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Single women seeking men is one of the options that are available on free matchmaking and dating services that are available across the Internet. These sites offer a person hidden under ice in International Falls, Minnesota an opportunity to find the person of her dreams even though she won't be free from one hundred inches of snow until May. Never before has there been the opportunity for a woman or man to be able to window shop dozens of free dating and matchmaking websites looking for someone that might be a good prospect for not only dating but a long term relationship. Unless a man looks like an axe murderer, lives with his mother, collects rubber bands as a hobby and is a professional dumpster diver for a living, there will be someone who will want to talk with and meet him. The Internet is a place for everyone to have a forum for dating.

The many free dating and matchmaking websites that span the Internet are a place where single women seeking men can slowly and methodically browse for possible date and long term relationship matches. Many websites have dozens of pages filled with profiles of men, usually also containing pictures as well as verbal snapshots of the man's life. The pages usually run the gamut from blue collar workers to professionals, from young men to seniors, with many being forever single to those who have been divorced. Single women seeking men have the opportunity to visit open sites where men representing every life philosophy are represented, or choosing sites where men devoted to Christianity or Islam or other faiths are displayed. The stigma of meeting and beginning a relationship on the Internet has died over the past ten years, and thousands of relationships resulting in marriage have found their genesis on the World Wide Web.

People have real choices in the types of websites they use to find compatible matches. Single women seeking men can use very sophisticated and expensive dating and matchmaking services if they so choose. These exclusive services pride themselves in presenting only well-heeled, highly educated and successful men to their female clients. Using discretion and in some cases teams of psychologists and relationship experts to screen and match particular persons together, the success rate of these services may be higher than the more publically open forums. Nonetheless, both the well-heeled and the average person are now using the Internet on a regular basis to find suitable partners. You know, the Bible is often giving advice counter to everyone else. Instead of running after matchmaking services, the Christian is commanded to "Trust in the lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding; in all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths." (Proverbs 3: 5, 6)

Both single men seeking women and single women seeking men can have an anxiousness about them when looking for a partner. There very much is still in society a pervasive feeling that a person is not whole or legitimate unless she is married or has a long term relationship with a man. The unspoken accusation that a person is somehow incomplete or even a societal outcast still pervades many corners of American society, sadly often in the church arena with resounding echoes. And when those often unspoken but clearly effective labeling attitudes reach many singles' ears, the result can be angst and even panic if their solo life shows no promise of becoming a duo. Of course this isn't true of all single men seeking women and single women seeking men. Many singles have shaken off this Victorian type of attitude and have embraced their singleness not as a sentence or pronouncement of worth, but rather as an opportunity for new adventures in life.

It is extremely important that those plunging into the Internet dating scene be free of angst caused by unhealthy views of themselves. Sadly, many profiles on Internet dating and matchmaking sites either hint or broadly exclaim dysfunctional attitudes to which people are clinging. Sadness, anger, jealousy and other undealt with issues can easily come out in profiles and even in photos. These negative vibes can quickly drive an interested candidate away, never to return. Single women seeking men as well as single men looking for single women would be well advised to seek the advice of trusted friends and even a counselor before posting a profile on an Internet dating site. This is particularly important for those who have gone through a divorce. The issue of whether or not a person has healed is of extreme priority; failure to address this issue can and probably will affect future relationships.

There are just a couple of things that single women seeking men can do to help improve those visits to one's personal ad. The first is to put a first class photo with your profile. Sadly, the majority of photos on dating websites that are free are of very poor quality, unflattering and many without smiles, warmth and charm. Very few persons using Internet dating sites would say that finding dates or a long term partner is of a low priority, but the pictures used on these websites would certainly say otherwise. Wake up and smell the coffee girls and boys! And as far as many of those profiles are concerned, there is more interesting reading in the obituaries of the local paper than in many of those profiles. Tell stories, use colorful words to describe your favorite things to do; make your life sound interesting enough that someone wants to find out more!

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