Abortion Prices

Abortion prices and procedures will largely be determined by the geographical area in which a girl or woman seeking an abortion lives, and these costs will also be dependent upon how far along the pregnancy has developed. Pregnancies developing in the first trimester will costs less for an abortion procedure than pregnancies that are into the middle and later months of development. Of course, the larger the fetus, or developing baby, the more risky the procedure, costing the patient more money. Different abortion options will have costs that vary, so when researching prices, those pregnant will want to carefully consider the options. But the cost of ending a pregnancy can cost more than money, it can cost a woman or anyone associated with the pregnancy, major heartache and emotional pain.

There are different options that can be considered when a woman is looking for prices and getting the facts about terminating a pregnancy. Most of the procedures performed in the United States are surgical procedures, and before opting for surgery, women should get as much information about what this is and what the results can be. Every person is ultimately responsible for their own bodies, so getting as much information about prices, procedures, and abortion options will help those considering the procedure to make informed decisions. Women and girls considering ending a pregnancy deserve to know the truth of every procedure and the extreme consequences involved. There can be many after-effects with abortion, and there can be spiritual consequences as well.

Carefully weighing all the options, including those outside of terminating a pregnancy, will be important when considering the major decision to end the life of an unborn child. As with any medical procedure, there are risks and consequences to disrupting the body's natural clock and progress and abortion options are no different. As technology increases, and information becomes more readily available, research is proving that there can be extreme physical, emotional, and mental consequences associated with the procedure of ending a pregnancy and the post operative after affects. And, the sin of abortion can separate us from God. What more devastation could there be?

Getting information about the actual procedures utilized today can help direct women, teens, and preteens considering it to make the choices that will provide the best long term solutions for each individual's circumstances. In the United States there are currently two types of abortion options in use that expel a fetus from a womb. The first procedure is the relatively new drug combination of Mifeprex (RU 486) and Cytotec. The combination of drugs causes the developing baby to detach from the uterine wall and eventually expel from the woman's body. These drug combinations can only be used in pregnancies seven weeks developed or less. The risk factor associated with this combination of drugs is severe infection or even death, due to complications in expelling the fetus. What God finds wonderful and miraculous, we take a pill and expel.

The options that are most frequently performed in the United States are the vacuum aspiration, which counts for over 88% of all abortions options. Abortion prices for the vacuum aspiration can range from $450 dollars and up, again, depending upon what month of pregnancy the woman is in. With the vacuum aspiration procedure, a rod is placed into the vaginal opening, which forces the cervix open. The developing fetus is then suctioned out of the womb with a manual or electric pump. Often, doctors performing abortions must reassemble the expelled fetus, making sure that all of the baby's limbs are accounted for. Leaving any piece of fetal tissue can cause infection and severe complications. There can be painful cramping and excessive bleeding associated with this surgical procedure, and vacuum aspirations and post-operative complications can lead to fertility problems later in life or death, due to vacuum punctures in the uterine walls. It's hard to fathom that what God has so carefully knit together in a woman's womb, we so shamelessly rip apart.

Some businesses do not meet medical state standards and are not under standard medical regulations, allowing for dishonest and risky practices to occur. Terminating pregnancies is a business, and with over 850,000 surgical procedures performed in America annually, abortion prices make this a big money making business. Doctors often receive more that 50% of the money, which can take him or her less than 20 minutes to perform. The math adds up to major income for any medical doctor or associate executing these procedures. God's Word warns us against get rich schemes, and to gain substantial finances from a practice that God finds appalling is quite unbelievable.

When facing a decision about a pregnancy, women will need to stop and take time to realize that there are consequences beyond just abortion prices. The options of expelling the fetus before full term and birth can be more devastating than placing a child for adoption or caring for a child. Many women who have experienced this procedure tell of major psychological consequences, which doctors now refer to as Post Abortion Syndrome. This is a post traumatic disorder that includes a multitude of emotional and mental symptoms. Sexual disorders, extreme guilt and shame, obsessive behaviors, drug abuse, and even suicide are all associated with the after-affects of the major crisis and trauma associated with abortion. God's Word tells us that there is ongoing pain for the sin in our lives.

Women choosing abortion are often making decisions in the midst of a crisis, believing that the procedure will make the crisis to "go away". But, the truth is, a fetus is a developing human child. Turning to the creator of all human life can help anyone pregnant make a wise and healthy long-term decision. God makes it very clear that He is the author of life, and when we put life into His hands, He is faithful to bring all situations into His plans and for His glory. In the book of Jeremiah, we find the Lord speaking about His plans for every human life created, even the human fetuses still in their mother's wombs. "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end (hope for the future)." (Jeremiah 29:11) You can trust that God's plans for every pregnancy will bring about peace and spiritual prosperity.

Abortion Costs

Abortion services are available throughout the United States, and the world, to assist women in need of help. While some of these programs and organizations are there to support women in the decision to choose to abort the child, many Christian organizations exist to provide information on alternatives. Often pregnant women, especially younger girls, feel there is no way around a pregnancy but to end the life of the child. This is an option that has been heavily publicized, endorsed, and glamorized by the media, often allowing women to feel empowered by making the choice. Many Christian organizations can assist women in seeing the true abortion costs that exist, far beyond the scope of monetary and financial costs. Some of these costs include emotional turmoil, physical affects, and spiritual anguish. By educating women on the true devastation of this procedure and alternative solutions, Christian organizations provide help for those who are desperate for a solution.

Many Christian abortion services are available to assist women in need of help. These organizations are often created as an outreach to women, especially those within the church, who may be experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Most large cities have some type of group or organization that can offer women assistance in choosing a better alternative. If there is not an organization like this in a town or city, there are women and men within churches who can help find alternative solutions. For someone who is a non-Christian, or not currently attending a church, it may be difficult to reach out to someone from this type of organization for help. Shame, guilt, and many other emotions may come into play when trying to seek a decision. A pregnant woman seeking help must understand that people working in these Christian abortion services or organizations are there as counselors, teachers, and friends. They are not there to condemn or chastise an individual who may have had thoughts of aborting a child before making the decision to seek help. On the contrary, the individuals working within these organizations will admire an individual who has struggled with the decision to terminate a pregnancy and ultimately chosen to give life to the child.

For those individuals still thinking about choosing to have an abortion, it is important for a Christian organization to educate the woman on the abortion costs that may arise from the procedure. Many surgical procedures are used to abort babies. These procedures can range in intensity and side effects. It is important for an individual to understand that many of these surgical procedures can lead to the inability to conceive children. If the individual is still able to conceive after an abortion, they may experience complications with pregnancy. Abortions can often make women more susceptible to miscarriages, hemorrhages, and other complications with labor and delivery. These can be very dangerous, not only to the mother, but the child as well. Physical problems are probably much easier to deal with than the emotional costs that may be faced. Individuals may struggle with the decision to choose an abortion for years to come. Seeing young children on the street that may be about the same age as the child that was aborted can be devastating to an individual. Guilt, sorrow, and emotional turmoil can lead to feeling inadequate and unhappy for a long time.

It is very important for Christian abortion services to explain alternative choices to individuals who may be considering ending the life of their unborn baby. After the abortion costs are explained, these individuals need to understand what other options there are. Many women feel this is the only way out. While it is a way that many choose, it is the most devastating and painful way to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. One of the best alternative choices is actually raising the child. This may be a difficult choice because the individual may not be financially secure enough to undertake the effort, but there are ways to seek help from the government and organizations such as the Christian organizations that counsel women in choosing life over the death of a child. Another great alternative is allowing another family member to raise the child. Often grandparents will jump at the chance to take in a child when the child's parent is financially unable to do so. If this is not an option, adoption may be a great answer. Many couples are unable to have children and are seeking a child to love and raise as their own.

Christian organizations can make it much easier for a woman to choose to have a child instead of terminating a pregnancy. These abortion services seek to provide education on many issues often associated with these procedures. The abortion costs can be very hard for an individual. Physically, women may become unable to conceive or may develop difficulties with future pregnancies. The emotional costs may include guilt, anguish, and other negative feelings. Choosing life can be liberating to a female who had previous thoughts of abortion. If raising the child is impossible, there are numerous alternatives including giving the child up for adoption. "Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward" (Psalm 127:3). Seeking help will provide a female with help in deciding what alternative to select.

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