Devotional Readings For Teenagers

Devotional readings for teenagers are important in a high paced and rapidly changing world. Young people often find themselves faced with difficult choices. Due to the strong influences of the mass media coupled with popular culture and intense pressure from peers, adolescents are challenged to figure out their own identities as individuals. The teenage years are, for most people, one of the most confusing times of life. Christian young people often see personal devotions as a way to grow in a closer communion with the Lord, and as a means of strengthening faith with Biblical knowledge and skills that enable them to become meaningful contributors to society.

Thousands of devotional readings for teenagers are available in bookstores and through the Internet. Materials geared towards the wants and interests of adolescents provide easy access to what can be considered an inviting and approachable way to study the Scriptures and to develop a closer communion with the Lord. Most devotionals available to young people are applicable, being written with the intention of tackling relevant issues in an encouraging, non-preaching way. The purpose of devotional readings are to aid in personal relationships with God by offering insights into reading the Word and growing in knowledge of the Scriptures. Many young people might have an aversion to simply picking up a Bible and reading it, perhaps baffled by what the Scriptures say, or simply bored, resulting from not understanding how to approach the Word of God.

Devotional readings are a good way for young people to be introduced into structured patterns. The readings are most often offered as a verse of Scripture to be read on a daily basis, along with a relevant story that helps to illustrate the meaning of the verse, and often concludes with a guided prayer. Offering a format based on a day to day plan both encourages reading and aids in habit forming. Providing teenagers with a structured format also serves as a means of offering a springboard into further study which harnesses young attention spans into a stronger, driving force and thirst for knowledge. Devotional readings for teenagers can be very beneficial and are intended to grab the reader's attention, whet appetites with knowledge, and perhaps inspire young readers into a deeper study of God's Word on a personal level.

Among the thousands of materials available, substantial portions are devotional readings for teenage boys. Encouraging young men to seek leadership roles is important for spiritual growth. Strength and confidence based on a value system founded on the Word of God is vital, and introducing materials at a formative age aids in providing skills required to become effective leaders in the home and churches nationwide and around the world.

Considering that the Bible clearly lays out gender roles, devotional readings for teenage boys seek to provide the tools necessary for becoming leaders in the home. The husband is to be the spiritual head of the wife in the same way Christ is the Head of the Church. Teaching boys at an early age the importance of leadership through devotional readings is beneficial by enabling readers to see applicable Scripture verses for themselves and see them applied to their lives through thought provoking methods of study. They can see in God's Word how they are to lead with humility looking to Christ as an example; He allowed His Son to be crucified to provide a way for people to come to Him. In the same way men need to exercise the same idea of leading as a servant, involving self-sacrifice out of love for their wives and families. Devotions for boys help them to see that a good leader is one who knows when to sacrifice their own wants and desires for the edification and growth of others.

Boys look up to fathers and often seek to model their own lives after what they observe. Unfortunately, there are a good number of male adolescents who lack a father figure, and in these cases devotional readings for teenage boys are especially important. For young men who do not have an earthly father, it is easy to look to society for examples of how to pattern their lives. They are bombarded with false representations as they are told that men do not show emotion, or how having a sensitive heart is not 'manly'. Devotional readings for teenage boys provide examples of how they should model their lives after Christ, and show how having a sensitive heart is not something to be scoffed at but an attribute to strive for.

Aiding young people into healthy habit forming through daily communication with God is one of the main goals of devotional readings for teenagers. Adolescents are provided with materials for times of meditation and encouraged to take time every day to slow down in order to hear that 'still, small voice'. As the Psalmist says, "But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and on his law doth he meditate day and night." (Psalm 1:2) Unfortunately for many teenagers bad experiences have shaped impressionable views concerning the importance of having a time of quiet meditation. Many young people decide to keep up regular quiet time for appearance's sake, being led to believe that a 'good' Christian has daily devotional readings. Young people can become trapped in the mindset that devotional readings are just another daily motion. While important to make devotions habitual, habit forming makes it is easy for to simply start reading with the mind, not with the heart. This makes having an open mind and sensitive heart vital to an adolescent's spiritual growth.

Devotionals readings for teenagers are beneficial and offer excellent means of introducing young believers to God's Word and the lessons found within the inspired words. The formative years of adolescence can be frustrating and confusing as young people feel the Lord's calling and the strain between what He wants for them and what they feel society requires of them. Peer pressure, conforming to standards, fear of judgment and being ostracized are all issues addressed in devotionals written especially to address these issues.

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