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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me that i hear from victor today and he is alright.God Bless.

Anonymous   5/22/17 07:35:33

Prayer Request - Encouragement

Father, dont allow my brother to kill himself and bless me financially now.

Anonymous   5/22/17 05:45:11

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray for a friend of mine Richard McConnell he has torn his rotator cuff and may have to have surgery.

Anonymous   5/22/17 05:29:50

Prayer Request - Bondage

Please pray for this poor family,they have had several death come about mysteriously so this family really need your prayers.

Dynasty    5/21/17 17:26:13

Prayer Request - Faith

I need prayer for financial revival. My biz is closing down coz of lack of capital

Nakalema Rose Rachael    5/21/17 03:22:29

Prayer Request - Bondage

Please pray that my neighbors in tge adjacent apartment stop being loud. They are so loud I can't get much sleep and I am a disabled schoolteacher. They yell and scream outside my door.

Anonymous   5/20/17 02:37:57

Prayer Request - Faith

I've run out of money to help my mentally ill homeless friend. I've probably spent more money than I should have. Please pray for her. She is defenseless and is without shelter. She needs food.

Anonymous   5/20/17 01:42:37

Prayer Request - Healing

Please saints pray for Sonya a young woman in a coma in the hospital,she had a gramal seizure please pray she gets herstrength back & her body will get well in jesus name.amen

Dynasty   5/19/17 18:31:23

Prayer Request - Faith

For a job, where the LORD wants me to be!

Tania Mara Luz do Amaral Manzer   5/19/17 11:21:05

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for Emily A to get saved and marry me. Also for me to get a job ASAP. Thank you for your time and kindness. God bless you.

R Abraham   5/19/17 08:48:17

Prayer Request - Financial

Father settle me in a happy marriage and good business. Also remove shame and stagnancy from my family in Jesus name,Amen

Anonymous   5/18/17 04:31:58

Prayer Request - Healing

I have been in pain due to the lost of. my right leg,due to lack of blood flow to that leg. I had surgery last year for that. I just find I am limited in what I can do. Please pray for healing in my leg. Be blessed Love Alice

Alice   5/17/17 20:48:53

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for our safety traveling on the road tomorrow.

J T   5/17/17 19:12:42

Prayer Request - Healing

I hope that you wont get mad for asking again to pray for my mom. She is suffering from many illness and sickness from head to toes. Also, lately she has been in much more pain than before. Please if you can and want to pray for my mom (Camelia). In Jesus Christ Name we together believe in miracles in faith we pray. Thank you.

John T.   5/17/17 13:12:30

Prayer Request - Healing

Can you please pray for my grandmother she was taken to the ER last night with difficulty in breathing & she's not very responsive. She has dementia as well... we are all very upset by this & are praying. please pray for her to heal & overcome this, thank you so much.

Jenna   5/17/17 09:36:24

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