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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Employment

I lost my teaching job and now I am completely frustrated and disappointed. I am accused of a false thing and I need your earnest prayers in your church and prayer groups, please

johny   10/21/14 21:26:49

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for E.B. to get a good car soon so she won't lose her job and become homeless.

Jean   10/21/14 20:52:22

Prayer Request - Faith

I'm praying that GOD will continue to bless me so that I can be a blessing to others. I'm also praying that HIS love and power would reign in the relationship between Isiah and I. Amen!!!

Tai   10/21/14 14:25:16

Prayer Request - Faith

Deliver me from temptation and sin that try to deviate me from the right way

ndran   10/21/14 09:08:52

Prayer Request - Faith

I need you to join me for the prayer of Protection and financial break through I need God to meet me on my finaces and also for my busines properity .

Malle    10/21/14 04:07:24

Prayer Request - Bondage

Saints pray for 2 brothers they Hate each other,issues, one is a famous Pastor (will not giv his name) he refuses to forgive/younger brotherTOO refuses to forgive!! Please pray they can get over the past!! Thier mom just died,pray they can get over Their differences in past/ forgive n be a family.thankyou for your prayers!!!

Elena 9555   10/20/14 06:45:15

Prayer Request - Bondage

O FatherGod,I beg help get my friend out fr the horror she lives violent boyfriend, Get her & her child far away fr this BAD man,take the "blindness" out her eyes!violence is sin, evil..get her & her daughter out!! Safe anywhere away fr him.Keep the other person away fr being used by them too!thankyou Jesus!! I plead the cleanse blood of Jesus!! Drive out this evil man fr our sight, ijn.Heb.11:1 Ps.23 91:1 Ps.1

Elena 9555   10/19/14 11:29:18

Prayer Request - Financial

Lord Jesus, anoint myself Xuanli with excellent communication skills, people relationship skills, convincing skills, persuasive skills, excellent product knowledge, mental strength, physical and spiritual strength to fix at least 12 to 15 appointments DAILY from Monday to Saturday. Grant me favour with all my clients and prospects. Open doors for appointments that will lead to sales closings and closed doors for those that won't. Lord, grant me favour with all my superiors. Thanks.

Xuanli   10/19/14 05:16:50

Prayer Request - Financial


Doris E Parker   10/18/14 16:01:00

Prayer Request - Faith

plse pray for my family at this trying time that mum has gone to be with the Lord. For dad to be able to move on by God's srtength.

winnie   10/18/14 08:53:05

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for peace between Paul and his wife. and God will remove all jelious friends and trouble makers out of their lives God Bless.

Anonymous   10/18/14 07:24:26

Prayer Request - Faith

I have recently graduated from graduate school and I have a board certification exam on November 17th. Because all wisdom and knowledge comes from God, I am requesting prayer that I pass this exam.

Toya   10/17/14 12:37:13

Prayer Request - Faith

Pray for my mom and aunt to forgive each other and the family to grow close again.

Sherry   10/17/14 12:31:40

Prayer Request - Bondage

Pray for my daughter,too long, no waykno' she dead or alive.Just lik girls taken in Nigeria, Please don't forget our daughters.O God, be mercifull to these girls,women tkn as slaves.Pray we can united wit our girls,in this lifeThankyou, for your prayers! Ps.23

Anonymous   10/17/14 09:52:39

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for joy, peace, and happiness in all my childrens life.God Bless.

Anonymous   10/17/14 07:38:32

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