1st Birthday Gift Ideas

1st birthday gift ideas can drive aunts and uncles crazy, particularly when they don't have children themselves. And let's just be upfront about this from the start: since the kid is not going to have a clue what you got him or her, this gift is all about pleasing the parents. That may sound a little cynical, but somebody had to have the courage to say it. Now when the child is five, you can get him a set of drums or sneak her off to get her ears pierced to drive the parents crazy, but right now it's all about impressing the parents with your thoughtfulness. On the other hand, some just might want to go ahead and buy that one year old the squeaky duck, so here are some ideas for you also. But be forewarned: that little tyke will really like the box the duck came in a whole lot more!

Okay, you have no money but really want to let the little one's parents know you care and honor this day profusely. So here are some 1st birthday gift ideas that just might be a terrific idea. First, why not offer some "play dates" with that little one year old so that the parents can get out of the house and to a movie or some other personal enjoyment? The homemade card can entitle the parents to X amount of play dates over the next year and can be cashed in with at least a week's notice. Of course, the actual wording of the card is up to the gift giver, but get a little creative when writing it. Perhaps the parents are big Green people, so perhaps donating a few volunteer days in the name of the one year old to a local ecology project might be really cool. These are just a couple of first birthday gift ideas to get your mind racing in a number of directions, but make sure the work is done in honor of the toddler's first birthday and make sure it is something that is close to the parents' hearts.

If you do have some money, consider about the sponsorship for a year of a child overseas through an agency. Again, the effort is being done to honor the first year of this toddler, so make it a big deal that in the name of the child with a birthday, another child is going to be blessed. Now that is a very big deal, and could one day inspire that birthday child to want to do that very same thing himself. You can be sure that when he is about six or seven, he will ask his parents if they can do that sponsorship again, maybe as one of 1st birthday gift ideas for a brother or sister. It is important early on life to teach our children that life is not about living just for ourselves but for other around us. "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." (Matthew 22:39)

But there are those that really want to give the toddler a gift, and while just an empty box is a pretty good of the 1st birthday gift ideas, here are some things to put in it. In the under twenty dollar category find a toy cell phone that makes noise and will enable the child to mimic mom and dad on the phone. Yeah, that's a great idea: get the kid a cell phone by the time he or she is five years old. Make sure the thing is battery free however, because things with batteries are not good 1st birthday gift ideas. Maybe some beads that the child can learn to string together might be a nice gift, but a person has got to make sure that they are big enough that the child cannot put them in his mouth. And of course, blocks are great 1st birthday gift ideas and can begin to teach the child fine motor skills, especially when learning how to stack them. All of these 1st birthday gift ideas are under ten bucks in cost.

Probably one of the more expensive but no doubt appreciated and coveted 1st birthday gift ideas is a hand crafted quilt. When the quilt can be personalized with the name of the little one and perhaps his birth date and year would be a cherished gift for decades to come. There are also things such as personalized growth charts that can be placed on a door or wall. These charts are a gathering place for mom and child to spend time monitoring growth for years to come. Of course, it will be a source of pride for the child and memories for the parents long after the little one is playing football or cheerleading.

First birthdays are exciting times for family and friends of the young child. They are times to rejoice in the gift of life and in the possibilities that this young boy or girl has in front of them. The reality is that in the first few years of life, birthdays aren't for the child but for the adults. For the child, smearing his hands in the birthday cake may be the most enjoyable part of the whole day. Certainly gifts are okay, but the love and protection of loving parents and the atmosphere of a home not marred by severe dysfunction are far more important than any gift the little person can receive.

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