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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Employment

Please pray that my coteacher will be willing to work with me on our students' behavior management in our school tomorrow and that I am healed in Jesus' Name. Thank you and God bless

Anonymous   8/20/17 23:18:28

Praise Report - Faith

Thank God for the opportnity to be considered for international assignment. Thank God for my promotion. Thank God for my love of my wife and child. Thank God for my finances. God bless all.

Anonymous   8/20/17 19:52:03

Prayer Request - Employment

Hello everyone and please pray that my students listen to my fellow coteacher and I way, way better IJN, We have a very difficult group of students this year and I am disabled and had my third bout with pneumonia and was diagnosed with Valley Fever-another respiratory illness as a result of living in the Southwest part of the US. Thank you and God bless you all.

Anonymous   8/19/17 18:37:47

Prayer Request - Faith

Dear Friends, please pray for the safety and travel mercies because my families are travelling tomorrow and during this week. Thanks!!

Anonymous   8/19/17 11:12:45

Prayer Request - Faith

Dear Friends, My Mid-term exam are starting from today, please kindly pray for the success. Thank you!!

Anonymous   8/18/17 23:19:59

Prayer Request - Faith

Col(US Army)Retired,Karl Frederick Frantz, as you are led.Thanks*Romans 11:33-36 !

Rich   8/18/17 15:46:24

Prayer Request - Faith

I was just tested for STD and STI and was told to wait 10 days. By or after ten days if I don't hear anything then that means everything is good. Please pray that I am clean and that I do not have any STD or STI.

Anonymous   8/18/17 12:12:00

Prayer Request - Relationships

My best friend is being bullied by a group of girls and this has been happening for awhile. I don't want to see her hurt by their cruel words, I just pray that these girls learn a lesson and stop what they are doing, and I pray that my friend will be overpowered by the Holy Spirit, that she will rise up above the hate. In Jesus name I pray for this, amen. Thank you in advance to all who pray for her.

Anonymous   8/18/17 00:04:10

Prayer Request - Faith

please for me I am applying for Master Divinity in Philines.

Arik   8/17/17 00:59:53

Prayer Request - Healing

Christian prayer warriors please pray in Jesus' name for me to find reliable transportation, that my depression would subside for my husband to start feeling better mentally, spiritually and emotionally, that the heavy yokes would be broken from his life etc.. and that the Lord would bring relief and healing to our sick loved one and strength, healing and wisdom to his family.

Anonymous   8/16/17 18:37:43

Prayer Request - Faith

My heart is aching. When you give everything you are to someone for so long and a person is blind or doesn't care.

josephine   8/16/17 13:04:45

Prayer Request - Faith

Hi,Please help me pray for a passing score of 90% and over on our BLS exam tomorrow.May God's prosperous blessing be upon all the prayer warriors here.Thank you.Lorna

Lorna   8/16/17 11:50:24

Prayer Request - Encouragement

Hello fellow believers.I have an urgent need to find a quiet place to live. Noisy place I currently live at is harmful to my already-severe health problems. Thanks for your prayers.

Anonymous   8/14/17 20:11:43

Prayer Request - Relationships

God,Christ Jesus, please show me if I am supposed to stay where I am or move to another state.

Anonymous   8/14/17 13:50:51

Prayer Request - Faith

Please help me pray that God will help me pass our BLS exam with 90% and above passing rate. Thank you and may the Lord continue to bless you more!!!

Lorna   8/14/17 13:36:16

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