Veterans Term Life Insurance

Veterans term life insurance is a policy for service men and women who are discharged from the United States military. If a soldier was injured in World War II, they would be eligible for a term policy. If their commitment in the military has expired, they are able to purchase a veterans universal life insurance policy. If the soldier served in Operation Desert Storm and now is out of the military, he is eligible as well. Regardless of the branch of military, the extent of the military service, or whether or not the soldier served during a time of war, eligibility is granted.

Many different types of companies do not like to guarantee life policies to former soldiers or current service men and women. Many companies feel that the nature of the military job is too dangerous and the risk is too high to provide a policy to them. Often times if a service man or woman has been discharged due to extreme medical disabilities the veterans term life insurance company will not insure the soldier. However, there are programs for those in such situations so they can purchase and acquire veterans universal life insurance or acquire a different protection plan. These types of alternative programs are typically government sponsored.

In order to obtain insurance, any applicant will need to provide documentation that they were a member of the armed forces. Most veterans term life insurance programs do not require a physical to qualify. Various companies that accommodate former soldiers want to make purchasing a policy as easy as possible. Some veterans universal life insurance companies may not require the traditional requirements such as a high credit score, proof of income, minimum income, etc. Some companies have the attitude and mindset that American veterans risked their lives to protect America so they should provide services to them as a gesture of gratitude."Man goeth forth unto his work and to his labour until the evening" (Psalm 104:23). A good and noble company will also provide a good investment rate and combined retirement plan for the veteran.

Dependent children and spouses of former soldiers are eligible to purchase policies. Even widow or widowers of veterans can purchase veterans term life insurance or purchase veterans universal life insurance. Most policies can be purchased at a reduced rate. The only major stipulation to purchasing and obtaining this type of specific policy is that the soldier must have been honorably discharged from the United States military. It is suggested that all those eligible seek out life insurance to protect themselves and their family!

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