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Virtual Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Prayer for ex has been vomiting blood, has many health issues

anonymous   4/18/17 10:50:13

Prayer Request - Bondage

Good DayI would like to send a prayer request for my debts and my ex boyfriend who refuses to leave my apartment as i recently re- committed my life to god and i explained to him but he doesnt resepect that his controlling , possesive ans all else

Anonymous   4/18/17 06:22:00

Prayer Request - Financial

Please pray for Phil,he really needs a Phone desperately,we live in a home where $scarce rent very high,but God can do all but fail,please supply him a fon soon as possible! Thanx

Elena   4/18/17 06:18:55

Prayer Request - Employment

Please pray that my neighbors in the clnnecting apartment aremuchmore quiet and considerate with thrir noise levels. Please also pray that they stop watching me and trust me because I am a Christian and try to follow the Lord. Please also pray for favor with my evaluator because she will be watching me teach and have her see that I am making the effort to be a good teacher to the best of my physical ability as I have deformed hands. Thank you and God bless

Courtney    4/17/17 23:47:25

Prayer Request - Marriage

I am having Sexual issues with my wife and I feel bad because my wife feels like she's not pretty because I can't cum nor stay erected for long periods of time. I want us both to be satified but its hard. I've seen God work in these areas before and I'm asking that he does the same for me!

Anonymous   4/17/17 14:52:02

Prayer Request - Relationships

i need a serious and long term relationship with a passionate and caring and humorous man

demmy ayeni   4/17/17 12:59:46

Prayer Request - Financial

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for my deliverance from debts which is very huge and without God it will be impossible to repay these debts alone. My debtors are after me and threatening me with dire consequences if I can't pay this month. So brothers and sisters in Christ I need your urgent prayer and I believe eevery impossible is possible with God through prayer. God bless you all. Amen

jangme ritha marak   4/17/17 05:46:51

Prayer Request - Encouragement

My Father is on the edge of eternity. Pray that Holy Spirit brings Dad back to Him before Dad moves on from earth. I will need strength too.

Gordon Rogers   4/17/17 04:47:24

Prayer Request - Bondage

Pray for me,God heal my few bad teeth.They say I can.not go under anathisia my epilepsy has prevent me! Dr.say it could kill pray God heal me.

Debbie   4/17/17 03:06:47

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for peace with my family and that victor be able to spend Easter here with us God bless.

Anonymous   4/15/17 07:08:47

Prayer Request - Healing

I ask for prayer for my friend to have healing mentily and physically as she is in her darkest moment.She has tryed to kill herself a few times and thought she is getting help it not helping.

Anonymous   4/15/17 04:41:20

Prayer Request - Relationships

Father, please deliver Vic from his life of drugs, give him a repentant heart. Minister to Vic & manifest yourself to him, Lord God. Father, my niece owes me rent money. I ask, Lord, that she will give me $430. I commit Vic and Mina to you. In Jesus' name, Amen!

Anonymous   4/14/17 15:07:56

Prayer Request - Faith

my mother passed away.

Kumba Arkuwoille    4/14/17 10:32:08

Prayer Request - Bondage

Lord, have mercy and forgive Marek. Save him from drug dealers. Stop him from selling drugs, fighting, anger. Remove all his bad friends. Save him from self destruction. Bring him peace, and salvation, Amen.

Anonymous   4/14/17 08:14:10

Prayer Request - Faith

pls pray for my wedding soon aida and Jesus shalom

Aida Garcia   4/13/17 02:35:03

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