Arcade Franchise

Arcade franchises are something that were enjoyed many years ago, but have the potential of being enjoyed now as well. Since the early 1900's, they have been prevalent across the globe. An arcade franchise of years ago would have included penny arcades, featuring mechanical guns with moving targets, fortune telling machines, and more. Later came pinball machines and eventually, in the mid 1970's, came video games. From one of the first video arcade games, which entailed the challenge of batting a dash of light back and forth, using two slightly larger dashes of light as paddles, arcade games have changed drastically.

It was very profitable once the video games metamorphosed into a more appealing activity. The classic games have been updated and made bigger and better with modern technology, and players can interact with them in the comfort of their own home. An arcade franchise is a term that the generation of today doesn't seem to understand completely. By the very definition, an arcade is a building containing rows of coin-operated games which people gather in to play, and does not necessarily have anything to do with the game, on it's own. This is simply a way for people of similar interest to gather and enjoy the same activity.

Anyone over the age of 30 probably remembers the arcades that used to exist in just about every city. Teenagers and pre-teens gathered in the buildings, dings, blips, and voices floating through the air, and the jingle of quarters and tokens in their pockets promising a day of fun. Although, with the advent of home video games and computer games, the arcade franchise of old appears to have all but disappeared, it seems that there is a comeback in our near future.

With flashier, more complicated, and more interactive video games in store, the arcade franchise promises to be just as big as it once was. Arcade franchises are now taking the popular home video and computer games that are so popular with today's generation, and turning them into operating systems. Contemporaries of today sit at home, alone, or with only one or two friends, and play their games. How much better it would be to be able to enter a gaming area where one can interact with others, while still enjoying the games they love. Everyone needs the interaction of other people. The Bible tells us to "love thy neighbor as thyself", (James 2:8) so if video games are of personal interest then it is important to support arcade franchises.

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