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Virtual Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for total and complete healing of victor of mental attacks.God Bless.

Dorine Bassey   8/14/17 06:51:58

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray that my surgery takes place hitch freely on tuesday and there are no errors.

Anonymous   8/13/17 16:08:16

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray for my dad to be healed from cancer IJN. I am distraught over this and my heart is broken. Thank you and God bless.

Anonymous   8/13/17 11:19:51

Prayer Request - Faith

pray for my friend robin. she got in an accident. she was in back and neck pain. pray for God to totally heal her body, mind, and spirit.

Anonymous   8/12/17 12:26:11

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray for Ryan and for Prisma so that our Lord heals their hearts and fills their minds with wisdom. For our Lord to heal them in every aspect of their lives and fill them with ever lasting peace so that they can forgive each other and move on to fulfill God's plans. May our Lord bless them and grant them peace! AMEN

Anonymous   8/12/17 01:16:52

Prayer Request - Healing

Plz pray for me for God heal my body from Dengue disease and I need full body healing .

Anonymous   8/11/17 10:56:13

Prayer Request - Healing

Please be praying for me. I fell to sexual temptation and performed oral on woman please pray that I receive forgiveness and that I am clean. Please pray that I do not have any STI or STD please pray that I am clean

Anonymous   8/10/17 22:52:23

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for my sons healing of mental attacks and healing in his legs and foot. God bless.

Anonymous   8/10/17 06:55:14

Prayer Request - Faith

please pray for me for healing of pain in my knees and legs.

joan   8/9/17 17:10:02

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for me. I need a job and somewhere to live.Thank you

Anonymous   8/8/17 14:31:14

Prayer Request - Salvation

It seems an enemy has interfered with my Water baptism and tried to stop it from being A success. Perhaps it has been satanists against my life that has been watching my life closely.I need to get baptized again, and I ask that u will earnestly pray for my next water baptism.This enemy might try to stop my next baptism from being A success.I need help please pray for me!!!

Leon   8/7/17 21:17:33

Prayer Request - Employment

Prayer for a new promotion Prayer for my business. Prayer to improve finances and my relationship with christ.

Anonymous   8/7/17 20:21:40

Prayer Request - Marriage

Dear pastor in Christ, kindly pray for me. May God join me with Iram Samuel in marriage relation in November 12 2017.may God provide us a beautiful home and break all the bondages . May God provide me house 75 block S dilkhusha colony LahoreRegards,IRFAN ELISHA

Anonymous   8/7/17 13:12:28

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for me. Scammers have almost emptied my bank account. The bank says I will get it back if it is proven that I did not do the transfers. Please pray that the process won't be a lengthy one and I will get my money soon

Anonymous   8/7/17 10:26:41

Prayer Request - Faith

Greetings in Jesus name please pray for me I am looking for a permanent job I 've been trying several times applying for jobs all in vain n I am 45 years single woman and lonely I am ready to settle down pray for me to get a life time partner in Jesus name

Bongi   8/7/17 09:02:18

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