Church Interior

Church interior design is meant to be functional as well as aesthetic; however, the way people view church interior can influence how the design is defined. If a traditional style church, high ceilings with elaborate stained glass and long wooden pews is customary. The paintings within the church may date back to past centuries and compliment the design of an old, colonial style building.

Modern sanctuaries can differ greatly from those of its older counterparts. Modern churches tend to have a more updated church interior. The design may include plush style carpets that match the fabrics on the pew cushions. Hard wood floors like that of more traditional churches may be non existent because of the comfort and feel of carpeting. Stained glass windows may be replaced with the more up to date look of large windows. The need to bring the outdoors inside by showing the scenery from the large picture windows has also been integrated into some.

Some of the design may include individual chairs instead of the traditional pew. The church interior tries to exemplify comfort and can accomplish that through the colors on the wall and the items that adorn them. Warm neutral colors may make churchgoers feel welcomed. The layout of the nursery also helps to create an environment conducive to infants and toddlers.

The upholstery of the furniture can play an important role as well. Having clean and up to date furniture helps create a functional space and allows others to be comfortable. Also, the choice of window treatments used can become a focal point of a room when done correctly. Again, the overall feel of a church interior design can help to make or break a space.

The first priority is to obviously create a place of worship and love. Bringing warmth inside and out to a church's interior design will help make that a reality. When making these decisions, consult those who will be working there and spending the most time. Get the members input and put it into practice. Try and stay away from drab color and design and consider something vibrant and refreshing. Another thing to possibly consider would be to add features that will have soothing effects. Maybe consider a small water fountain to help achieve the optimum in the church interior design.

Make Christ the focus of the church's interior design. Display symbols pointing back to the cross and will help people to center their hearts on the Lord. Bring together elements, new and old, traditional and contemporary, and apply them to the new church interior. "And the man bowed down his head, and worshipped the Lord." (Genesis 24:26)

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