Angels In The Bible

Angels are wonderful servants of God the Father and many people believe that guardian beings watch over us all of the time. An angel of God is a glorious creature that the Lord uses in our lives as a servant. A heavenly angel is different then a fallen being. It is important to understand the difference between the two; the heavenly are servants God whereas the fallen are servants of the enemy. Guardians are truly there for us in order to watch over our lives. Knowing more about these beings is a wonderful and amazing thing. The beauty of these spirits is uncanny as a small representation of the Lords creation. Heaven's beings have tasks that are carried out in order to reveal God to others. Fallen beings are those who made the decision to serve the enemy and are dangerous as no longer considered an angel of God. Their decision was made.

When humans die, many go to heaven, but don't become guardian angels and shouldn't be compared with them. Rather these heavenly beings are created for God's own purposes. The Lord has created these spiritual creatures to be servants of Him and reveal His glory. These beings are watching us all the time and guarding us as the Lord's servants. God has many spirit beings to watch over us, but we are not created equally. This is not a tiny weakling creature as we so often see these beings portrayed. The truth is that spirits are strong beings who know what it looks like to be in a battle. They get to see the good and the evil and what is going on around them, and get to fight for us in the greatest battle ever. This is a joyful feeling to think so many are fighting for us.

The servants of God know their duties given them as servants of God and can appear in many forms. When people believe that spirit beings have been revealed to them, the fact is possible. There is so much joy for the heavenly beings as they save a life. Guardian angels are there for protection against things seen and things unseen. The Lord uses them to teach us about himself. Some wonder why spirit beings haven't been revealed in their lives. It is up to the Lord whether he wants to show us these beings. There are reasons for some having seen them and there are reasons for some not having seen them. This is one of the wonderful mysteries of the Father and area revealed at the Almighty's decision. It is a great thing to have knowledge about an Angel of God. To know and to understand the differences between the various positions of these spirit beings is an incredible ability. For more resources about these beings, check out these Bible tools.

Don't have anything to do with fallen angels because when given the choice to follow the Lord or the enemy, they chose to follow the enemy. Sometimes we wonder whether these beings regret their choice as they have seen the Lord in all his glory yet chose to follow the enemy anyway. It is a wonderful joy that so many spirits belong to the Lord as it is comforting to know that we have someone who watches over us. We definitely don't want to put more emphasis on the angel of God than on the Lord, however. The Lord is still good and he is the only one worthy of our worship. The heavenly beings worship him just has much as we do. His guardians are representations of how he guards us and loves us. We are his creation as well. It is important not to forget that he is almighty and powerful, and has given us of himself for a reason.

When considering these spirit beings, we should only see the Lord. His guardian angel will show us who he is through who they are. Even in the hardest of times they are there as the Lord servants to love us and watch over us. This is the true beauty of the difference between the fallen being who has not chosen God and the heavenly angel who has. We must always remember that the Lord is there to give us himself and let us see him more and more. When we get the chance to see him through his provision of our protectors, he has given us many great blessings. For only the Lord is aware of how much we are in need of him. Only he knows the extent of our depravity. "Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven" (Matthew 18:10)

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