Bulk Silk Flowers

Retailers buy bulk silk flowers for resale at considerable savings from wholesale manufacturers and importers. Discount stores, interior decorators, wedding consultants, furniture stores, and boutique owners shop commercial suppliers for special savings on wholesale artificial flowers in large quantities; and the profits can be huge. Walk into any major well stocked craft store and the selection of synthetic florals is enormous. Arrangements in every color of the rainbow line the aisles and shelves in gorgeous displays that rival nature. Seasonal displays of lifelike Christmas poinsettias, Easter lilies, velvety Valentines Day roses, and spectacular spring begonias entice consumers to fill shopping carts with armfuls of dazzling designs. Retailers can afford to sell synthetic silks to consumers at a reasonable price because of low bulk rates paid at wholesale markets.

Buying bulk silk flowers is big business. The average retailer, homeowner or craftsperson favors synthetic over fresh arrangements because of their lasting durability, low maintenance and versatility. For individuals who were not blessed with green thumbs, synthetic plants are the best option. And silks don't require the use of toxic pesticides which poison the environment and are harmful to humans and pets. Expensive fresh flowers last only two to three days and cost twice as much as silk arrangements. And while everyone loves a lush garden full of roses, dahlias, and daffodils, their lifespan is limited to the season. Live plantings, no matter how beautiful, will soon fade, but the Word of God is everlasting. "The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: because the spirit of the Lord bloweth upon it: surely the people is grass. The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever" (Isaiah 40:7-8).

Wholesale artificial flowers can be an interior designer's best friend. Not only do they enhance any decor and any period furnishings, but synthetics also add ambience and style to an interior without the mess and fuss of live plants. Towering trees, swags, garlands and wreaths soften a room and add color without the worry of watering, weeding, or spraying for insects. And the affordability of manmade plants helps keep the cost of decorating rooms within budget. Designers rely on the permanence, low cost, and flexibility of silk arrangements to create inviting environments at office complexes, restaurants, shopping malls, and private homes for employees, customers, and special occasions.

For decades wholesale artificial flowers have been a staple for funeral homes, office complexes, model homes, churches, and anywhere live plants have difficulty thriving because of a lack of natural light and water. Florists who supply mortuaries craft durable silk floral arrangements for gravesites or as casket blankets. Model home manufacturers typically use artificial greenery to enhance interiors and make them more inviting to prospective buyers. Churches frequently use silk bouquets in lieu of natural plantings because of low lighting and to defray the cost of buying fresh arrangements each week.

Consumers can pay from $2 and $3 per stem to an average of $30 for tabletop arrangements. Pricier custom designs in elaborate vases can top $200 or more. Some silk flower shops employ in-store floral designers who will craft one-of-a-kind designs for weddings, home interiors, offices, or independent merchants. Interior decorators love the versatility of artificial greenery and florals. Single stems, swags, garlands and vines in every texture and hue can be used to create stunning displays in model homes or for discriminating clients. Large arrangements, trees, and centerpieces add a distinctive interest to contemporary interiors and can be coordinated with paint chips, carpet samples, and fabrics. Designers can match wholesale artificial flowers to any color, or have paint mixed to blend perfectly with a large selection of natural looking flowers, ferns, and topiaries.

Brides on a budget can save by selecting low-cost bulk silk flowers, stems and petals from local shops or wedding planners. From cascading bridal bouquets to exquisite arrangements for tabletops and altars, today's bride doesn't have to spend a small fortune on live flowers that only last a day. After the nuptials, brides can give silk bouquets to guests or members of the bridal parties as mementos of the occasion. Mothers and mother-in-laws will treasure beautifully crafted arrangements as keepsakes of their children's most special day. With proper care, silks can be saved and re-used for another wedding or special event. After the wedding, simply wrap each bouquet or stem in tissue paper and store in a cardboard box away from heat and moisture. Years later, the arrangements can be revived and reused, just as good as new!

While consumers can save big on bulk silk flowers, the biggest savers are retailers, shop owners, and merchants who buy wholesale. Most manufacturers will not sell to the general public and require a buyer's business license, federal tax identification number, tax-exempt certificate, or reseller license before transacting business. Many wholesalers and importers limit purchases to bulk orders only, while some will sell any amount as long as complete orders can be conveniently boxed. Wholesale shops may require minimum orders, usually $100, plus an additional fee for shipping and handling. Resellers can find wholesale silk flower suppliers online or through local telephone directories. Small and large established businesses can set up accounts online, view and select products, and pre-pay for orders using major credit cards.

Whether owners operate a weekend flea market enterprise or a 24/7 retail shop, wholesale artificial flowers are great resale items with almost universal appeal. Purchased at discounts with an average markup of 200%, investing in artificial greenery and florals for resale can be a profitable venture. The popularity and profitability of artificial flowers make them a wise investment choice for new entrepreneurs who have little start up capital. Small and large resellers can develop a client base of interior decorators, bridal consultants and shops, or specialty stores which cater to customers who love lifelike, yet affordable silk flowers.

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