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Virtual Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me that i hear from victor today and he is doing alright.God bless.

Anonymous   5/17/17 06:57:08

Prayer Request - Faith

FatherGod,we realize yes some have quit church,once a lady came smash my eye real bad.I cry about 6 months people last made fun but I am praying they get deliverance!jesus is real!

Dynasty    5/16/17 19:22:01

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray healing for Dianna-strength,be able to keep food down & get well enough to go back to school-dr.said a bad virus.peace over Norman & to give his life to the Lord & also Oscar-both to be free of rebellion & mental confusion etc.

Mel   5/15/17 22:47:36

Prayer Request - Faith

Cellulitis and Primary Lateral Sclerosis (variant of ALS) Thank you and God bless

Yolanda Gomez   5/15/17 09:14:27

Prayer Request - Financial

I am asking for prayer to save my 95yr old mother's home from foreclosure. I know God is able, Please pray with me, thank you

Patricia Morgan   5/15/17 02:23:32

Prayer Request - Bondage

Please pray that my neighbors in the adjacent apartment stop arguing, are more considerate of other people with their noise level(lower it), and to get along with each other. Please also pray for my safety and protection from them and for these things to occur asap IJN. Thanks to all and God bless

Anonymous   5/14/17 02:15:18

Praise Report - Faith

praising God for healing me from depression and anxiety. God is good!

Kumba arkuwoille    5/13/17 13:30:07

Prayer Request - Bondage

Please pray for my safety and protection from the neighbors in the adjacent apartment. They are fighting loudly and are threatening to hurt each other. Also, pray that these people stop the fighting asap IJN. Thank you and God bless

Anonymous   5/11/17 22:50:47

Prayer Request - Faith

Good evening I sometimes feel so depressed because am not working .I want to go back to school and do other.i want you to prayer for my am looking about a work program overseas to work.waiting on my call.i know god will favour me he see how am struggling. Please pray for me that I get my work permit.

nordia   5/11/17 16:34:24

Prayer Request - Relationships

Please God bring me,a true love who wants a wife.I'm lonely no family to speak of/but my desire a good husband who will be at my side.I am up in age but still good looking,want a man who loves God & will loveme

Dynasty   5/11/17 04:08:37

Prayer Request - Faith

in our we facing troubles becoz many Gentiles attacking people are getting fear even to attend church to worship.

David Brinard   5/10/17 10:40:00

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray my friend Norm,s salvation & stop reading so many weird books & watchinf junk that doesn't help--feel real division now-concerned-Lord to open his & his dada,s spiritual eyes & then s aunt Lena,s salvation & Oscar-rebellion

Mel   5/9/17 23:50:13

Prayer Request - Employment

Praise God. Am Evelyn and i did a job interview. Still waiting for the results. Please pray that i get that job. God bless you

Evelyn    5/9/17 23:42:41

Prayer Request - Faith

Praise Eloi God and Yeshua Je-sus Christ the root and offspring of David the bright and morning star. Please help me for Christian support I have spent a lot of time with my church and now am in a new place, many challenges to keep on the straight and narrow road. Also please pray for my Mom, Barbara she has COPD very weak, not moving much daily I hope she will have healing and Liberty this Mother's Day.

Michelle    5/9/17 21:15:50

Prayer Request - Employment

Heavenly Father, I am confused, my brother is confused. Direct us clearly on what to do, where to go, in Jesus Mighty name, amen

Anonymous   5/9/17 15:15:07

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