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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Salvation

Pleas uphold 10 year old Lexi Charsky for her salvation. Take note that tomorrow ( Sun, Eastern time ) she will be at a S.S./childrens church other than her home church. Please also take note that Lexi is 3 years emotionally behind her chornological age. Also take note that she is the classic 'strong - willed child.' Please also take note that she's receiving a strong grounding at youth group Bible study. Thank you. The LORD bless you through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Rich   5/28/16 14:07:33

Prayer Request - Healing

We can heal cancer. We can heal other diseases using the energy "chi" flow. We do it and many people already get healed with our system. With prayers you can get healed even faster

Phuket Vegan   5/28/16 09:25:53

Prayer Request - Relationships

My friends in Christ, I urgently need your prayers that another's eyes will be opened. I only want to have returned as I give.

josephine   5/28/16 00:57:08

Prayer Request - Employment

Pleas uphold Rev. Brett Charsky, a faithful Christian, ordeained pastor & Chaplain ( selected for Lt. Col. ) in the Army Reserves. He's awaiting orders to become the NY Army National Guard, 42 Infantry, Chaplain. Please also take note that Brett is working 3 part time jobs, including his military & pastoral ministries.Specific request: for his transfer packet to be processed sooner rather than later. Thank you. The LORD bless you through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Rich    5/27/16 15:17:46

Prayer Request - Healing

I am suffering from viral fever, I would appreciate it if could keep me in your prayers.

Anonymous   5/27/16 03:16:18

Prayer Request - Relationships

God, You knows my pain please help Father touched damianus aditya christie heart for me

Anonymous   5/27/16 01:38:55

Prayer Request - Faith

Thankyou Precious Jesus I believe we are going to reap a spiritual blessing,really send it me my husband the kids be on our way as you desire join my husband in Africa.God is there even in Africa He is holy bring it to pass we be together.amn

Elena95555   5/26/16 22:58:38

Prayer Request - Salvation

The request of 85 year old Grace is for the salvation of as many members of her family as possible. Yesterday into tomorrow ( Fr, Eastern time) her 60 year old son is staying overnite with her, and he apparently never was born again because hes now fallen away. Thank you. The LORD bless you thru Jesus Christ our Lord.

Rich   5/26/16 14:35:18

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for healing & strenth for Abe-chest,lungs,organs be healed after machine fell on him!!freedom from depression for nOsacr & Norman.Henry,s sale of theatre to go through,people to buy it(he,s been waiting a month!)

Mel   5/26/16 09:25:34

Prayer Request - Faith

i need what to eat please. sometimes i go even hungry, i need a home please of my own homes of other pple are a hinrace to my ministry. i need my own husband not a man that already has his own wife. i hate polygamy. my phones were stolen i desire a n\ew one. may the lord bless u. we have a seminar in junne one worship, the other is prayer we need some money for the seminars.

happy   5/26/16 09:19:04

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for joy ,peace and happiness in all my childrens life.God Bless.

Anonymous   5/26/16 06:41:49

Prayer Request - Employment

Worried my nephew doesn't know just basic things he needs to be calm God help him be smart don't expect everyone to do it all.Give him to manage his $ take time look for a man about all of it.Quit complain..

Anonymous   5/25/16 20:29:49

Prayer Request - Healing

Please uphold 14 year old Justin Charsky, a faithful Christian, who's 6/7 on the autism spectrum ( hes' not 'high functioning' ). Not only does he need supernatural healing - if it is the Lord Christ's 'perfect will' - but, failing that, he needs a friend to build into him. thank you. The LORD bless you through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Rich   5/25/16 15:12:56

Prayer Request - Faith

please let gina reconsider our relationship

Anonymous   5/25/16 11:42:33

Prayer Request - Healing

Jess please remember my friend on ChristiaNet her name Rita she in England has cancer pray all for her complete healing in Jesus precious blood & the Heather this hour you Sis.Rita...Elena

Anonymous   5/25/16 08:40:29

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