75th Birthday Gift Ideas

75th birthday gift ideas can be pretty lame sometimes, often bordering on the downright pedantic. Picture albums, bath lotions, socks, ties and mugs are often the fare of the day, with the thinking that most people who are seventy five probably have everything they need and really don't desire anything special, but seventy five year olds are still twenty five in their minds, it's only the old Arthur Itis that makes them move more slowly. Many people this age still have dreams and aspirations and aren't looking to die anytime soon. Many of these folks still maintain a sense of humor, a sense of style and a love for life. They deserve something besides a mug or bath lotions and it is our responsibility to do our due diligence to provide those gifts that will bring some eye opening enjoyment.

Of course, the first thing to consider who the person is that one is buying for, and that includes the life these folks have led. Was the woman a public school, and if so, perhaps there are a few students from forty years ago that can record a video or CD of remembrances of her tutelage. If the man was a basketball coach or a businessman, there may be some special people that made a difference or folks that really appreciated the life of that birthday guy. This kind of gift is not found or created easily, but might make an unforgettable impact on the person whose birthday is soon approaching. But there are more 75th birthday gift ideas. When those who are younger look at older folks, they believe that they themselves will never get that old, but time certainly moves by quickly and suddenly these once young persons are old as well. "The days of our years are threescore and ten; and if by reasons of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off and we fly away...so teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom." (Psalm 90: 10, 12)

Consider as one of the great 75th birthday gift ideas a framed front page newspaper from the day and year of the person's birthday. There are a number of websites online where old newspapers can be found. A little bit of ingenuity and perseverance may prove to be quite fruitful in finding the front page of a newspaper on the birthday of the special person's life. If that 3/4 century person is a veteran, an American flag can be quite nice as a present, or perhaps Tom Brokaw's book, "The Greatest Generation" would also be a good option. Many people who are the age if seventy five are still driving, yet many of them can't always remember where their car keys were placed. If that is the case with your special birthday someone, consider giving a wireless key finder. This really cool 75th birthday gift ideas option will find any set of keys anywhere in the house with a loud alarm when the set of keys has a special fob that answers this transmitters signal.

Because a person who is seventy five was touched greatly by the Second World War, there may be a 75th birthday gift ideas option that may be perfect for him or her. Ken Burns' "The War" DVD series can help that person understand all the events that shaped they and their families' lives. This DVD tells the stories of various families from four American towns and how the people in those towns were touched by the events of the 1940's. And for the person who is having problems with their vision, audio books are wonderful gifts. If your special day person is a gal who lives alone or with her husband who isn't much help around the house, a robotic vacuum may be a very much appreciated 75th birthday gift ideas option. These easy to use machines will quickly learn the configuration of a house and vacuum the place by the end of the day. She can leave for a day out with the girls from the bridge club and come back to a clean house.

If your special birthday man own his own house, then take a quick look at his gutters and see what kind of shape they are in; if there are plenty of leaves, this man probably has to either climb a ladder and clean them himself or hire somebody to do it. Now there is a gutter robot to clean them for him and happen to be very reasonable in cost. What better 75th birthday gift ideas choice for the guy who really doesn't need to be on his roof anytime soon? Many women who have reached this milestone in their age aren't able to get out and garden like they did, but an indoor garden kit can allow her to grow her favorite herbs and even some vegetables are possible with the special lamp and the pre-seeded grow pods that are included with this very unique package. Some folks this age have found a whole new world on the Internet, but are having trouble really seeing their keyboard well, so if this is the case, what better 75th birthday gift ideas option than the computer keyboard with extra large numbers and letters with easier to see yellow and black color combination? And if this color combination isn't good, there are other colors available for those with vision impairments that are color associated.

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