Pocket Calendar Fundraisers

For many organizations, pocket calendar fundraisers can be a practical and profitable way to help meet the financial needs of a not for profit group. When a new year is right around the corner, the need for fresh calendars can be a built in selling point. It is also possible to have the product personalized with the name and logo of the organization that is conducting the fundraising efforts. This can be particularly effective for school groups since reminders for school related activities can be printed on the calendar's pages. It may also be possible to have photos of students and events included on the product. Missions related projects that are sponsored by church groups may also benefit from pocket calendar fundraisers. These calendars are usually quite small, roughly four by seven inches. Their size makes them very handy since they can be carried in notebooks and organizers or, as the name implies, in the user's pocket. Of course, the timing of this sales event is crucial. If the product can be printed to match an upcoming school year they may sell well in the summer months leading up to the start of school. Traditional January through December calendars can make for effective fundraising over the holidays. Attaining sponsors and selling advertising space that will be printed on the calendar itself can be another way to add to revenues.

Another benefit of pocket calendar fundraisers is that they present a unique product that is less likely to be a duplicate effort that is offered by other organizations. While other groups are selling fruit or candy bars or other food items, personalized calendars offer a unique alternative. The first step that will need to be undertaken in staging an event of this nature is to delegate responsibilities to various volunteers. After this, the group will need to work together to design what the product will eventually look like. This will include selling ads, deciding what information will be included, gathering the photos and graphics that may be used and choosing a color scheme. Most suppliers of these calendars will allow groups to take advance orders beforehand and will also supply proofs to the organization prior to when the product goes to print. The profits that can be realized through pocket calendar fundraisers can frequently be higher than those that are available through other types of fundraising opportunities. If this sales promotion becomes a yearly event, there is a built in advantage to products of this type since calendars will expire after the year is over. Customers who become accustomed to purchasing this product every year will be more than happy to provide continual support.

It is possible to purchase calendars that also include built in memo pads and a durable vinyl cover. In most cases, there will be a minimum order for pocket calendar fundraisers. The product may be sold by the box with a minimum purchase of fifty or so units. For smaller groups who do not think that they will be able to sell a decent number of units, pocket calendars may not be the best choice. If the fundraiser involves children, parents and family members may prefer this type of event since the product will serve a practical purpose. School fundraising events can often involve the purchase of merchandise that is expensive and of little practical value. On the other hand, pocket calendar fundraisers offer a product that will have real value to the parents, grandparents, and other family members who are most likely to be placing orders. Calendars can also sell well when parents take order sheets to the workplace since these products represent a very real need. The Bible encourages believers to persevere in difficult times knowing that God has a wonderful reward in store. "Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him." (James 1:12)

Schools and non profit organizations may find themselves competing against each other for fundraising dollars. This can make pocket calendar fundraisers just that much more effective. When a unique and personalized product is being offered, supporters may be more likely to choose this option over more typical products or expensive and frivolous items. With all of this competition, the volunteers who head up fundraising campaigns will need to observe a few tips for success. For example, a leader should never underestimate the size of the job. Handling all of the responsibilities that are entailed in mounting a profitable fundraiser can be overwhelming. Utilizing the skills of other volunteers is crucial if the event is to be a success. No one should attempt to shoulder the burden alone. Whatever product is being offered, a little advance research into what makes one product more appealing than another can also be very useful.

Volunteers who work together on pocket calendar fundraisers can do so for a number of reasons. Supporting a worthy cause is the typical common denominator. But these events can also offer a number of social aspects to participants. Getting to know other parents or community members can be very valuable. Additionally, coming together to help a non profit group succeed can be extremely fulfilling. Add to this the sale of a product that is both practical and popular with supporters and the experience of raising revenue for a worthy cause can be a very positive one.

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