Natural Testosterone Supplements

Natural testosterone supplements are often used by men who feel the onset of particular symptoms that are most often associated with older age. The symptoms maybe tiredness, erectile dysfunction, losing muscle mass, less libido and just an overall feeling of not being as virile as once was experienced. Additionally, depression, lower sperm count, weaker orgasms, trouble concentrating, and thinning skin may also be signs of low testosterone (low-T) levels. But while testosterone is basically on the male arena, women do have it in small doses also. So there may be cases, such as postmenopausal symptoms, anemia, and lack of libido following chemotherapy where women will receive natural testosterone supplements also.

Male hypogonadism or low-T level is discovered through a simple blood test and may be needed for person in the following medical situations. They include: type I or II diabetes mellitus, male chronic pain patients, chronic stress conditions, stressful occupations, late-onset of depression, a severe illness or accident when younger and men over fifty years of age. While many of these patients might receive testosterone through injection or patches or cream, there are side effects with testosterone injections or gel. These include blurred vision, headache, slurred speech, temporary blindness ad weakness in arm or leg on one side of the body. So there may be more interest for many men in the natural testosterone supplements' path of raising T levels.

If a person wants to go natural in gaining back some testosterone levels, there are some things that can be done first within the dietary domain. Eggs and lean cuts of chicken as well as leaner cuts of red meat are a good source to help with low-T levels. Cabbage and Brussel sprouts are excellent foods that provide plenty of IC-3 or indole-3-carbinol. Dates, strawberries and cinnamon are some of the best sources of testosterone-increasing power, with dates leading the pack. None of us can ever be good enough to please God on our own but He does give us the power to become Christ-like in our lives through the Holy Spirit. "For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth." (Ephesians 5:9) Consider a number of these natural testosterone supplements that don't have the side effects of hormone replacement therapy:

One of the most widely used herbal natural testosterone supplements for raising T levels is Tribulus Terrestis. As an herb it's known as the puncture vine. The herb has been used for a long time in countries around the world for various medical purposes. Because tribulus terrestis is an herb, it has almost no side effects and has been shown in some medical studies in Eastern Europe to have improved reproductive functions such as increased sperm production and T levels. But it should be stated that not enough studies have been conducted to really form an opinion about its ultimate safety or side effects. The herb gained notoriety in the 1990's after athletes from that part of the world talked about its performance enhancing abilities. Various health food stores sell the herb under different product names.

Another of the natural testosterone supplements is called ZMA which is an abbreviation for zinc monomethionine aspirate. The supplement is a combination of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6. At least one serious study found that ZMA did not raise the performance levels of weight training athletes. But this is not to say that the supplement will not be of benefit in regular day to day activities of men suffering from some of the effects of lower T levels. If someone wants to firm up sagging muscles that come with age, ZMA may be of some worth, but no claim on natural supplements can really be taken for face value unless major medical studies back them up.

Maca is a widely used vegetable extract that has been proven in some medical studies to improve libido in men. Maca is a radish type vegetable grown in the highlands of Peru. Knowing how much to take is always the issue and the problem often with taking herb or vegetable supplements is that often people don't take enough to really gain the desired effect. There has been no toxicity shown in taking large amounts of Maca. The natural testosterone supplements from this vegetable were proven in two separate studies to have improved sexual performance in several ways. Another plant from South America, Muira Puama, has also been shown to be a libido increasing supplement that can help free up already existing testosterone.

Chrysin is another of the many supplement offerings from health food resources that are said to have some value in boosting libido in aging men. This natural testosterone supplements herb has been used for a number of years by bodybuilders to boost T levels. But its downside is that the herb has trouble being absorbed into the bloodstream, so when a pepper extract (peperine) is added, the results are more satisfactory when estrogen levels in men are lowered and T is freed up. Chrysin has also shown to be a natural antioxidant and shown to be an anti-inflammatory. Nettle root extract is another T level raising supplement that has been proven to raise libido by freeing up testosterone that has been bound to serum globulin; bound T is not free to link with cell receptor sites which create the libido effect. Nettle has also been shown to be of value in the treatment of an enlarged prostate gland.

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