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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my daughter's healing of her eyes so she won't have to give up driving. This is extremely important to her, and to the whole family. Thank you.

JT   5/1/16 15:08:06

Prayer Request - Encouragement

Pleae uphold Col. Karl Frederick Frantz, U.S. Army Retired, as you are led. Thank you. The LORD bless you through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Rich   5/1/16 12:52:36

Prayer Request - Marriage

Please pray that God continue to heal and soften my wife's heart towards me. That we would have full reconciliation with each other and a stronger marriage after this storm.

Scott   5/1/16 10:42:34

Prayer Request - Marriage

Been separated for over one year given up hope. Please pray God give me strength and peace with moving forward with divorce. Husband does not want restoration.He has been dating has girlfriend.

Anonymous   4/30/16 09:20:39

Prayer Request - Employment

Pleae uphold Rev. Brett Charsky, a faithful Christian, ordained pastor & Chaplain ( selected for Lt. Col )in the Army Reserves. He's awaiting orders to become the NY Army National Guard, 42 Infantry, Chaplain. Please take note that Brett is working 3 pt jobs incl. his military ministry & his pastoral ministry.Prayer request: that promotion orders will come in before May 6. Thank you. The LORD bless you thru Jesus Christ our Lord.

Rich   4/30/16 08:21:50

Prayer Request - Bondage

Please hear my prayers these are people have nothing to do but gossip keep mess going! The landlord raise my rent it not right.Please God help me find a place near my church.I need to.leave here in jesus evil.I a woman alone never bother want to leave here!! Evil people cause me trouble I did not need!!!help me jesus!!amen.

Elena95555   4/30/16 00:57:57

Prayer Request - Faith

Dear friends, please kindly pray the safety as we are travelling today. Thank you!

Anonymous   4/29/16 20:27:08

Prayer Request - Faith

Prayer for my friend as he undergoes surgery now. May it be successful and his life restored. Blessings

Anonymous   4/29/16 08:26:04

Prayer Request - Marriage

Please pray for my husband Prashant, restoration of my marriage. It's been 4 months since I've been separated from my husband. I am really tired of waiting to get initiation/news, words from my husband as he is not at all in contact with me or my family for last 4 months. I want him back and change his mind with love towards me. Lord please bring him back and change his mind with love towards me and restore my marriage once and for all. Stop Divorce! Amen & #65279,!

Anonymous   4/29/16 08:17:06

Prayer Request - Faith

1. The Lord's favor to all my requests to come soon this year: Cash Provisions, Good biz partners/ right life partner/ and his help as i correspond online.Thank you and God Bless.

lai   4/29/16 05:00:23

Prayer Request - Financial

Time winding up,please jesuslet the person who owe quite abit financially not buck out but be honest and return that which you kno they took let me not be ashamed.ijn.amen.

Anonymous   4/28/16 16:46:54

Prayer Request - Faith

the request of 85 year old Grace is for the salvation of as many members of her family as possible. Thank you. The LORD bless you thru Jesus Christ our Lord.

Rich   4/28/16 13:54:02

Prayer Request - Faith


UNKNOWN   4/28/16 08:52:36

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for victor s healing of mental attacks and he be able to stay in his apartment in peace.God bless.

Anonymous   4/28/16 07:03:26

Prayer Request - Healing

Please uphold 14 year old Justin Charsky, a faithful Christian, who's 6/7 on the autism spectrum. Not only does he need divine healing, if it is the Lord Christ's 'perfect will,' he needs, failing that, a friend who builds into him. Thank you. The LORD bless you thru Jesus Christ our Lord.

Rich   4/27/16 14:54:17

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