Senior Citizen Charity

Giving to a senior citizen charity is among one of the growing needs of American society as more and more members who have financial and physical needs are reaching old age. With a weakening social security system and a large segment of society who is not prepared financially heading toward retirement, more and more senior citizen charities are springing up to assist those in need. There are more options for donating than ever before to help the aged and infirmed who do not have family assistance or other means of survival. Non-profit groups are also being formed to meet other challenges that particularly face the aged such as economic assistance, education, housing, and emotional support.

Non-profit status is acquired by most charitable businesses in order to accept tax exempt donations from caring individuals. Many senior citizen charities also accept many other items in lieu of cash in order to fund their particular projects. Used furniture, automobiles, books, and clothing are common offerings to a senior citizen charity that primarily assists the aged. Most also accept large monetary amounts provided through the estate planning of personal wills. Many charitable institutions are subsidized by large trusts set up to fund their activities and community benevolences.

The benefits of giving are felt among the many ill, invalid and poor through projects that provide meals on a daily basis delivered to an individual's home. Other senior citizens charities provide transportation for those who either have no vehicle or who are not able to drive. Funded by money given throughout the community and sometimes sponsored by other agencies, these senior citizen charities also provide services such as home maintenance, yard work and house cleaning. The practical aspects of living become difficult for many older people and specialized groups target the specific aspects of aged needs.

Many centers help fund programs that offer recreation and human interaction for the elderly. Providing a much needed place for older people to receive care and human concern, a senior citizen charity also offers a Christian perspective on aging that offers hope and assurance. With the baby boomer generation fast approaching degenerative years, a swelling tide of concern for the many that will need support and assistance is evident by the many senior citizen charity groups that continue to organize throughout the country. There are national and local groups that offer opportunities for any person to donate important resources to this growing challenge. "Now also when I am old and greyheaded, O God, forsake me not" (Psalms 71:18)

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