Abortion Debate Facts

An honest look at abortion debate facts should involve careful consideration of the complete picture concerning this controversial topic. This would include taking a look at the methods that are utilized in these procedures as well as statistical data. Of course, a consideration of the moral consequences of terminating an unwanted pregnancy is crucial. There are varying opinions regarding the morality of legalized abortions. Those who favor the procedure believe that the top concern when a woman faces an unwanted pregnancy is the right of the mother to decide whether or not she should carry the child to term. Groups and individuals who favor abortion rights maintain that no woman should be forced to continue a pregnancy that she did not plan and does not want. For those on the other side of the issue, the top concern deals with the value of life itself. These individuals and organizations strongly believe that human life begins at conception. To end the life of an unborn child is equal to murder in the mind of those who stand against legalized abortions. The priority to protect innocent life is seen as the most important concern by far. When taking a look at abortion debate facts on both sides it is important to remember that these two opposing viewpoints are what drives this contentious discussion.

Statistics can provide some of the most compelling anti abortion debate facts. It is estimated that roughly half of the pregnancies that occur in the United States were not, in the strictest sense, planned. Among these unintended pregnancies, roughly forty percent are estimated to be legally terminated each year in America. Since abortions were legalized thanks the the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973, multiple millions of abortions have taken place. In fact, over one million abortions are conducted each year in the United States alone. Rates in the United States are higher than those in Canada and most Western European countries. However, countries such as China and those in Eastern Europe tend to have far higher abortion rates than those that occur in the United States. The majority of abortions utilize the D & E method, also known as dilation and evacuation, or the CDC method, also known as curetage, dilation, and evacuation. These procedure involve causing the woman's cervix to dilate through artificial means. Once this is accomplished, a cutting tool is inserted into the uterus and the unborn child is cut into pieces. Suction is then used to remove the fetus from the mother's body. Such graphic descriptions can provide very powerful anti abortion debate facts.

Many of the pro abortion debate facts seem to be based on reasoning that can only be described as faulty. The fact that women have the ability to become pregnant and give birth is seen as a limitation and a handicap by many who favor the legalized termination of pregnancies. While an unplanned pregnancy can have a major impact of the lives of the parents of that child, does it follow that the unborn child is nothing more than an obstacle to freedom and gender equality? Unfortunately, there are many circumstances in which the woman is left to bear the responsibilities of an unwanted pregnancy on her own. But taking the drastic step of ending the life of the unborn child is not justifiable in the eyes of those who oppose abortion. After a child is born, the law recognizes that parents have certain responsibilities to care for and provide for that child. These parental responsibilities do not seem to extend to the unborn child according to proponents of legalized abortions. Such hypocrisies in pro abortion debate facts are not lost on those who believe that aborting the unborn child is morally wrong. The Bible promises strength and reward for those who endure difficult times. Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him. (James 1:12)

Perhaps one of the least talked about abortion debate facts deals with the dangers that women who undergo this procedure face. Proponents of legalized pregnancy termination like to paint abortions as simple and safe procedures that pose no risk to the patient. This is not true. Post abortion fatalities still occur and a number of women have faced serious complications after terminating a pregnancy. Another popular tactic has been to paint legalized abortion as a women's rights issue. But some very well known women in the early feminist movement vehemently opposed abortion. These women included Susan B. Anthony, Mary Wollstonecraft, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. It should be pointed out that this opposition occurred at a time when many women struggled with serious poverty and the mortality rate among young children was very high. Yet these women did not pose arguments concerning overpopulation and poor quality of life. They believed that to kill an unborn child was to commit infanticide.

There are a number of pro life feminist groups who do not see abortion as a women's rights issue. These feminists cite a number of abortion debate facts that help women understand the kinds of alternatives that are open to them. These groups may help women obtain housing, health care, child care, maternity insurance coverage, and a number of other needs. There are many religious organizations that offer similar resources to women who are facing an unintended pregnancy. By offering solutions rather than judgment, these groups are able to provide practical help rather than half truths and pressure.

Abortion Facts

Abortion information is so important for a woman and even a man to obtain before making the decision for this procedure. Deciding parties need to look at all of the facts to understand the physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional toll it can take on a woman. Men need to understand the ramifications of abortion as well because some do have a say in the decision. Even if you aren't in a position to make a decision for or against it, every American needs to understand all of the abortion facts so that they can decide to be pro-life or pro-choice. In our democratic society, we can vote for politicians who support or oppose abortion. These politicians can then put policies in place that are for or against abortion. They act on the will of the people, but if the people are poorly informed about abortion then they will elect politicians who put poor policies in place. Thus, it is an American's duty to get all of the abortion information they can. To learn even more about abortion, click here.

There are a number of resources you can use to find information about abortion, but do remember that many providers of this information have their own agendas. For decades, abortion has been a major battle between the protection of life and the protection of women's rights. Unfortunately, few people take the time to truly understand abortion consequences and the actual procedure before they choose to support it. Seek out medical studies on the effects of abortion. Read books that share the testimonies of women who have experienced the procedure. If you are a Christian, you may feel more comfortable learning more about abortion from a Christian resource. You can click on the links on this page for more information. There are many organizations, books, and websites that provide abortion information from a Biblical perspective. A counselor, friend or pastor can also help you obtain abortion facts.

It is vital that you ask questions about abortion when seeking information. Click on the link to take an Abortion Bible Quiz and test your knowledge. Then find out exactly what the procedure involves. Ask experts in the field, such as gynecologists. Find out why they do or they don't conduct the procedure. They will have a great deal of relevant information to share. If at all possible, view a real life video of the procedure. Some pro-life organizations have such videos, photos and real life testimonies available on their websites. Many medical procedures are glorified or made to look more acceptable than they really are. You've probably seen women give birth in movies, but if you have experienced or witnessed true childbirth, you would know that it is nothing like the movies or television shows.

There are many verses in the Bible that support the fact that life begins at conception. The Bible takes the stance that life is valuable, even life in the womb. You may want to start a Bible study on the topic to explore all of the verses that support human life. In Exodus 21:22-23, if men fight and cause harm to a pregnant woman or her baby, causing the baby's death, a life must be taken for the life of the child. Numerous verses in the Old Testament refer to the fetus as a child, man-child or even an infant. Thus, the life in the womb is an actual, separate human being. In Luke, when Elizabeth conceived, the life in her was referred to as a "babe" and "son," words used to describe a person. So if the Bible refers to the unborn as a person then that person falls under the protection of the commandment "Thou shalt not kill."

You may be struggling over the decision to have an abortion because you are pregnant and don't want to become a parent. Know that there is a safer alternative. There are hundreds of thousands of couples who can't conceive and are seeking to adopt a newborn baby. Some of these couples will even arrange to pay for your prenatal care and the birth of the child if you agree to let them adopt your baby. Imagine the joy you could bring to a couple's life by giving them a child they couldn't have on their own. Imagine giving your baby life rather than simply taking it away. Perhaps you fear what people will think of you if they find out that you are pregnant. Consider what is better - hiding the truth and suffering in secret with abortion or coming clean and making a responsible decision that helps a couple. If you are a rape victim who is now pregnant, don't deny your baby a life just because of what their biological father did to you. One thing you may not have considered is that God can take any ugly situation and allow something beautiful to come from it.

It is most important that you take the time to think about your decision and its consequences. If you are a Christian, pray about your stance on abortion as you seek information about all your alternatives. If you can't seem to choose one side of the fence, take the time to talk with your friends and family. Don't, however, let the debate tear you apart. God doesn't want us to be divided, but united and like-minded. "...ye be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind. Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves." (Philippians 2:2-3)

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