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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray for me to have a clear mind and forgive myself. To be strong more and more positive in life.

Lucky   10/31/14 00:31:53

Prayer Request - Faith

I have been a cancer surviver for 10 years, but just recently I was diagnosed again with cancer in my bones. Please pray for God to give me strength and take the fear away.

Liz Lara   10/30/14 19:18:20

Prayer Request - Bondage

I could really use some mental peace right now so I can be the mother my son deserves. I also pray for protection for my family. Thank you

Anonymous   10/30/14 18:56:10

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for healing from the Lord of a bad feeling in my stomach and a runnie nose.God Bless.

Anonymous   10/30/14 06:42:31

Prayer Request - Financial

Lord, give me a financial miracle now, in Jesus name, Amen.

Anonymous   10/30/14 00:52:24

Prayer Request - Financial

Pray for me because i have a talent in Gospel music. I have even wrote some of my songs but have no money yet have just finished the University please i really need God's guidence pray for me.

Martha Audo   10/30/14 00:48:03

Prayer Request - Faith

Pray for me so that God can touch him so that he can pay me money he owes me and that spirit of oppressing in him to die in Jesus Name. Thanks

Maria   10/29/14 12:01:59

Prayer Request - Financial

Me and my children have been without electricity for eight months, do to financial hardship. Just pray that a door will open soon for us. In JESUS name. AMEN.

Anonymous   10/29/14 09:32:08

Prayer Request - Relationships

Asking pray4me,my boyfriend will be able to be with me,I plan to go down south be wit him,he has never left his family, in his 50's has never left homeI hope to see him, be with me & we get married.keep me in prayer.thanx

lamit9364   10/29/14 07:29:46

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for victor to call me and let me know he is alright today.God Bless.

Anonymous   10/29/14 06:49:09

Prayer Request - Relationships

Father, connect me to the right people in Jesus name,Amen

Anonymous   10/29/14 00:59:03

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray my headache goes away, for my boyfriend to ask me to marry him, for my stepmom to like me, anf for me not to be fired from my current job as a schoolteacher, IJN. Thanks and God bless!

Courtney   10/28/14 21:46:07

Prayer Request - Employment

Business development and improvement, Peaceful relations with clients. Strong Team to operate Business on daily basis.

Anonymous   10/28/14 16:41:25

Prayer Request - Salvation

I am a young boy in ghana and i have stolen sumone's fone and de person is going to curse me. am scared to confess because ma dad is a prophet and i dnt want to disgrace him and his entire congregation. my telephone number is +233576774123. pls help me immediately

Anonymous   10/28/14 13:59:47

Prayer Request - Faith

My fiance and I of 4 years have been separated for the past 2 months. Please pray God soften his heart. Pray that God place it on his heart for us to be together once more. Pray for reconciliation and healing soon. Thank you.

Anonymous   10/28/14 12:39:22

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