How To Be A Good Christian Wife

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How to be a Good Christian Wife is to remain faithful to the Lord and allow the fruits of the spirit to work in your life. Don't just talk about Christianity but live it. Fall in love with Jesus and choose to walk in joy, forgiveness, cheerfulness, kindness and peacefulness. If a woman wants to know how to be a good Christian wife, she should not act as a nag or busybody. Complaining is a negative witness that shows unhappiness. Do not dwell on the negative aspects of life but instead show thankfulness for what you have. Keeping your eyes on Jesus instead of circumstances provides a person with a new perspective and helps to secure a good attitude. "Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife unto the husband" (1 Corinthians 7:3).

Christian women are hopeful for the future because they understand that God is in control and He has a special plan for their life. How to be a good Christian wife is to recognize that God allows things to happen so that we can grow and get closer to Him. Daily reading of God's word is very important for spiritual growth. Going to church even when the man of the house does not is also very important. Fellowship with other Christians helps us to feel connected and renewed. Pray that the Lord will help you to be content in the circumstances of life whether they are good or bad.. Live life with joy and gusto. Do not give place to the enemy. Keep resting in God's goodness and look to the Lord for fulfillment.

Every person on this planet is human. None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes and fail. Trying to make other people change will only make them more rebellious. No one likes to be told what to do or how to act. How to be a good Christian wife is to recognize that no one is perfect and the best way to help someone to change is to pray for him and set an example. Nagging and harping on a man's faults will only cause him to turn away. He may not want to come home if all he has to look forward to is nagging and dealing with someone who is never happy. So, do not push your husband away by acting terribly when his is home. Set an example and be surprised at how the actions of a Christian wife can make a difference.

Having to work outside the home, take care of the kids, and do all the cooking and cleaning can wear a person out. However, the best way to find out how to be a good Christian wife is to learn to ask for help when needed. If the children are old enough they can certainly be taught to help around the house. Many women who work today do not have a choice. They have to bring in income to help make ends meet. If a woman does have a choice then she should make some changes for the good to ease the stress and the workload on self. Work part-time instead of full-time or hire a maid to come in and clean. Hire a nanny to help with the laundry, cooking, and taking care of the kids. How to be a good Christian wife is to take care of one's home in the best way possible. Make decisions that will help accomplish this. Make a list of duties that need accomplishing and ask for help. Trying to be super woman is not the answer unless one wants to suffer from burn out. Set priorities and do what is possible.

Some believe that a woman's ministry begins in the home. If you want to find out how to be a good Christian wife then first priority is to concentrate on making one's home a place where the husband and children want to hang out. Others believe that women should treat the man of the house like he is the king of his castle. He should not be expected to help in the home but he's to work and bring home the money so the family can survive. A woman can find a lot of fulfillment in taking care of the house and family. This is a full-time job in and of itself. However, not all women want this full-time duty but instead want a fulfilling career outside of the home. Or, the man can not make enough money to support the family so the woman has to help. There are ways that a wife can earn money by working from home. These include babysitting, finding a job over the Internet, doing laundry for a neighbor, and so on.

Women are no longer just caretakers and homemakers. With women having to help support the family, roles have changed. Sharing household and care taking responsibilities has become the norm in many households. Today, if a woman wants to find out how to be a good Christian wife in the midst of changing roles she must look to God and His Word. Also, she must consider her own family's well-being and honestly see that they are better off with the role she has accepted than if she were home all of the time. If a woman does not have a choice in the role she is in then this must be accepted. However, she can still be a Christian wife by allowing the Lord to work in her life and influence her family towards God. At the end of the day, our relationship with God is the most important thing.

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