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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Bondage

Lord, heal my brother and my cousin of all satanic oppression and help them become Yours again in Jesus name, Amen.

Anonymous   2/28/17 08:52:20

Prayer Request - Financial

Pray for me to be stronger in my faith, spiritual growth,Financial blessing and go back to school.

Anonymous   2/28/17 08:34:35

Prayer Request - Faith

I started to have hight blood prayer. Please do pray for me for naormalcy.

Dr. George T Haokip   2/27/17 22:27:30

Prayer Request - Bondage

Pray for my friends suffering.being put out with lill kids out in the cold they are in a shelter,they need avid space get their section8 or better it cold here for kids walking the streets no food hardly the matron evil minded...God is all they could need his help in.jesus name

A. DaCosta   2/27/17 19:58:45

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my friend to be healed and recover soon from a car accident . And pray for another military friend who serves in Syria to be safe for going home in the USA.Pray for my son to get a Driver License and has a good job for taking care of himself and pay off his debt. Lord, hear our prayers !

Deborah   2/27/17 13:37:15

Prayer Request - Financial

For 1000 customers and 10 crore rupees for business growth and my church growth.

Charles Fredericks   2/27/17 00:07:47

Prayer Request - Faith

Pray against the spirit of anti Christ,false witness,terrorism hatred and violence.

Angela Hughes   2/26/17 08:28:13

Prayer Request - Relationships

Please pray for our family's complete deliverance from the influence of an individual who operates under a Jezebel spirit.Please pray for all of us to be delivered to the REAL Jesus. Thank you

Bonnie   2/26/17 03:52:21

Prayer Request - Faith

Pray for my faith to stay strong so I don't fear so much.

Anonymous   2/25/17 17:26:45

Prayer Request - Faith

Please help me get a place to stay as God provide I love the Lord,know him as my saviour help those who need a victory through God all things are possible!

D. Lopez   2/25/17 11:28:26

Prayer Request - Bondage

Please, Please pray for my brother Emil. Satan is trying to destroy him mentally and physically. He is suffering at the hands of Satan. Only God in Jesus Name can and will Heal and deliver him from demons. God's will be done for Emil and our Family in Jesus Name. Thank You for all your prayers in Faith.

John Tanase   2/24/17 15:00:28

Prayer Request - Salvation

Please pray for Victor to have the desire to be delivered from drugs, pray that Victor will serve Jesus again and surrender his life to Him. Pray that his Victor's name will be written in the Lamb's Book of Life.

Anonymous   2/24/17 13:23:41

Prayer Request - Employment

Please pray with me for my husband was dismissed from his work place. Let's pray for him to be reinstated.

Mukondi    2/23/17 15:40:04

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for peace for Paul in his life and in his marriage. and that victor be able to stop haveing mental attacks God Bless.

Anonymous   2/23/17 06:54:44

Prayer Request - Healing

Please heal my facial scars. I feel very insecure and get me out of depression.

Anonymous   2/22/17 22:09:13

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