Work At Home Assembly Jobs

There are many work at home assembly jobs available on line for those who enjoy using their hands and working with craft and electronic supplies to make useful or decorative items. So many people are looking for extra income and while many opportunities for work at home positions require schooling or specialized training, in residence assembly positions just require the ability to follow instructions and use natural mechanical or artistic abilities. Items such as CD cases, jewelry, circuit boards, key chains, eyeglass cases, picture frames, fishing flies, magnets and many more items need assembling and companies will pay to have them put together in the comfort of one's own home. But as with so many online jobs, there are websites that promote scams and consumers must beware and use caution. Make sure and thoroughly investigate each and every offer for employment.

Those work at home assembly jobs that are scams are often programs that ask the customer to buy hundreds of dollars of expensive equipment. On the promise from the website company that the assembled products will be purchased by the company, the customer may spend hundreds of hours assembling the products. In many cases the instructions for assembling are intentionally vague, leaving the customers nebulous standards to be met. This leaves the company the convenience of always saying that the assembled products are not up to the standards of the company. The result of this scam is that customers are left trying to unload assembled products on another company, usually at a great financial loss.

One of the tip-offs that work at home assembly jobs are a scam are the requests for upfront money. If someone is looking for a home business opportunity, there may be some seed money required, but when a company is offering a job, how many legitimate ones ever ask someone to pay money before being hired? Of course, the answer is almost none. So run as fast as possible away from online work at home assembly jobs that ask one penny from the job seeker other than a very small fee for supplies. The world is filled with people who claim one thing but are quite something else when the truth is told. Even religious people are often not genuine as Jesus warns, "Not everyone that saith unto me, 'Lord, Lord,' shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven." (Matthew 6:21)

Now there are companies looking for people who can create quality handmade art. This might be someone with carpentry skills, a craftsman, or an artist. Often the word used for this type of person is artisan. There are online companies looking for people who have the skills of an artisan, but the quality standards for this work are quite high. Not everyone can qualify for these jobs without provable artistic skills. Looking for work at home craft jobs may be a better search for genuine jobs than using the key words work at home assembly jobs.

But perhaps a person doesn't have artistic skills, yet possesses basic mechanical skills. If a person looks long and hard enough on the Internet, there may be some work at home assembly jobs that don't require any money upfront. These legitimate jobs are hard to find, but they do exist. However there may be other sources for assembly jobs that can be accomplished at one's residence. For example, many bicycle shops and large department stores that have bike departments may be willing to farm out the assembly of bicycles. Inquiries into jobs such as those may be fruitful. Certain large craft stores may be looking for individuals to put together holiday decorations and craft displays because many of these could be assembled at home and brought to the store.

When economic times become more difficult, the potential for companies trying to cut costs by using work at home assembly jobs will increase. Companies do not have to pay healthcare, social security or other benefits if the at home workers are contractors. Large costs savings can be realized when this method of labor operations is used. As a result, these positions may become more and more plentiful. And while working out of one's residence may seem to be a more pleasant alternative to clocking in everyday at a factory, there are some things to consider.

The first are the lack of benefits which come from being a contractor. For example one must pay an additional seven and a half percent social security tax when working when self employed and this is on top of regular federal, state and local taxes. Additionally, there are no medical benefits which mean expensive health care insurance will have to be purchased from a private source. Work at home assembly jobs may seem glamorous, but there are frequent interruptions that can prevent a full work day from happening. When family members do not understand how important a person's work is and create distractions or demands on the contractor such as taking teenagers to many different activities, or when a beautiful day tempts someone to go fishing or take a walk, or an interesting television program comes on, the urge to set work aside and engage in something more interesting can be strong. But if the passion for a person's work can overcome those very strong distractions that can only come from working at home, the success can be achieved. But contrary to the get rich quick ads that permeate the Internet, a person will never get rich assembling any product belonging to another person or company.

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