Free College Degree

A free college degree is available to anyone who can fulfill credit requirements by having enough life experience qualifying them as sufficiently knowledgeable in the field. Free college degrees are awarded when there is no need to take a class, and all requirements are met by being able to prove past experience through jobs, education, and other activities. Often, there is a processing charge for this program to evaluate life experiences. When investigating this subject, one might find that their experience does cover a wide range of subjects, but that some classes will still need to be undertaken in order to gather enough education to be awarded a degree. If a person is experienced in their field, and they want to research returning to school, then they might be a candidate for a free degree. "But as for the pure, his work is right." (Proverbs 21:8)

For someone who has gained valuable experience, valuable skills, and extensive training in their job fields, there are opportunities to receive certifications. There are many times in life when people gain these experiences and can utilize what has been learned toward receiving certification through a school or program. For someone who has performed a great deal of community service in the area of education or mentoring, it may be possible to receive college credit hours toward a degree in teaching. Another helpful life experience that can lead to a free college degree would be job or career training through an organization. This could help an individual receive credit hours in business courses.

Some schools that offer these programs at no cost are accredited. Online, there is much information about free college degrees and how to fulfill the credit requirements. There are also many schools that offer degrees for life experience on the Internet. The online schools offer a diverse range of free college degree credits for life experience, so there are options in choosing a discipline. When seeking to obtain this certification or diploma, students will generally be charged an application and evaluation fee from the college they are investigating.

As with any online school that offers this type of program, it is important to thoroughly research the school. A student should ask questions about accreditation and ask for references from students who have obtained free college degrees in the past. Also, if someone is seeking to advance in their job position, the individual can speak with an employer about the school they are planning to obtain life credits from and make sure that the employer will recognize the degree as a legitimate education. It is always a good idea to research a free college degree before committing to a program.

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