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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Healing

Also 'Encouragement' please.Please uphold 48 year old Colleen Charsky, faithful born again Christian, chronic even hourly back pain, affects her neck,legs,feet,sleeping pattern,knotted bak muscles, back out of whack much of the time.Thank you each foyr our intercession. the LORD bless each ofyou thru Jesus Christ our Lord.*Romans 11:33-36 !

Rich   12/3/16 14:08:09

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for victor to keep his apartment and every thing else he have.God Bless.

Anonymous   12/2/16 06:44:56

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for a miracle & healing of cancer for David,Alvin & Corey.a fina cial breakthrough & work for Art & Cory & Pat,s healing of gum & jaws- infections to go-after dentist!!me to have total recovery

Mel   12/1/16 09:28:50

Prayer Request - Faith

I am asking for intense prayers that the Lord will move in a mighty way so that I may find suitable housing, a really nice vehicle that will be reliable, dependable and durable so that I may carryout the ministry here Northern CaliforniaAlso pray for the Lord to bless me with a wife and to pastor a church in Northern California or wherever He desires,and weight loss.

Mickel Jenkins   12/1/16 00:34:54

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for victor to call me and let me know he is alright. God bless.

Anonymous   11/30/16 07:11:10

Prayer Request - Relationships

Please pray for my wife.Se wants to divorce from me after she has spoken to a psychic.Please pray for her that se still stay with me, and wont divorce

rob   11/29/16 08:13:38

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for healing of my heart and flu like symptoms. God Bless.

Anonymous   11/29/16 06:49:45

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for uncle Alvin-healing-cancer to go!,he,s only 65!!also Benny & Wilma,s salvation & healing of cancer.healing of gums & jaws for Pat(rough dentist!,) total recovery from flu,virus for Norm & me,thanks

Mel   11/29/16 00:22:39

Prayer Request - Financial

Please pray for me to releive from the crisis.

Anonymous   11/28/16 22:13:40

Prayer Request - Faith

pray for me, my mother is having stroke, and I have financial problems.

kumba 5684   11/28/16 09:14:05

Prayer Request - Relationships

My fiance and I just got into a fight that I feel "came out of nowhere"....I've been cleaning the house all day and then she blames me for not cleaning the house...please pray for peace...

Anonymous   11/27/16 18:44:19

Prayer Request - Marriage

My nickname is Sury Blot. I want people to pray to God to make the rich man named Aliko Dangote marry me in 2017. I want to meet him. I want to get his private email address and phone number.

Surayya   11/25/16 20:52:36

Prayer Request - Encouragement

Also 'Faith' please.Please uphold 61 yearold Cindy Ianni, born again 20or more years ago,bipolar,still reeling from a major unexpected transition 2+months ago,ongoing anxiety & recurrent fear.HEr request:to get thru this ordeal & to be functional once again. Tahk you each foryour intercession. The LORD bless each ofyou thru Jesus Christ our Lord.*Romans 11:33-36 !

Rich   11/24/16 16:44:07

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for Alvin & family & his total recovery from cancer--he,s only 65!!Lord have mercy,his other brother just died,too much fo them to bear!!also Myra to come to he sensss & get help & come out there f crack hous e!!healing of infections & Pain in jaws & gums .ex.after dentist.Dense healing of joints,muscles & whateve,s causing it

Mel   11/23/16 23:56:44

Prayer Request - Financial

Please pray for me to have a financial blessing. My wife just had our first born. We are falling behind with bills and rent. I don't want to lose the apartment. Thank you.

kelly   11/23/16 05:35:58

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