Rewards In Heaven

Rewards in heaven are great for those who are willing to fully surrender to God and desire His will to be done in their lives. Many Christians are not open to complete and total surrender. They want to make their own plans and live life as they think it should be lived. Some of these only go to church on Sunday and the rest of the week they choose to compromise their faith. There are also mentions of crowns in the Bible to faithful Christians who choose to be faithful to God and work for His kingdom. These are mentioned both in the New and Old Testaments. Some of these are crown of righteousness, crown of glory, crown of life, crown of rejoicing, incorruptible crown, soul winner's crown, and crown of gold.

The crown of life is promised to those who endure suffering. No person who has ever lived will suffer like Christ had to suffer because his suffering was not just a physical process he suffered with taking on the sins of the world. However, the Bible does indicate that we will suffer for Christ. "For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us" (Romans 8:18). The crown of life is mentioned in the book of Revelation about suffering persecution. God's word also says that those who love the Lord will receive this crown. Crowns in the Bible are real and a study about each one will no doubt prove to be very interesting and good food for thought. In addition, a study on rewards and treasure may provide additional scriptures to enhance a person's knowledge on the subjects.

Anything that is mentioned in God's word should be given complete attention because we know His word is true and every word is there for a purpose. God's word never returns to Him without accomplishing what He sent it out for. The Bible does say that a person can have treasure in heaven if he or she is willing to sell all and give to the poor (Mark 10:21). The word of God indicates in many places that making sacrifices for the Lord is not done unnoticed and that rewards or treasure in heaven is the result. Rewards in heaven are real and this gives us more incentive to do the right thing although the ultimate reward is going to be that Jesus will be there. Those who really love the Lord want to go there just to be with Jesus. Their goal is not to receive a reward but just to be with Him for eternity which in itself is viewed as the only really important reward.

Some sources believe that rewards will be given out at the judgment seat of Christ when Christians are judged for their deeds. A Christian's attitude should be to work for Christ out of love and devotion instead of for what will be received for self. However, if knowing that a person will receive a reward or a crown that can be given to Christ, why not work that much harder for Him? Crowns in the Bible help Christian's to realize that what they do here on earth for Christ does not go unnoticed. The soul winners crown is one that everyone should try to attain for the Lord. The Bible says that those who win souls are wise. If every Christian helps to win one soul for the Lord it could mean winning many if the person won does the same thing and so on.

When a Christian makes a determination to do the right thing no matter what he or she can be assured they will one day receive the crown of righteousness. This reward is also associated with those who will love the appearing of Christ who long for Him. Rewards in heaven will not have much meaning if Christ was not there. Those who truly love Him just want to spend time with Him. The thought that Christians will have an eternity with Him is too wonderful to put into words. He is the ultimate reward for those who love Him.

Inspiration is given to Christians that read God's word. This inspiration can be grasped when reading Paul's words about fighting the good fight in the book of II Timothy. Paul said that Christ would give Him the crown of righteousness at the appropriate time. Crowns in the Bible are associated with a righteous judgment that indicate Christ is seeing all of the sacrifices made, all of the suffering, and all of the devotion and faithfulness done for Him in this life. Every single act of kindness, of love, and forgiveness is noticed by Him to whom Christian's must give an account. Jesus is the inspiration for all good deeds and is the ultimate treasure received.

Those who love the appearing of Christ will receive the crown of righteousness. Rewards in heaven come to those who hang on His every word, who want to be with Him. Some of the other words associated with receiving crowns and rewards are being faithful to teach and preach the word of god, run a good race, looking for the better life in Christ, laboring to save souls, and enduring trials. The blessings are not reserved for heaven for God blesses His people while they are living on earth as well. The main thing to always remember is to keep one's priorities in order by putting Christ first in every single day.

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