High Speed Internet Service Providers

High speed Internet service providers offer unlimited Web access through dial up, DSL, cable broadband, and satellite. Dial up providers offer standard and premium plans and are usually inexpensive. High speed Internet service through DSL will depend upon the quality of traditional phone lines and in some areas the phone lines are not DSL ready. Cable broadband usually offers the fastest browsing but the costs are more than dial up. Satellite service is available to individuals who live in rural areas and have limited choices. Choosing the best provider and service will greatly depend upon individual circumstances and what one uses their computer for. For online gaming and quicker downloads it would be wise to consider DSL or cable broadband since dial up may not provide the speed needed for this type of use.

Dial up high speed Internet service providers offer accelerator software that increases surfing speeds. Benefits and features usually include antivirus and firewall protection downloads along with free blocking tools. Safety tools usually include virus blocker, spyware blocker, spam blocker, pop-up blocker, scam blocker, and parental controls. Some accounts include several email addresses with at least 10MB of web space for each one. To sign up many service providers have free introductory offers and additional discounts for prepayments.

Home networking links all computers and peripherals together while being connected through high speed Internet service. With a home network it is possible to swap files, share printers, and browse the Web all at the same time. System requirements for home networking include an adequate processor, sufficient memory, available hard disk space, CD-Rom drive and an existing Ethernet connection. Wireless home networking is transmitted between computers through low frequency radio waves. High speed Internet service providers can provide additional information on home networking through high speed connections. Consider using parental controls for children who are often left unattended while surfing the net. Pray about providers and choose wisely by considering the entire family and everyone using the home network. Use anti-spyware to provide added protection from foreign invaders while browsing the Web. "Nevertheless we made our prayer unto our God, and set a watch against them day and night, because of them" (Nehemiah 4:9).

It is possible to use high speed Internet service for making phone calls and it is usually cheaper than a traditional landline phone. Some plans include unlimited calling with local and long distance and premium calling features. A router is needed to split the connection between a computer and the phone line. A converter changes the analog signal to digital and provides a high quality connection. There is usually significant savings over traditional phone plans for anyone who makes long distance calls on a regular basis. Premium calling features usually include voicemail, call waiting and forwarding, and caller ID. Online account management is an additional benefit with Internet phone service allowing one to access calling records, addresses, and voicemail.

Online gaming is becoming popular through high speed service providers. It's possible to acquire connections for online gaming that includes a dedicated server and multi-user games. Some companies have a free 30 day trial period with online forums and player rankings included. Subscribing includes game downloads and technical support with anti-cheat software. Interacting games provide a pipeline and connection to play the most popular online games. Gaming online will probably require a fast connection in order for the participant to be able to compete with other players.

The customer seeking DSL high speed Internet service must have a traditional landline phone. Before subscribing to DSL it is wise to make sure that the phone lines in the area of location are capable of carrying the signal. One advantage to DSL over cable broadband is that a DSL line is a dedicated connection whereas cable is a shared connection. DSL connections through high speed Internet service providers may be faster than dial up but are usually not as fast as cable broadband. Modem kits are usually provided for installation including a modem, cables, phone filters, and an installation CD containing a user guide.

Cable broadband will usually provide high speed Internet service with constant access. There are occasional promotions through high speed Internet service providers that offer competitive rates and added features. Usually promotional introductory rates are guaranteed for at least 6 months. Cable broadband makes it easy to download music and video files. Some providers advertise up to 70 times faster on downloads compared to dial up. There are some sites online that offer individuals the ability to test connection and download speeds. Paying for a premium plan but not getting the performance could be frustrating. Check routers, modems, and cable connections for possible problems and consider upgrading hardware to acquire faster browsing by installing a faster processor, more memory, or larger hard drive. Some providers will provide ongoing technical support to assist with connection or browsing problems.

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