Italian Gold Jewelry

Fine Italian and Indian gold jewelry are some of the most popular purchases by consumers who value high end, quality pieces that are imported from around the world. Italy, noted for both its handmade and mass manufactured designs generally continues to hold the lead in customer appeal for a variety of styles and products. Many Italian gold jewelry designs reflect hundreds of years of influence while still appealing to those who value trendy style, romance and quality. The country remains as largest producer of gold jewelry in the world and its exquisite designs date back to the fifth century. Over 400 tons of the precious metal a year is processed and shaped into beautiful bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, medallions, broaches and other items that are worn with pride by both men and women in every corner of the globe.

The home of the country's first goldsmith organization is documented in Vicenza and dates back to the early 1300's. From that time until the present, artisans have passed the trade down to subsequent generations who have continued to produce Italian gold jewelry that retains the allure of the early centuries. In the city of Vicenza, almost 50% of all the country's precious metal jewelry is made by both manufactured as well as handcrafting methods. In fact, the city is also known to produce the best machinery for producing precious metal chains used in some of the finest pieces world wide. Combining machinery and handcrafted techniques, a goldsmith may produce only approximately 12 inches a day of chain to be later fashioned into necklaces or other finished pieces.

This technique takes years to learn and goldsmiths who achieve success in the art of chain production in Vicenza produce products that are adored by many jewelry connoisseurs. While some Italian gold jewelry that is produced in areas such as Vicenza are a bit pricey to purchase, they are well worth the investment for the beauty of the final product as well as the inherent value that continues to accrue. Specialty shops and department stores worldwide are vendors of handmade, custom pieces from this area of Italy making it possible for everyone to own a bracelet or necklace produced by some of the finest craftsman available today. The interest in Indian gold jewelry is also reaching competitive levels with the traditionally popular Italian lines. As more and more consumers, especially in the US, become familiar with the history and styles of Indian designs, the demand for decorative items that are unique to the culture are flourishing in America.

Pieces such as payals or anklets, bangles, hoop earrings and unusual items are characteristic of the culture that has begun to impact the US market. For instance, toe rings have become quite popular in America which are famous in India for designating married women from the unmarried. The marital status significance of the ornament is not important, of course in other countries, but the trend in far reaching and can be found worn by many age groups throughout the states. Indian gold jewelry can also be purchased that is inlaid with beautiful gemstones, diamonds and pearls. In fact, India is the largest producer of precious and semi precious gemstones in the world. Many traditional decorative pieces are designed to be worn by women on various parts of the body such as the nose and forehead as well as typical areas of the body. Pieces used for body piercing designs have flooded the US market from Indian influenced manufacturers that even reflect some of the impact of spiritualism from the region.

Common items that are worn for religious significance are necklaces or chokers displayed around the necks of women. These ornamental pieces were designed hundreds of years ago as a gift to the gods. "I am the Lord thy God...Thou shalt have no other gods before me." (Exodus 20:2a-3) Some are made from silver and covered with a fine coating of precious metal to produce exquisite pieces of Indian gold jewelry that is then imported to various countries. Items from India have taken the global market by storm as a rising interest in the traditional spiritualism from the region has entered the consciousness of many foreign countries such as Great Britain, South Africa and America.

Even though silver and other lesser expensive materials are used to produce appealing accessories today, yellow and white gold pieces still strongly hold consumer interest because they are the trend setters in style, tradition, beauty and practicality. For centuries, this metal has been the standard of quality for those want to invest in something that retains its value almost exclusively. Also, items such as fine Italian gold jewelry set the tone for today's best trends offered by some of the world's most experienced designers from Italy. The metal is also the most practical of all materials to produce beautiful Indian gold jewelry that can be worn indefinitely without deteriorating from constant wear. Both elegant Indian and Italian gold jewelry can be purchased online through many importers of customized, handcrafted accessories at reasonable prices.

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