16th Birthday Gift Ideas

Unless you're a Texas oil baron, 16th birthday gift ideas can be a bit of a problem when deciding what to give an adolescent who usually considers himself already an adult. After all, if you are a baron, putting a Corvette in the garage for your sixteen year old is practically expected! Many American teens have really wanted for nothing in their lives but believe that birthday 16 is the "key" (no pun intended) to the city in more ways than one. But sitting beside that jaded opinion is the fact that year 16 is a big deal in America, usually because it means getting to drive legally for the first time. And who can argue with Neil Sedaka that sweet 16 is a really big deal? Consequently, many of us really need some help with 16th birthday gift ideas and the following paragraphs might be of some help in stoking the fires of possibility.

Girls are particularly aware of the Sweet Sixteen connotations of her birthday. So 16th birthday gift ideas can take some time exploring. Let's begin with a pretty cool suggestion: get concert tickets to one of her favorite bands. It won't make any difference if they won't be coming to a stage near you for eight months, that just makes it all the more special. But if you have gotten wind of the band coming within a hundred miles of your home town in the next year, find out immediately what has to be done to get those tickets and make sure to get two. Let the teen choose who she wants to take with and don't be surprised if it isn't you. But of course you can take them and wait outside the gates drinking a latte and hating yourself for not insisting on going along.

The first suggestion for the guy's sixteenth birthday is one that will pump up his self esteem like nothing else will. In fact, he will stand a little taller, put his chest out and might even start acting more mature, all because of this fabulous 16th birthday gift ideas choice. Here it is: an electric razor and some shaving accessories to go with it! The kid may not have one hair on his face yet, but this my friends is a coming of age acknowledgement. Somebody has recognized that he is almost a man! Sometimes it's hard to imagine them almost grown, but God certainly views them as responsible for their choices and their sin. "For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." (Romans 6:23)

Now one of the really neat 16th birthday gift ideas for girls would be letting her get a glamour shot at a photographer and then putting the picture on the front of a well known magazine. The cover can have her name on it along with other things about her life. If that isn't a good idea, then a day at a spa getting pampered certainly would be. Massage, facial, haircut, manicure, pedicure and maybe even lunch right there is about as special a 16th birthday gift ideas selection as there could be. What girl wouldn't want a fabulous day like that? And some parents have taken their daughter on a day trip, complete with working it out with the school to have the day off. Shopping, visiting a museum, perhaps even a trip to the motor vehicle branch for that learner's permit done together is a wonderful way to indelibly stamp on her memory forever that very special day.

A day of laser tag or paintballing just might be really great 16th birthday gift ideas for the young man who is looking for any kind of action and few sixteen year old guys don't want that! Now don't try to join them, this is a teens only activity. The only exception would be if you are invited and the chances of that are slim and none. If this is a party, others can bring him gifts, and this day's activity can be your gift. If the young man is going to soon drive, a key chain with the model of the car he will be piloting as a fob might be a nice addition to the laser tag party. Another of the great 16th birthday gifts ideas for young men might be a cell phone upgrade to a phone that enables him to get video games right on the phone.

Of course jewelry is one of the standard 16th birthday gift ideas that many people choose for girls. A nice necklace with the girl's birthstone is a favorite choice, and a tasteful bracelet is also a good idea. A digital camera is a very thoughtful present as well as a journal that is designed especially for the teen mindset. A laptop computer is probably an ultimate gift that most all teens would love to have and many of them can be found for fewer than five hundred dollars. The truth is that a sixteenth birthday really is a very big deal and the cost can be quite pricey so the best advice is to put a little aside each week or month for at least a year before the party actually happens. But in the end, a sixteen year old who is thinking like and adult and trying to act like one is still in many ways still a child inside, and if the money is not there for elaborate parties or fancy gifts, the teen really just wants to know that he or she is important in your life.

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