Abortion Bible Passages

Abortion Bible passages give hope to those who are seeking forgiveness after having an abortion. "Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool" (Isaiah 1:18). For those who have not yet made the decision to terminate a pregnancy there are answers to questions that can help one to choose another option. For financial concerns there are organizations and churches that can provide services that can help. Women who are wondering about moral implications can find abortion bible passages that will answer questions on whether or not having one is right or wrong.

The subject of abortion is very controversial. The legalization of abortion has led some to decide to go ahead and terminate a pregnancy. However, legalization does not take away the risks and problems that go along with having an abortion. The best way to tackle making a decision this big is to look at abortion bible passages and to seek counsel from a trustworthy source. There are many alternatives available for those who choose to consider them. Many couples are looking to adopt a baby. This may be the best answer for the woman who does not have the financial means to raise a child. If adoption isn't a good choice then there are State and Federal programs that can help families in need. Section 8 housing helps with a place to live. Food stamps can provide a way to buy food when there is no money. Medicaid is there for pregnant women who do not have any insurance or the financial resources to pay to have the child. Doing some research may take a little time but the time to do so will help one to not make a rash decision that may be regretted later on.

Resources that can be found online are numerous. For those who choose to allow a couple or family to adopt their baby there are sites online that have applicants who give a history of their life along with pictures and a way to contact. Adoption is a good choice for women who desire for their tiny miracle to have a beautiful life with a loving family. The main thing to remember when considering other resources is that you are not alone. Various non-profit organizations provide shelter, education, counseling services, and financial services. Abortion bible passages provide resources to the moral implications of terminating a pregnancy. A pregnant woman may feel she has no hope but God's word provides hope to those who are need of answers. Christian counseling is one avenue that can provide answers to God's will concerning abortion.

The psychological effects of the termination of a child are real. Many women suffer mentally when trying to cope with a decision this serious. At first relief is felt but after awhile the truth begins to sink in. Studies have shown that women who abort their babies often suffer with depression, eating disorders, anger issues, relationship problems, and destructive behavior. Women who have grown up knowing God's Word and believe that murder is wrong will most likely suffer with mental issues after terminating a pregnancy. They will never be able to reconcile or resolve what has happened because the decision to terminate the life of a child goes against everything they believe in. Abortion bible passages can help a woman who is suffering from psychological effects to find peace. Forgiveness is available to those who will ask. The Lord tells us to not be anxious about anything but instead to pray and give our burdens to Him. Putting trust and faith in the Creator of all is the key to being able to cope with an act that can never be undone. Murder cannot be undone but sin can be forgiven.

Life is all about challenges and making choices. Praying for guidance from the Lord can help to alleviate some of the stress associated with the challenges in life. Abortion may seem like the best choice but God knows the need and if one will ask He will supply the means to make the right choice. Abortion bible passages can help in understanding God's will. Many answers can be found in the word of God. Even in cases that seem hopeless, if we ask Him, he will help us. He understands and knows what we are going through. Sometimes the answer may come through another individual. Talking with others who have gone through the same challenges can give us hope and provide guidance for what to do to help ourselves. One day a person can feel like there is no hope, no help, no way out. At the dawn of a new day that can all change by reading abortion bible passages and as God provides the way to acquire a new perspective.

Pride sometimes gets in the way of asking for help. A woman in distress over having an abortion should set aside her pride and seek out help from those who offer it. This is also the case for a female that is pregnant and doesn't know what to do. She may feel alone and her pride may keep her from seeking the help she needs. Many women have been in the same condition and would not shy away from the chance to help a fellow human being. Testimonies of females who have had the same decision to make can be found online at sites that offer help. Just reading someone else's testimony and how they overcame can be uplifting and give hope where there is none. Testimonies and abortion bible passages can be found online.

Abortion Bible Scripture

An abortion bible scripture can provide answers to the dilemma of when life begins. The child in the womb is sacred to our Lord. Medical science even testifies to the fact that life does begin at the moment of conception. The advancement in technology provides information about the developing fetus inside the womb. So, if we can come to the conclusion that life does begin at conception then how can we consider terminating this life? God created us in His image, "God created man in his image; in the divine image he created him; male and female he created them" (Genesis 1:27). We are all divine beings that God has told to "Be fruitful and multiply" (Genesis 1:28). The Lord is bigger than any problem we could ever face in this life. If He can create every person who has ever lived or will ever live on this planet then He can certainly take care of us through any trial imaginable. The key to finding that answer is by reading God's will through an abortion bible scripture and then committing our situation to Him.

The creation, when it was complete, was good. Sin is what happened to our world and it came through Adam and Eve to all humans who have followed. We deal with temptations daily and sometimes we become desensitized to sin because we live in a world that is corrupt and evil. This is why Christians must stay in God's Word so we are reminded of His work and what He has done for all humans everywhere. He reconciled us to Himself through Christ so that we can be in right standing with Him. That does not mean that each person will not have difficulties in this life. Reading an abortion bible scripture can remind us that God loves us and He wants the best for those who will turn to Him.

The Bible says that children are a blessing. Being pregnant with an unwanted child may not feel like a blessing to those who have troubles surrounding them because of this outcome. Meditating on an abortion bible scripture can help to give one strength and clarity of thought. When humans are upset and distressed about something there is a tendency to have a confused mind. God is not the author of confusion so where does this come from? When this happens to a person, he or she may become shortsighted and blind. The thing or trouble that is causing this confusion will seem bigger than life, maybe even bigger than God. One's perception is affected to the point where life seems unbearable. Nothing can feel right again until this problem is solved. We must see this confusion and distress through the word of God in order to be restored. One abortion bible scripture can reveal truth that cuts through the confusion in the mind. Giving up the hopelessness and fear to the one that created humans can bring peace and settle a matter forever.

One of God's commandments given to Moses to deliver to the children of Israel specifically says, "Thou shalt not kill" (Deuteronomy 5:17). Revelation, chapter 22 reaffirms this because it plainly says that no murderers shall enter the kingdom of heaven. This one commandment or one abortion bible scripture is very clear on killing another human being. Still, some would have others to believe that this precious life that begins at conception is not really a human being. So, therefore terminating this life is not murder. When the legal system is contrary to God's word confusion can be the result. Could sin be the result of a legal system that would go against the word of the Lord? Those who favor the woman's right to choose do not seem to recognize that our bodies belong to the Lord not to ourselves. God's Word tells us to honor Him with our bodies, that our bodies are His Temple. We have been bought through the blood of Christ. Christians should honor God in everything.

Other controversial issues associated with abortion include a woman's right to choose in case of rape or incest, and if the mother's life is at stake. These are tough subjects and every circumstance is different. In the case of rape or incest a woman has gone through a terrible trauma so therefore terminating the pregnancy may seem to be the answer. One could wonder why the unborn child has to suffer for the mistakes of another person. Searching out an abortion bible scripture can bring peace during such a trying time as this. God's word does not change even though our circumstances may change. If the mother's life is at stake then a decision must be made to save the mother because without the mother the child cannot be born. Studies make the argument here that this type of scenario rarely happens. Getting a second medical opinion is warranted when there is a situation to the mother where her life is at risk.

Christians should pray for those who are in opposition to scripture. We must not seek out hurtful means to help those who do not know the truth or who make decisions contrary to an abortion bible scripture. John tells us in chapter 3, verses 11-12 that we are to love one another unlike Cain who killed his brother Abel. Through Christ anyone who asks can receive forgiveness. Christians should be living examples of Christ in this world. There are many women who are suffering right now because they made a decision to terminate the life of their child. They are suffering mentally and spiritually. We should pray and seek God for them so they can be restored in faith and love.

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