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Social Media Marketing for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

ChristiaNet is an expert Social Media marketing agency specializing in customized integrated lead generation and sales solutions. Since 1997 we have assisted more than two thousand organizations in every conceivable industry with their social media marketing needs. From the solo entrepreneur to the multi-national corporations, our clients have produced an estimated $150 million in revenues through our custom sales solutions regardless of the state of the economy.

Organizations across the country are generating an incredible number of highly qualified leads and sales by cultivating a professional social media presence. However, it doesn't happen overnight. It takes a seasoned expert who can leverage various social media platforms to design a custom lead generation and sales solution specifically built around your company's audience.

There are TWO BILLION active people on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Our tailored methodologies enable you to reach custom audiences by title, industry, age, gender, location, interests, keywords and more! Replace cold calling, knocking on doors, tire kickers and time wasters with a continual flow of cost effective inbound leads and sales.

What kind of results can we deliver? ChristiaNet's Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts stand as a testament to our social media expertise by reaching millions of unique people per week. Our unique methodologies have helped us gain 2,000,000 Facebook Fans, 20,000 C-Suite USA LinkedIn Connections and 60,000 Twitter Followers for our own lead generation and sales. If we can achieve this level of success for ourselves, envision what we can do for you.

Social Media Services

We create custom social media marketing solutions for lead generation and sales including setup, content development, copywriting, calls to action, graphics, audience development, training and methodologies that focus on SALES for your organization within two weeks. All social media packages are a one-time fixed fee of $3,000 each.

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Expert Facebook Marketing

Facebook Package

  • Proper Profile Page setup for maximum user engagements
  • 1,500 Likes guaranteed from a nationwide Christian audience
  • Five custom graphics tailored around your organization's offerings
  • Ten general inspirational graphics for stimulating user engagements
  • Three concise custom written compelling texts for each graphic
  • Totaling 45 different combinations of compelling texts and graphics
  • Training for cost effective Boost and Dark Post advertising
Professional LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Package

  • Proper Profile Page setup from a resume to a marketing format
  • Customization of your LinkedIn Profile Summary
  • Professional marketing scripts to increase targeted Connections
  • Professional marketing scripts for Discovery Calls
  • Scripts for telemarketing, emailing, birthdays and more
  • Totaling 17 different professional customized marketing scripts
  • Training to apply the scripts for lead generation and sales

Twitter Package

  • Proper Profile setup for maximum user engagements
  • A Twitter audit to determine percentage of real Followers
  • Follow 1,000 Twitter users
  • Fifty custom built 140 character Tweets for your firm
  • Twenty-Five general inspirational Tweets for user engagements
  • Training to apply the Tweets for advertising and sales
Blockchain ICO Marketing

Blockchain ICO Package

  • Facebook Blockchain ICO Package
  • LinkedIn (4 Founders) Blockchain ICO Package
  • Twitter Blockchain ICO Package
  • One Google News Press Release
  • One ICO Industry Announcement
  • One month project completion
  • One-time fixed fee of $20,000 or BTC equivalent

What Clients are Saying

"BILL IS HANDS-DOWN THE BEST-RESEARCHED AND MOST SKILLED FACEBOOK GURU I HAVE EVER HIRED. He has a terrific attitude and is a joy to work with. Also, the money you invest working with him should come back to you MANY times over. I cannot recommend Bill strongly enough."

-- Ryan Herche, CEO Lead Generation Expert

"ChristiaNet created a finely crafted social media lead generation and sales process built specifically around Source Point's custom component manufacturing business. The professional language designed for our target audience of engineers, manufacturers and product developers was a huge help in engaging new prospects for our services. Source Point Associates now has a turnkey system with complete control to generate as many highly qualified leads as possible, as quickly as possible in a much more cost effective manner. If you are looking to build lasting relationships and generate high quality leads for sales, ChristiaNet is the company for you."

-- Larry Megugorac, President, Source Point Associates

"Great working with Bill! He's truly a Facebook expert and will not stop until you are happy and successful. Based on advice Bill gave me, I lowered my cost per lead from $60 to $10. I would absolutely recommend him to a friend."

-- Daniel St. Louis, CEO

"William T Cooper and ChristiaNet were of great value to my company, Langhout International, LLC. I experienced superior service with their LinkedIn Sales Package. William helped me re-organize my LinkedIn account making it appear significantly more professional and attractive to potential leads. The new look and feel is helping me to increase my reach, and ultimately my sales. Shanon Cooper is an expert writer and editor, and she created a professional profile for me using the background materials I provided. They have helped me with strategies to approach new connections and build my network with the right connections. I am very grateful for their work on my behalf, and am now utilizing and maximizing LinkedIn to my benefit."

-- Michael Langhout, CEO Advisor

"ChristiaNet has made a huge positive impact on the way WaterStone reaches out to its ministry community through social media. Bill's LinkedIn Sales Packages, Facebook marketing, and Twitter marketing programs are comprehensive, easy-to-understand turnkey solutions. WaterStone is capitalizing on Bill's long and deep experience in social media marketing by adopting and applying ChristiaNet's systems as we implement strategic LinkedIn lead generation campaigns. ChristiaNet's proven marketing systems, coaching calls and customized scripting provide our team with clear action steps that are making an immediate measurable difference in our lead generation results. Bill's knowledge in the social marketing industry is unparalleled."

-- William J Stevens, Vice President, Giving Strategies WaterStone

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