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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

I work at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage for 16 years, and I have a part time business selling Watkins Products. At Wells Fargo, they cut my overtime hours. Please pray that I will increase my production on my job at Wells Fargo. My sister, my mother and I bought a house on 01/17/2008. Please pray that we will not lose our house and that God will bless and prosper my Watkins business.

Charlotte Walker   1/22/17 13:59:04

Prayer Request - Faith

Dear Friends, please kindly pray for the success as I am going through the selection process (interview and assessment) for my further studies in one of the top University in my country.

Anonymous   1/22/17 11:01:22

Prayer Request - Faith

I & my brother prashant jamadar haven't get any job. so you pray to get government job maharastra state bus Service assit. manenger post & DRDO post & other government job you pray i am very crying so spread my request in all world charch.

Sidram Jamadar   1/21/17 02:58:41

Prayer Request - Financial

Father dear, i do not know the root of my niece problem, but whatever it is i lift her to your care. make her understand and know what to do. forgive her, make her faith strong to you, i ask this in Jesus name Amen

Anonymous   1/20/17 03:35:24

Prayer Request - Faith

Dear Friends, please kindly pray for the success as I am appearing an exam tomorrow. Thank you!!

Anonymous   1/19/17 22:44:47

Prayer Request - Encouragement

Also 'Employment' please.Pleaseuphold Col.Karl Frederick Frantz, US Army Retired, as you are led.Thx

rich   1/19/17 14:59:29

Prayer Request - Relationships

Plese pray for my boyfriend Kaspars , there is anger in him and he does not communicate with me. please pray that he communicates to me. Thank you.

Iveta   1/19/17 09:57:41

Prayer Request - Employment

I & my brother prashant jamadar haven't get any job so you pray to get government job maharastra state bus Service & DRDO post you pray i am very crying so spread my request in all world charch.I am veray Fearing

Sidram jamadar   1/19/17 04:30:36

Prayer Request - Faith

To God's beloved He promised this: All things in Christ are yours. Kindly pray i desire to be a millionaire this year 2017, may God made it possible for His name sake. "Delight in the Lord and He will give the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

Lan   1/19/17 02:22:12

Prayer Request - Employment

Prayer for professional growth and development.

Anonymous   1/18/17 22:24:42

Prayer Request - Healing

Dear in Christ, please pray about my addiction from medication. Thank you.

Iveta   1/18/17 10:24:17

Prayer Request - Faith

Please continuously pray for my study journalism, that it may be successful . I made an exam today and have some assignments for grades coming up. Please pray for good results. And that I may have better relationships with people around me. Still working through some past traumas, so for total healing too. +New friends wanted. + Pray for me to get better finances for me. Most of all husband wanted.

amanda   1/18/17 04:06:32

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray for my legs which have been suffering from arthritis for three years so that I can walk again.

Loh Ching   1/17/17 13:07:08

Prayer Request - Salvation

Lord, give me the power to see and to know.

Anonymous   1/17/17 08:27:48

Prayer Request - Bondage

My friend has been dabbling in the occult and is very paranoid. Please pray.

Anonymous   1/15/17 03:00:36

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