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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

More grace as I wait on the Lord to perfect all that concerns my marital destiny.

Loveth Igbo   10/21/16 16:20:34

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for my landlord to fix everything in and around the apartment soon before it gets checked again so that i wont have to move. God Bless

Anonymous   10/21/16 08:19:20

Prayer Request - Relationships

Can you please pray that God would send me a Christian companion. I live alone and I am very lonely. Also, can you pray that God would provide my son with his own family, (wife and children). Thank you very much.

Anonymous   10/20/16 22:46:16

Prayer Request - Faith

Thank God for a good project from a client. Prayer for successful execution and minimal cost. Grace to repair corrupt files. Deliverance from any threat and bondage.

Anonymous   10/20/16 16:18:54

Prayer Request - Financial

Lord I need a well stocked shop of my own, this year

Anonymous   10/20/16 10:15:16

Prayer Request - Faith

Please keep me and my children in your prayers.

Anonymous   10/19/16 00:18:37

Prayer Request - Marriage

My desire is remarriage,that God grant me a God fearing partner saved and ready to serve the Lord with me.

Anonymous   10/18/16 22:01:47

Prayer Request - Healing

l am having multiple health issues these days, so many that l cant cope with anymore. l am fed up and tired out. Would appreciate some prayer support. Thanks.

Jackie   10/18/16 02:58:18

Prayer Request - Faith

Prayer request for my brother Isaac & wife Jane. The request is for the Lord to protect them against spiritual and physical attacks from the agents of the devil. Our God is greater and more powerful than any threat or power.

Anonymous   10/17/16 16:29:33

Prayer Request - Healing

Thank you Almighty God for journey mercies in Jesus nameProtection on me ,my husband our families,friends and neighbors in Jesus nameAlmighty God heal me and l will be healed save and deliver me in Jesus name Holy Spirit connect buyer with our property in Jesus nameHoly Spirit provide good job for my husband in Jesus name.Amen

Ayobami   10/17/16 13:58:22

Prayer Request - Financial

Please keep me and mine in your prayers!

Anonymous   10/16/16 23:43:31

Prayer Request - Encouragement

Also 'Faith' & 'Employment' please.Please uphold 61 year old Cindy Ianni, a born again Christian from 20 years ago who's bipolar & reeling from an unexpected major transition. In fear & anxiety, her prayer request is to get thru this ordeal & t become functioning again. Tahnk you each fo ryour intercession. The LORD bless each of you thru Jesus Christ our Lord.*Romans 11:33-36 !

Rich   10/16/16 13:01:53

Prayer Request - Faith

Dear friends, please kindly pray for the safety and travel mercies as I am travelling now. Thank you!!

Anonymous   10/16/16 01:15:47

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for victor to stay well. God bless

Anonymous   10/14/16 07:04:03

Prayer Request - Faith

pray for my 2 daughters who are sitting their KCSE and KCPE exams in the month of november

julia   10/14/16 04:31:43

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