US Military Pen Pals

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US military pen pals are a wonderful way to encourage our men and woman in the armed forces. Military pen pals can be found through many organizations and websites. Our service men and women are often separated from both friends and family for months and sometimes years at a time. Having writer friends gives an individual a chance to brighten the day of those serving our country. Corresponding with US military writers can be a great way to reach out to someone who is lonely and in need of encouragement. A simple card or letter to them could raise their morale and cause them to serve better.

Writing to US military pen pals lets them know that someone back home cares about them. By establishing pen pal relationships one can make service men and women feel appreciated. US military pen pals love to get letters and packages with information and things from home. A person can show these service men and women how proud they are of the service they are providing with just a simple thank you card. It doesn't matter if a person is a great writer, just getting a letter from the states can help relieve the isolation these men and women often feel.

One can provide an important link to home for military pen pals through the correspondence provided. There are many websites that can connect someone with US military pen pals. These websites have become very popular as the war in Iraq continues and men and women are deployed for extended periods of time. The personal contact service correspondents receive is invaluable. Sometimes the service member submits their own name, but oftentimes, family members submit the names. Not all of them will write back but they do appreciate the contact a civilian can provide.

Another popular way military pen pals are now corresponding is through email and bulletin board forums. Many of the service people now have computer access through their base or military installation. This makes correspondence simple. If a person is interested in pen pals, this option might be appealing. If a person doesn't want to give out a personal e-mail address to a service man or woman, he consider using a bulletin board where he can post correspondence.

Finding Christian military pen pals is a great way to encourage another in the faith. Galatians 6:2 teaches us to "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." By writing to Christian correspondents in the armed forces anyone can mentor a young believer, encourage a mature one and help carry their burdens by praying for their welfare. It is possible to send Bible study information and audio materials to encourage growth in the Lord. It is very hard to serve in the armed forces and having the support and prayer of a Christian at home could mean a lot in the life of correspondent in the armed forces.

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