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Virtual Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

If you can keep edith Jensen in prayer from anxiety and stress she lives in Casey Iowa she has a hard time swallowing pills

Ted   2/22/17 11:17:10

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for healing of vertigo- dizziness for Marilyn,a sound mind & salvation for Oscar-freedom from tormenting spirits.amanda,s anemia to go & headaches,Mel- fever & infectins to go,in Jeske name!dianna to get over flu & Caleb to go back to school -- freedom from anxiety

Mel   2/22/17 07:15:02

Prayer Request - Financial

Financial problems need some extra prayers. During winter the taxes are very high due to central heating and things getting broken make it much harder. God help me !

ivan   2/22/17 05:10:31

Prayer Request - Financial

All merciful Lord Jesus,...Im Devadas from Malaysia...Pls bless me to be Financially strong as enable to support those dependant on me...Amen

Devadas   2/22/17 04:00:47

Prayer Request - Relationships

Please pray that my stepmom desires and initiates the start of a great and sustained friendship between us, we get along and she doesn't gossip about me. Please also pray that I find favor with all my coworkers and especially my supervisor and that I don't lose my job and the preschool program in my school district where I teach continues and is not cut from the district IJN thanks and God bless.

Anonymous   2/21/17 20:59:43

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my father in law who was diagnosed with stage 4 metastasized pancreatic cancer. He is starting chemo but told would only prolong his life. He looks to be going downhill fast so please pray for God's hand to be in this situation and that a miracle takes place.

Sara Hamilton   2/21/17 11:57:46

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my health total healing for my heart. My ministry that I will remain faithful to the Lord

Ruth   2/21/17 09:41:35

Prayer Request - Financial

I'm in desperate need of work and money to be able to work online (computer costs 1k $) I pray for God to help me find a way to earn that much needed computer money.

Benedict   2/21/17 07:53:34

Prayer Request - Healing


patta5436   2/20/17 10:11:19

Prayer Request - Faith

Pls pray for me that I recieve anointing for financial prosperity and career appointment

Uche   2/20/17 05:17:43

Prayer Request - Healing

Hello my friends, I am begging you in Jesus Name to pray for my brother Emil. Satan is trying to destroy him. He's been going to mental pain and depression. I know that if you all pray in Faith to God, he will heal and deliver him from this pain and suffering. Thank you my dear friends in Christ.

Ioan Tanase   2/20/17 00:26:02

Prayer Request - Healing

Praying for calmness and peace for our 19 year old daughter who has depression and anxiety. Praying she finds her medicine. Thank you God for helping her find her way back to you.

Anonymous   2/19/17 21:03:34

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for when Paul go to court that he wont have to go to Jail again and he can go to college like he planed.God bless.

Anonymous   2/19/17 07:14:32

Prayer Request - Faith

we needTHE LORD PROTECTION AND TO SHIELD OUR LIVES god servant/CHILDREN /IBIOTOS mee/boys/motherr /gandchildren all over everylasting life protection/shield OVER THEIR LIVES

god servant and their children uknown   2/18/17 20:05:41

Prayer Request - Bondage

Praise Eloi God and Yeshua Je-sus Christ the root and offspring of David the bright and morning star. I am requesting prayer for a neighbor of the church I attend. I have been informed by their tenant that a pagan and/or satanic ritual is going on at the newly acquired residence. I know nothing about the family, other than it being a couple . I am homeless and have used the church for a prayer spot.Thank you In Eloi God and Yeshua Je-sus name.

Anonymous   2/18/17 19:49:08

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