you through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Rich   6/28/16 15:18:26

Prayer Request - Faith

Hi,I would appreciate prayers for my situation with the family.They filed a lawsuit against me over property and I am trying to start earning a living after a house fire.Pray for God,s direction in my life,Ron

ronaa4936   6/28/16 09:43:06

Prayer Request - Parenting

my 19 yr old changed. he got his ex gf pregnant and he's now inlove with a new mormon girl. we are christians. i cant handle the situation. we always argue at home. i told him to get out of the house. how do i handle our dilemma the Christian way? God bless you.

vanga   6/28/16 02:33:39

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