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Bible riddles and Bible puzzles have an honored place in the instruction of children, whether it's in the Sunday School setting, or in the preschool, or religious day school setting, and children aren't the only ones enjoying the simple, yet profound lessons that are learned. Adults enjoy puzzles and riddles as much as any child. Magazine stands are full of crossword puzzles and brain teasers such as riddles for the adult population, and the puzzle pages of newspapers are the first pages a lot of readers look for. So why not use the fondness for these entertaining activities to increase Biblical knowledge? Whether conducting a serious study of scriptures right now, or just interested in reviewing knowledge, these fun games are enjoyable ways to test oneself. There are a large number of sites online with these types of games to choose from.

Many of the online sites have books full of various kinds of trivia and skills games. Bible riddles can be ordered for preschool and religious secondary schools to use along with regular textbooks. These activities help students grow in their Biblical knowledge without the pressure of tests that will be graded. Retention is greater when there is a fun activity involved, educators agree. Of course, all levels of education and age groups must be taken into account when buying books of Bible puzzles, and the market has responded to that need. Besides the material provided for classrooms, children's bulletins are popular in many churches now, and one of their features is a word search puzzle or crossword puzzle based on the Biblical story for that day. A page for children to draw on is usually included with Bible riddles books, so after reading (or hearing Mom read) the story, there are at least two activities that will enhance the meaning of the story and help children remember it. These activities have a secondary benefit of providing teachings to children who may not be attending Sunday School, but who's parents take them to church.

The same holds true for home-schooled children whose parents are including religious instructions with the other subjects required by the state. History and English workbooks don't use riddles and puzzles, but these games can be a part of the Religion class or Bible study course. There are several methods for obtaining these fun games. One online site has tile puzzles, where the player has to figure out how to move jumbled tiles around to make a picture, one tile at a time. There are number puzzles like for kids available in stores, so many children are familiar with how they work, and doing Bible puzzles the same way is just another step in a familiar game.

Some of the brain teasers used in Biblically based games can really enhance learning. Bible riddles can be pretty challenging, and make the person trying to find the answer really think. When it has been a while since reading a particular story or stories, sometimes the facts get confused in ones memory so the answers aren't that easy to remember. If, when one comes upon something that is forgotten, go to the Bible for an answer, the lesson learned is being reinforced by the game played. This method of learning may also teach students and adults alike the value of knowing how to find topics in the Bible and how to use a concordance.

Christian book stores on line or off can provide a wide variety of books in paperback or hardback that are full of games for all levels of expertise. If wanting to start off with the simplest Bible puzzles examples to first test abilities, that level is available. On the other hand, there are advanced levels for experts promise to deliver a challenge. For those of us who are in neither of those categories, there are in-between levels to try. The point is, this is intended to be a fun way for the Christian to learn more about Scripture without making him or her feel frustrated. Competition is a basic human trait, even if competing against oneself. Adults do not differ from our children in that respect. We want to succeed, even if it's a "play" activity.

Next to the crossword puzzle in the daily newspaper, the next favorite puzzle is the word jumble. These games are also available in books, right alongside the Bible riddles. It can be particularly challenging to figure out which Biblical character's name is being spelled in an unpronounceable jumble. Once it's figured out, though, players do not easily forget that name. Play is important to the mental and physical health of both children and adults. Mental stimulus in the form of Bible brain teasers satisfies that need while it enhances the learning of Christians about their favorite book, the Holy Bible, God's Word.

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