Free Real Estate Lead

Free real estate leads are a potentially lucrative way to generate sales for a business. Each lead an agent receives can potential transpire into a sale if handled correctly. The way that a free real estate lead works is that companies find people in designated areas who are looking for houses. Then, the information is disseminated to agents who, in turn, do the rest of the work. It's that easy. While only recently popular, this method of generating potential clients quickly has become a great way for new agents as well as seasoned agents to gain new clients.

Some may ask, "What's the catch?" Well, in order for a company to provide free real estate leads, the agent must commit to financing any sales they make with the free lead through the company from which they received the information. Therefore, if the rates are lower somewhere else or the closing costs will be covered if the buyer finances at his own bank, and the buyer then chooses to use another financing option, the company that supplied the agent with the information will charge the realtor for the information that was originally received at no cost. Once a buyer decides to finance with someone else the contract for a no-cost lead is broken.

Another way to receive free real estate leads is to sign up with an exchange program. This methods works similar to a referral partnership except that the assurance of the no-cost information depends on the buyer signing papers to finance with the appropriate financing service. If a buyer decides to go a different route, the agent again must pay for the information they initially received. Sometimes the cost is a preset amount of money, or it can be a percentage of the sale. Whatever the agreement, the bottom line is that if the financing isn't agreed upon, the agent isn't getting a free real estate lead after all.

Some perks that come with using companies that provide free real estate leads include no- or low-cost advertising, available resources, and someone to work with while building your business. While, each free real estate lead is not going to be a guaranteed sale, the agent can be assured that it will be worth exploring. The companies that provide the information are in business to connect people with what they need, with the intention of making their money back during the period of the client's financing.

As with any business venture, it ultimately will pay greater dividends if it is a venture committed to the Lord. Because His ways are higher than our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts, the one who is serious about success, whether in real estate or other lines of work, should seek God's wisdom and guidance through every step of our day. Then, they can have confidence in God's promise that when in all ways He is acknowledged, "He shall direct thy paths" (Proverbs 3:6).

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