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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Marriage

Heavenly Father, please help a fine nice man who is look4 a good needs christian wife,he needs help all aroun he a military man,too.He has a child.please giv him all wisdom to.make the right decision the best wife fir him.I believd he is a good man.Bless him n bless the woman who will be his wife.IJN.

Anonymous   11/28/14 05:03:33

Prayer Request - Financial

Having trouble sleeping tonight, many concerns on my mind, behind on bills, lease terminate due to sale of property, stress at work. Three members of household depending on me. I don't want to let anyone down, especially the Lord. Needing answers, direction and provision very soon.

Jim   11/28/14 04:44:31

Prayer Request - Faith

Pray for protection from a landlord who inherited the property and is now harassing. She asks me for rent early because she claims to have medical emergencies. She has asked others for money and there is evidence she is using drugs. She is also harassing me about rent two weeks before it is due. Please pray the harassing and pleas for money will stop.

Jim   11/27/14 23:36:53

Prayer Request - Healing

My father Rudy has a rare gallbladder cancer.Please please join me in praying for my fathers well being, for him to be completely healed. I am also praying for my fathers spiritual side, praying that he will let the Lord work in his life and follow Gods words and be able to entirely surrender to the Almighty and that he will live for so many years and share to people of Gods blessings and goodness. Please pray for him. Thank you. Jen

Jennifer Sano   11/27/14 20:22:22

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for Daesha,s healing,recovery from accident-to come out of coma(young musician)healing of Wenda,s eyes,OSCAR to find a good job

Mel   11/26/14 08:38:22

Prayer Request - Financial

I'm a 100% combat disabled Veteran and I really can't do much with my three children. All three have a interest in hunting. I tried it and we slept in a tent and my back couldn't handle it. I was in major pain for two weeks for one overnight stay in tent. I'm in the process of buying a travel trailer so I can go camping, hunting & fishing with my kids. I really need this loan. I pray that everything will turn out so I can spend some quality time with my family.

Peter   11/26/14 04:34:39

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray for my wife Nining (51 years old) is sick in the back of her body (low back pain). She has been suffering this pain for almost 2 years. She has found it hard to stand for long time when the pain recurs, while I have to work to support my family, we have 2 children. Lord, hear our prayer, Amen....

Johan Chang   11/26/14 01:35:44

Prayer Request - Bondage

Asking Believers to please pray for my grandaughter who is living with a man who is very abusive and evil. He has her under some kind of spell and she can't seem to get away or want to get away from him. We fear for her safety. Please God deliver her from his influence in Jesus name & bring her back to know & love You. amen.

Anonymous   11/25/14 21:22:53

Prayer Request - Faith

Lord please remove all my financial difficulties, the sickness in my body. Help me once agains establish the ministry

Raj   11/25/14 20:03:27

Prayer Request - Faith

Pray that the evil powers and soul ties of my biological father have no connection towards me and those that I Love. Pray for our freedom.

Anonymous   11/25/14 19:25:26

Prayer Request - Financial

Lord Jesus, anoint myself Xuanli with excellent communication skills, people relationship skills, convincing skills, persuasive skills, excellent product knowledge, mental strength, physical and spiritual strength to fix at least 12 to 15 appointments DAILY from Monday to Saturday. Grant me favour with all my clients and prospects. Open doors for appointments that will lead to sales closings and closed doors for those that won't. Lord, grant me favour with all my superiors. Thanks.

Xuanli   11/25/14 07:10:52

Praise Report - Encouragement

HeavenlyFather, I giv you glory, honorthanks for sparing our lives, all herewe were able return our bldg.others not able,please be wit the people whonot able go bk in, mk provision, help' them.Gratefull,thanks Cnt family for ur prayers.Thank God for be so good to me & others, here.Ps91

Elena9555   11/25/14 04:23:41

Prayer Request - Employment

Plse pray for a new job for me. I'm currently not happy where I am. I also need prayer for God's favour on an upcoming court case. Please pray for God's favour on me and my financial situation. Thank u

Anonymous   11/25/14 03:36:08

Prayer Request - Faith

Pray we all be safe, big fire! No lights pray food holds out me n my neiborsthere a big commotion.not sure howthank God we all not killed.Thank.U for ur prayers.Love of Jesus!

Elena 9555   11/24/14 23:07:39

Prayer Request - Healing

please pray for my daughter to get better. she is very sick and to find a better Dr to help her.

mary   11/24/14 19:38:12

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