Early Signs Of Menopause

Women will need to recognize the early signs of menopause so that they can begin the process of evaluating their physical condition. When the body begins to decrease it's production of important hormones, there can be serious consequences to several vital parts of the body. The sooner a medical professional is consulted with, the sooner intervention can begin. Though menopause is a natural process that every woman's body will go through, consulting with a doctor during this time, or when the change of life is suspect, will be beneficial to patients for several reasons. First, a doctor can rule out any other serious ailments or diseases that may be causing the symptoms. Secondly, doctors can prescribe medicines to help alleviate adverse symptoms, and third, doctors can determine when to introduce hormone replacement therapies or other remedies to the loss of hormones. It will be wise to gather as much information about menopause as possible, so those experiencing it or early onset menopause can begin to take pro-active action.

Menopause, or the change of life, can have devastating results on a woman's emotional and physical being. This is especially true with women who have early onset menopause. The change of life is considered to be the last third portion of female's life. This can have great emotional impact on a woman as she comes to terms with the fact that the child bearing years are over. And, physically, the body begins to change and deteriorate, making life adjustments difficult. Once the body stops producing estrogen, one of the hormones that allows for pregnancy, many other parts of the body and it's systems begin to break down. Loss of estrogen can be attributed to other serious ailments, such as bone loss, heart disease, moodiness, sexual dysfunctions, hair loss, and nervous system problems. Diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, heart failure, and osteoporosis are all the results of loss of estrogen and progesterone. Every woman will experience some degree of bodily change as she ages, and while these changes present unique challenges for every individual, with proper attention and care, these changes do not have to be life altering.

There are various indicators that can point to the beginnings of the bodily transition of life. The early signs of menopause are most commonly a change in a menstrual cycle. These changes can range from skipping periods to more frequent periods accompanied by heavy bleeding. Also, hot flashes, which are the result of a rapid decrease in estrogen, throughout the day and night and night sweats are typical of early signs of menopause. Moodiness, irritability, leg cramps, and low libido are often associated with the change of life. These signs may not always be identified as menopause, especially when these signs are exhibited in women under the age of forty. However, there is an early onset menopause condition that is also referred to as premature menopause.

Often, early onset menopause will affect a woman who's mother also experienced a premature estrogen loss. Many issues with the female body are inherited, and when looking for a diagnosis, it will be important for a woman to inform medical personnel of her mother's medical history. Research is also showing that women who have extreme stresses in life can begin to experience the loss of this vital hormone. Stress factors that can contribute to premature changes in a woman's body include loss of a loved one or extreme financial and life difficulties. Females who live in poverty conditions, experience malnutrition, or live with family violence are more likely to experience the change of life before the age of 50.

Doctors are urging women to get a physical evaluation at the first or early signs of menopause, to confirm that the change of life is actually causing the problem or if other medical conditions exist. Doctors also can prescribe medicines and offer guidance in alleviating the difficult symptoms that accompany the loss of hormones. With the possibility of contracting a major illness or with the prospect of losing major bone density, women will want to be pro-active in protecting their health and following the guidance of a professional. Those in the medical field may also advise that their patients investigate natural remedies to improve the menopausal symptoms.

The Bible may also be a source of comfort during challenging life circumstances. This is also true when experiencing the early signs of menopause. The Psalms are full of encouragement for the weary soul and offer hope and strength. "The righteous cry, and the Lord heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles. The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit." (Psalm 34:17-18) Though it is difficult to sometimes understand human suffering and difficult circumstances, God does want his creation to understand his desire to comfort them. Turn to the Lord in prayer when the symptoms of going through the change of life prove to be hard to handle.

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