Testosterone Cream For Women

There are two different treatments--testosterone cream for women and testosterone patch for women--that can be used when trying to use hormone replacement therapy for females. Most people don't realize that a woman has testosterone levels just as a male does, just in different amounts. A female's body balances the levels of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, with the ovaries producing the testosterone. Some of the symptoms they experience from low levels of testosterone are dry and thin skin, inflammation of the vagina with painful intercourse, and gaining body weight. Many medical professionals believe that treating the female body with male hormones will cause acne, hair loss, or will make the person look more masculine. But careful therapy can avoid these side effects and make a person feel much more alive and active.

Testosterone cream for women can be used on the skin to counteract the lack of oil production from their sebaceous glands. This medication can also be used to counteract the thinning and inflammation of the vagina. Sometimes painful intercourse can also be due to the lack of estrogen, so a physician needs to monitor hormone levels in the body when using either this treatment or the testosterone patch for women. But many doctors ignore the male sex hormone or androgen when considering prescribing for their female patients. If a woman complains of lack of energy, lack of sex drive, or weight gain, many doctors just dismiss these complaints as a result of aging and do not concern themselves with these symptoms. For postmenopausal females, this may not be the total answer. They could benefit from small doses of androgen. This can be applied to the neck area behind the jaw or on the exposed area of the upper arm. Just as in hormone therapy for men, the dose must be individualized for each person.

Also, the program should investigate the types of estrogen and progesterone the person is taking to see if there is a balance in the body. It has been proven that balancing the female hormones can prevent heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, and osteoporosis. The most common medications are Provera and Premarin. Sometimes, natural medications can be more effective. They should also eat more fiber and soy products. Testosterone cream for women or testosterone patch for women are also administered according to the needs of the woman's body. The goal is to reproduce the hormone levels experienced in younger years so that the effects of aging are lessened. This treatment will increase the energy level, the enjoyment of sex, and the figure of those who are taking the therapy. Muscle tone and bone mass will also increase. This is the treatment given to postmenopausal females, but for younger patients, caution should be exercised, especially for those who plan on having children or could still have children. These male hormonal medications can harm the fetus.

Testosterone cream for women and the testosterone patch for women may be one of the greatest weight loss factors for menopausal patients once the studies have been concluded showing how male hormones can benefit the fairer sex. It is theorized that one reason females have such a greater difficulty losing weight than men is the lesser concentrations of male hormones. And when they do lose weight, they do not gain muscle mass like men do. The use of most diet drugs produce this unequal result, leaving the fairer sex with weaker bodies and a propensity to regain the body fat once the diet pills are no longer administered. Male hormones help mobilize fat and build muscle. But since androgens have more side effects in the fairer sex, the treatment has engendered more controversy. But how much more dangerous are these side effects than that of liposuction and dangerous diet drugs?

Once medical science has given up the antiquated notion that some hormones are for males and other are for the opposite sex, therapies that include testosterone cream for women and the testosterone patch for women will become more common. What is needed is a balance. The Bible says of God, "Who hath measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, and meted out heaven with the span, and comprehended the dust of the earth in a measure, and weighed the mountains in scales, and the hills in a balance?" (Isaiah 40:12). God has created us with an incredible amount of balance; the human body is a marvelous, functioning whole.

With the help of enlightened medical professionals, both sexes can continue to live healthy, energetic, hopeful lives until the day of death. In the past, people such a body builders have realized the importance of androgen, and although many have misused the treatments available, no one thought to look at how a lack of androgen can affect the other sex. Simple blood tests can determine is there is an imbalance and therapies for the fairer sex are beginning to gain ground. The medical community has long blamed a high level of androgen as the result of gaining body fat in the female body, but this is not just due to a high level of a male hormone, but in the fact that all the hormones in the body were unbalanced. Finding natural ways of replacing these hormonal balances is essential. Just taking doses of estrogen or progesterone will no longer rectify the symptoms and cause females to feel better about themselves. Once more, we must fight against the stereotypes that male hormones are not for females and female hormones are not for men.

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