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Prayer Request - Relationships

Hi, im not asking much. Its just that i fell in love with a girl online and im getting a reaction that im wasting my love. So please pray that God will fix this because the girl is always on my mind.

Anonymous   7/30/14 21:11:18

Prayer Request - Marriage

I am working thirty hours a week.I need all of you to pray for me to have a next Job and a marriage partner.Thank you

Taijram Boodram   7/30/14 18:21:29

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray that I and my family may have better fellowship with God and other Christians. Thank you.

John Lupin   7/30/14 17:54:52

Prayer Request - Faith

Pray for Pastor Victor Laguna Left US,wrkd Now,he runs mission in Nicaragua.Pray for helprs/ vounteers go and help the kids but,also, donations.Please pray for them.the harvest is many but the laborers are few. God will God can according to His riches and glory. Thankyou,IJN.

Anonymous   7/30/14 14:26:43

Prayer Request - Faith

please pray for my wife hilda and our staff regina both are not good relationship, they need reconciliation. we are running orphanage and aged home

Vedhanayagam Muthupandi   7/30/14 08:30:38

Prayer Request - Financial

Lord Jesus, anoint myself Xuanli with excellent communication skills, people relationship skills, convincing skills, persuasive skills, excellent product knowledge, mental strength, physical and spiritual strength to fix at least 12 to 15 appointments DAILY from Monday to Saturday. Grant me favour with all my clients and prospects. Open doors for appointments that will lead to sales closings and closed doors for those that won't. Lord, grant me favour with all my superiors. Thanks.

Xuanli   7/30/14 08:02:46

Prayer Request - Financial

really need a financial breakthrough and miracle soon in Jesus Name Amen! :)

TJ   7/30/14 02:03:51

Prayer Request - Parenting

PEDIDOS DE ORACIONPor mis hijos del corazn Nicolas y Lumela alejamiento de personas inoportunas y malas , por sus estudios por que puedan rendir sus exmenes finales y parciales con xelencia academica

CLAUDIO GOMEZ   7/30/14 02:01:49

Prayer Request - Relationships

I'm struggling as a single. Please pray for Gods will for me for a christian mate since I'm lonely.

mary   7/29/14 18:56:33

Prayer Request - Faith

asking prayer for joe. he has filed to get case reopened to regain his children. due to circumstance out of his control he lost custody. asking gods mercy now for him to regain custody. he loves his children and they want to be with him also.

mom   7/29/14 18:33:14

Prayer Request - Salvation

A Message from shelley renee upchurch i really dont want to be with the hunters or the robots because i feel we cant afford this life threatening life death situations if it wasnt me it would be you!Who ever you want to be with its the way the Lord wants you to live without hunters and robots just people!If you want a wonderful treasury maybe the Lord will bless you!

shelley renee upchurch   7/29/14 17:25:58

Prayer Request - Healing

Assi ele foi pela cruz de Jess Cristo pode nosso senhor da um milagre em ela bebe hospital em Brasil nacio muito temprano she is a baby born weigh not 2 lb.Jesus bless her to live I beg you by ur power & healing hand bless our prayers give her long life and happiness full of joy!ijn. Muito obrigada! Gloria Deus! Elena 9555

Elena 9555   7/29/14 14:56:40

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray for me as i did something and am still hurting one year down the line. Am born again and i do really would love to get over it and to find passion to forgive all involved in it all.

Anne   7/29/14 11:54:40

Prayer Request - Financial

I have alot of bondages that need to be broken. Please help me pray fir a spiritual and physical break through.

Garcia Wittick   7/29/14 09:51:20

Prayer Request - Salvation

Please pray for my mom and that Jesus/God may intercede into this desperate situation we are in. Please pray that everything will work out in her favor and that my brother may have compassion in his heart and that he may realize just how much she truly loves him. We give You all the power and the glory, it is in your name we pray, AMEN!

Anonymous   7/29/14 09:46:44

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