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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Employment

Dear Brothers and Sisters ....Please pray to Lord Jesus Christ for me to get a good job and tensionless life and settle me with my family in abroad.I beg God to please help me and change my life and career and give me a tensionless job and setlle me abroad.In the name of Jesus Christplease pray Amen

jm   1/30/15 12:25:32

Prayer Request - Faith

My abusive ex-husband has terrorised me & my kids for years. At last he is no longer living with us & has a restraining order against him. The order is only an interim one & he has court again this coming week. Please pray that the full restraining order is granted & that we are safe from him. We are terrified of him. Thanks.

Anonymous   1/30/15 04:30:16

Prayer Request - Marriage

Praise God. Kindly pray for me to get into a serious & long lasting relationship with a caring pattner.

Edithe. Edith.   1/29/15 22:59:59

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for guidance and Devine protection for my sister and her friend as they go back to court Tomorrow. Pray for dismissal of this case. Pray for their total vindication. Pray for them in Jesus name Amen.

Beulah   1/29/15 21:11:38

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for me financially. I need a financial miracle from God. I feel guilty not providing as much as I used to with my previous job. I lack the confidence in my new job, and don't get paid as much. I pray God will let me know if I am supposed to stick it out, or try again. I know not all of my life is bad, and I will continue to thank God for my blessings. Please, Please pray for me. So much anxiety day and night. Thank you

Anonymous   1/29/15 13:55:18

Prayer Request - Bondage

Please pray with me for Reigha. She has medical issues. Thank you.

Anonymous   1/29/15 07:17:59

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for victor to go to his doctor apointment today. and take his medicine right.God Bless.

Anonymous   1/29/15 07:10:00

Prayer Request - Employment

HI , I'm in need of job presently i m working at saudi arabia ,my contract is already finished but still i m working may be for few days , i have told and applied lot of people regarding my job .still no response, i kindly request you to do a group prayer for myself for a better and suitable job according to gods will .

RANGANATHAN RAMASWAMY   1/29/15 02:51:47

Prayer Request - Financial

Lord have mercy on me, give me a financial miracle today and bless me with a good and loving husband.

Anonymous   1/28/15 23:35:35

Prayer Request - Relationships

Please Jesus, stand up for my daughter's help. She is no match for the enemy who is trying to destroy her. Jesus, she's Your child. Please let her find favor with You and those in authority and stop Phil and let his wicked ways be exposed and stopped. He's abused her physically, mentally and emotionally Jesus and she's at a breaking point. Stand up for her help please God I beg You. Thank You Jesus. amen.

Anonymous   1/28/15 22:22:15

Prayer Request - Faith

Just pray for me please. Thank you and God Bless.

Tami Medina   1/28/15 09:08:00

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray for Don's wife Linda that God will cause a miracle to happen of full & immediate healing of her body & mind. Pray for Don's comfort & for both to be saved. Pray God blesses our day in special ways & blesses us financially so that we can buy a house soon & pay off all our debts. Pray for God to bless us with special lasting friendships. Thank you.

Anonymous   1/28/15 07:14:39

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for energy to do things and healing of my stomach. God Bless

Anonymous   1/28/15 06:59:35

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for me that I will pass my driver's qualification test for full licence. Thank you.

ruby   1/28/15 06:47:38

Prayer Request - Financial

Lord Jesus, anoint myself Xuanli with excellent communication skills, people relationship skills, convincing skills, persuasive skills, excellent product knowledge, mental strength, physical and spiritual strength to fix at least 12 to 15 appointments DAILY from Monday to Saturday. Grant me favour with all my clients and prospects. Open doors for appointments that will lead to sales closings and closed doors for those that won't. Lord, grant me favour with all my superiors. Thanks.

Xuanli   1/28/15 06:05:12

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