Abortion Arguments For Pro Choice

Abortion arguments for pro choice must be understood in order to fight the fight against abortion. Christians and pro-lifers must know on what premise the pro-choice supporters claim their good reasons for abortion. The most popular arguments appear, at first, to be the claim of whether or not the fetus or embryo is a person worth of human life. As science and the courts have already established through many laws protecting the rights of an unborn child, there is a value placed on the life of a baby while still in the mother's womb. In fact, pro choice advocates are not denying the fact that at conception a human life is formed. Yet, the supporters deny that abortion, in this sense, is describing murder, a premeditated and deliberate act of taking someone's life. The Bible speaks against the murder of the innocent.

Belief and support from the feminist activists was the beginning of the pro-choice legal movement. Pro choice feminists state that good reasons for abortion are based on the idea that a woman is better off to have control of her own reproductive rights. Those who call themselves pro-choice and support abortion arguments for pro choice (which is approximately half of all Americans), maintain that whatever their personal beliefs, the right to impose those beliefs on anyone else is not right. However, the Bible warns about conforming to society.

People wonder how the Old Testament population could conform to the evil society in which they lived, by sacrificing their children to heathen idols. Our society is no different today. An idol is anything put before God. The arguments are not about the life of the baby, but about the rights of women to choose what to do with their bodies, stating that good reasons for abortion include the beneficial results from allowing a woman to choose to have one if she feels unable to raise a child, or is mentally unwilling. Today children in the womb are sacrificed to the idols of selfishness, convenience, and so called "women's freedom". Pro-choicers agree that raising a child is a wonderful and difficult responsibility, and if a child will not be loved appropriately, and nurtured for the way he/she should, then that child is better off not ever being born. Supposedly better for the mother, and better for the baby? God is the only predictor of success and fulfillment in life, not a woman's idea of what she thinks may happen in the future. God strictly forbids it.

Pro choice advocates state a woman is better off to have this controversial procedure rather than have an unwanted baby, look at what statistics have really shown us. The truth is that when interviewing hundreds of thousands of women who have had abortions, the facts prove that they don't feel the sense of relief and equality promised afterwards. Abortion arguments for pro choice promote women's equality, but in truth, the results have only hurt women. Only women feel the immediate or long term physical complications, emotional chaos, and psychological trauma that abortion causes. The primary responsibility of child bearing and raising has been shifted off of the father and family and has been placed solely on the shoulders of the woman. Remember "For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well", because God has a plan for each and every person. (Psalm 139:13-14).

Those that disagree with abortion blame only the woman for having one. Those that agree with abortion blame the woman for having a child and requiring the support financially and emotionally from her family and community. It actually has turned into a lose/lose situation. The Bible is full of instances in which the family and community are expected to step in and help."If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain" (Proverbs 24:11). If society believes that because they didn't actually perform the abortion, they will not suffer its consequences, they are sadly mistaken. Guilt comes in the form of standing by and doing nothing as well. Many woman who have abortions because they were convinced of their choice in the matter by the so called good reasons for abortion , are now feeling the effects of the loss of a child, as do all parents when the death of a child has happened. The major difference in these situations are not only the feelings of loss, loneliness, emptiness, sorrow and devastation, but the added feelings of guilt for making the choice to voluntarily end the life of the child, and the inability to express these mourning feelings in public. A tidal wave of sorrow and remorse is building in our time, but has not been recognized until recently, especially by those who have abortion arguments for pro choice. Typically, women who have abortions suffer the same feelings as women who have lost children; only they suffer these same feelings with even greater intensity; sometimes even 10, 20, 30 or even 50 years later.

The theory that the freedom to choose what a woman wants to do with her body, that it is her burden and option alone, removes the responsibility of the father, the family and the community from the collaborative effort of raising a child. As we see so predominantly in this culture, the community effort that lacks in our modern day nation has given birth to a myriad of social problems, and will only continue to spiral downward, unless we place the responsibility back with the community, whereby, we recreate the family of brothers and sisters God meant for His children in the beginning. There are no good reasons for abortion.

Should Abortion Be Legal

Quick facts against abortion are a good starting point for anyone to persuade someone against this action, however more in depth and personal information may have more impact. Stories from real people about their personal experience create a better effect than statistics and medical debate. Should abortion be legal is an argument worth getting involved in due to the ethical and moral impact a person can make on a very popular subject. Because every chance of life is a gift from God, the act of terminating pregnancy is thought as acting God. This responsibility should be considered when eventually facing judgment at the end of earthly life.

Knowing that over 40 million pregnancies have been terminated since the early 1970s in the United States alone should create an image in a persons mind of a conservatively sized countrys population simply not in existence. Information such as this is important due to the natural way humans are able to visualize information and connect emotion to those images. A person who questions whether or not should abortion be legal may also consider reading the success stories of aborted babies living. Many of these people are fully functioning adults with no physical signs of difference than that of traditionally birthed people. Other quick facts against abortion include information about the dangers to the mom. In general these include the possibility of not being able to birth children in the future and even cancer. Laws controlling the voluntary termination of pregnancy differ from state to state and country to country. In some cases women travel outside their home area in order to legally have this type of procedure done.

Consulting religious professionals such as a pastor or director of religious activities may additionally aid a woman in understanding the severity of the decision to terminate pregnancy. This person will undoubtedly share knowledge of Gods power to hold responsible and punish anyone who voluntarily goes against His will. Because God made man, He holds every life created on earth close to His heart in hopes that someday they will trust Jesus and live eternally in Heaven. Conception of a child is nothing short of a miracle in the world God created therefore when a human decided whether a being should live or die, God is disrespected. My dove, my undefiled is [but] one; she [is] the [only] one of her mother, she [is] the choice [one] of her that bare her. The daughters saw her, and blessed her; [yea], the queens and the concubines, and they praised her. (Song of Songs 6:9)

As the medical world advances and new birth control options become available, a woman gets more confused about right and wrong concerning the power she has concerning the decision about a babys life. The argument about when the conception of sperm and egg develop a real person remains key in determining should abortion be legal. Christians do not have this problem due to their belief that life begins at conception. One way that laws change state to state and country to country depend on the territories beliefs. This is very important in determining when pregnancy termination becomes murder. A woman needs to have a strong support system either through friends, family, or church. This support system greatly effects the womans decision. Likewise a woman who decides against termination may choose to advocate in the debate whether should abortion be legal or not.

In some areas minors are given the right to choose whether their baby lives or dies with parental consent. Although a parent may argue why should abortion be legal, their thoughts may change when it comes to their own family. God does not create bad situations in life, but rather allows them to happen therefore a lesson may be learned through such a tough life struggle. A family may develop a closer relationship or ministry to other families may occur changing lives forever. Whatever the cause, as long as person is doing right by the will of God, religious freedom prevails. Likewise someone who has had an abortion and regrets it becomes a great tool for other women to learn from. She can share quick facts against abortion including descriptive stories about partial births and those who have actually survived and abortion. This information in itself could empower a woman to make a more educated decision.

Though financial burdens and the obvious dramatic life change of having a child may overwhelm and scare women who have unplanned pregnancies, many resources remain positive support in favor of having a baby. Tax incentives, food programs, clothing drives, and monetary aid eliminate many reasons a woman may develop of why not to birth the baby. Adoption is another significant choice to consider if a woman cannot truly provide an adequate home for the unplanned child. Other quick facts against abortion include knowing that pregnancies do not only come from irresponsibility, but from rape, bad birth control planning, and sometimes include medical instances that may put the mother in danger. Depending on the situation an abortion may be necessary to save the mother. This instance may provide opportunity in any geographical area if the threat is valid.

Raising a child is a lifelong responsibility, although the first 10 years are the most time consuming. If a woman considers the inconvenience of this short period of time including the next eight as the child finishes school in comparison to a life consumed with regret about what could have been. It is not common that a parent gives up their child after seeing them for the first time due to the inborn nature to nurture that God places in a womans heart. Understanding the consequences may be difficult, however with a decision as serious as this, a woman should explore other alternatives. Other quick facts against abortion include the political views as well as the cultural views which may sway a decision.

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