Discount Flower Bulbs

Discount flower bulbs are ideal for those who wish to fill future gardens with blooms such as irises, tulips, daffodils, dahlias and more. Most garden shops sell the plants however there are also hundreds of internet based shops where many different varieties can be found on sale and at low prices. Many websites boast high quality bulbs and vast selections at reasonable cost. The flowers can be acquired through many different ways. Hundreds of varieties can be purchased at garden shops, through mail order catalogs or via websites and Internet based shops. A common practice for many bulb enthusiasts is to buy in bulk, which makes sense as many have gardens to fill, landscaping projects to maintain and so on. Everyone can benefit from the ease of growing the flowers, outdoors, indoors, and year round.

The plants are quite versatile as they can easily be grown indoors as lovely houseplants or outdoors as a fine addition to any garden. People can order flower bulbs in every variety imaginable which allows the avid gardener to create luscious beds bursting with gorgeous, vibrant colors. Tulips are among some of the most common flowers to be grown from bulbs and the blooms come in a vast array of varying shades. There are many different types of tulips such as Parrot tulips which boast of petals that are feathered at the edges, an affect which serves to make them not only unique, by excellent centerpieces for any garden. Lovely hyacinths, foxtail lilies, and cheerful daffodils all are grown via bulbs. Different types of blooms are seasonal, which should be kept in mind by those who desire to purchase enough for an upcoming planting season. Discount flower bulbs are usually easy to come by as lower prices are offered on blooms that are approaching the end of their optimum growth season.

Many varieties are seasonal, however, that should not discourage the avid grower or those who wish to cultivate the blooms year round. Almost all varieties can be grown at any time throughout the year with a little know how and extra care. Those who need or require large amounts are in luck. Many garden centers offer discount flower bulbs for bulk orders. Commonly, growers who desire to purchase bulbs need many varieties to fulfill whatever need they might have, such as filling out an especially large flowerbed or as accent plants around a home. The flowers can also make ideal gifts such as for a hostess or as a housewarming gift. Due to the fact that the plants are very easy to grow, anyone can have a gorgeous bloom over time and without much effort.

The unique aspect about bulbs is that the flowers can be planted, in fact require planting, many months before they grow, bloom, and become pretty, so gardeners should order flower bulbs in a timely fashion. Many may wonder how such small bulbs which are similar to onions in appearance, can end up becoming an object of such beauty. Growers are attracted to that aspect of the plant, and also to the ease of growing them. The term 'forcing bulbs' refers to the methods for indoor growth, as with the proper care and maintenance, the flowers can be grown at any time of the year. The term forcing, essentially means tricking the plant into sensing that the time of growth has come. Indoor plants go a long way in cheering up an otherwise dreary winter day, in fact a spot or two of color might be just what is needed to help chase away the winter doldrums, and offer encouragement that spring is on the way.

Future blooms must be planted a few months before the intended time of growth. The plants require a period of dormancy, in which they are in the ground and simply watered. For example, those who desire to order flower bulbs which will grow in spring, must keep in mind that the plants have to be in the ground no later than October. An October planting will ensure growth in either late winter or early spring. The 'seeds' are very sensitive to temperature, and do best if chilled before planting, which can easily be done by keeping them in a refrigerator until the time comes to be introduced to soil. In fact, the 'seeds' should not be exposed to temperatures above sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit. When placed in the ground, full submerging into the soil is not necessary, the bulbs should be right below the surface level, and once planted, the soil should never have a chance to dry out, constant watering is necessary. Once in the soil, watering is all that is required to ensure a beautiful bloom in a few months' time.

A vast array of the flowers can be grown year round by forcing indoors or in a greenhouse. There are however, some varieties that are better suited to be grown in pots as well as outdoors. People who desire to order flower bulbs should be sure to do preliminary research into what sorts of blooms they desire, coupled with the time required for the plants to bloom. There are many books on the subject and also a myriad of websites available via the Internet, ideal for gleaning information and advice on the care of and growing of the plants. Discount flower bulbs are a good investment for those with gardens to fill, and can go a long way in providing explosions of color, "as a flower of the field... flourisheth"(Psalm 103:15), at relatively low cost.

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