Thanksgiving Poems For Kids

Thanksgiving poems for children are a great way to express what the holiday is all about. Writing, studying and reading poetry can open the opportunity to learn about the original celebration in the Bible and this nation's Thanksgiving traditions. Children are especially interested in holidays, and tapping into this interest can be a great way to spark a child's interest into poetry and different forms of writing. Teachers, parents, and anyone working with children will find appropriate poetry and ideas for using it at bookstores, libraries, or online throughout the Internet where innovative authors have posted warm thoughtful Thanksgiving poems for children and adults to enjoy.

Having children write original poetry can be an exercise in reflecting on thankfulness. Being thankful can turn a heart of stone into a heart of gratitude when taking the time to specifically sit and write out precious memories or praises to God. Teaching children to write poetry will also teach children the discipline of spending time in thanks to the Lord for his provisions, love, and sovereignty. Perhaps the best way to teach a child to write a holiday poem is by sharing examples of other Thanksgiving poems for kids which model what the end result may look like.

The local public library is an excellent resource for holiday collections of poetry. There are many Thanksgiving poems for kids and adults throughout the Internet. Authors that have penned beautiful Thanksgiving poems for children and these poems can be used as examples and inspiration when teaching a child to write poetically. The Internet can be a great resource for teachers, day care workers, or anyone wanting to share the rich history and craft inherent in poetry.

The Bible is also a wonderful source for inspiration when writing poems. Taking a child through the Psalms can teach a child the importance of praising the Lord and expressing our gratitude to Him. "The king shall joy in thy strength, O lord: and in thy salvation how greatly shall he rejoice! Thou hast given him his heart's desire and has not withholden the request of his lips. Selah." (Psalm 21:1-2). Teaching children to write Thanksgiving poems for kids based on the expressions of gratitude written throughout the Psalms will teach children the beauty of reading and following the love expressed in this very special Book of the Bible.

Thanksgiving is a theme that is taught throughout the Bible, and it certainly applies to our lives today. Taking the time to celebrate all God has done and is doing in our lives is ordained in scripture and the results of praise and gratitude are blessings to mankind. God's Word promises peace of heart when we have lips of praise and thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving, teach a child to write and teach a child the mystery of peace of mind and soul.

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