Network Marketing Prospects

Recruiting and keeping network marketing prospects is the key to building a successful networking business that continues to grow and thrive. Convincing people to join this kind of company can be difficult. Many are suspicious of pyramid schemes and losing money. But in order to begin making money and continue building profits, new prospects must be brought aboard. For some people, meeting and selling the opportunity comes easy. For others, it's harder. Network marketing is great for those who are people-oriented, but even those who feel a little intimidated by the process can be successful by starting small. Beginning with a few close friends to build confidence is a good strategy. But there are many other ways to build a list of network marketing prospects.

Networking simple begins with meeting new people and building relationships. Listening is key, just as God listens to our prayers and intervenes. "In my distress I called upon the LORD, and cried unto my God: he heard my voice out of his temple, and my cry came before him, even into his ears." (Psalm 186) As individuals share about themselves, their needs will surface. The main reason people join a network marketing company or start a home business is to solve a problem such as a dead-end job, a need for extra income, or money to purchase a new car. Good marketers connect that need with the business opportunity. Point out how joining the network will solve a problem and benefit the individual. When dealing with networking marketing prospects, always remember to keep it relational. They will know when someone is pushing a sales pitch. Keep the focus on their needs, not the program itself. Once interested, invite the individual to a meeting in a marketer's home or out for a cup of coffee to hear more about the opportunity and check out the product or service. Marketers also often invite prospects to area meetings to conference calls when appropriate. Getting the person to accept a meeting is half the battle. Most of the time, marketers have one chance to catch a prospect's attention; then it is gone.

Choose network marketing prospects carefully. If someone doesn't seem to have the flair for building a business, they might not be an appropriate prospect. Focus on people who are receptive to the opportunity that is being promoted. Many marketers prefer what is called the attraction method, which doesn't focus on selling products by making presentation after presenting. This in-your-face selling method typically only makes single sales that may be few and far between. The attraction method is more passive and comfortable, focusing on people who are looking for an opportunity to get involved. They want to be there and are eager to get started. Marketers who use this method make the most of their time and reap greater benefits for it. Usually these network marketing prospects will pre-qualify themselves by already knowing about the product, seeking ways to earn extra money and being excited about helping others reach their earning potential. And as new marketers join, continue to build the relationship and help them succeed. Their success adds to the company's success, which benefits everyone involved.

However, a person's reach can only go so far. Marketers often seek network marketing prospects through advertising in newspapers, magazines, billboards, direct mail, radio and television. Classified ads range in cost from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Display ads are more expense. Often group of networkers will pool resources to purchase display ads. For advertising to work, it must be targeted toward the people marketers hope to attract. Different methods work for different audience groups. Work-from-home ads work well in small town newspapers where professional-end prospect respond more to classified in major city newspapers. Niche products work well in industry-specific journals, magazines and newsletters. Most of the time, prospects can pre-qualify themselves depending on the ad they respond to. Make sure not to overlook the value of personal advertising, such as passing out business cards, product flyers, coupons, posters and brochures. Marketers always have their eyes open network marketing prospects wherever they go from the office and doctor's appointments to meeting other parents at a school function or playground. The key is to market materials towards those seeking an income opportunity, not just those looking to purchase a product.

Even in advertising, sometimes gaining a solid recruit could take months. Many marketers have turned to online strategies to drive in network marketing prospects they otherwise could never reach. On the Internet, marketers can post banners on websites, run per-click advertising, send email newsletters, post blogs and forums to attract interested people not only in a local area, but worldwide. The key is to set up a system where prospects can easily find and come to the marketer. Capture pages on a website are a great tool to use as an introduction to the networking opportunity. Simply link an ad or text link to a captivating page where prospects can find more information about the product and opportunity as well as sign up for something - a newsletter, email updates, a free gift, etc. This gives the marketer permission to communicate and build relationships with people without having to find them. The key here is to offer an incentive or value to the visitor through information, live events, webinars, coupons or free gifts. Providing online articles are a great way to attract people with little or no cost. Many individuals interested in network marketing are searching for knowledge on how to do it. Articles that have an eye-catching headline, good solid content and informational boxes that pop out of the page with useful tips and information will grab attention and draw an interested candidate to the link for more information.

Finding network marketing prospects does take a little work, but will reap rewards and grow a business if efforts are planned and intentional. Think through and create a solid marketing plan. Execute it with professionalism and personality. People who are seeking opportunity will find it and be excited to join.

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