Abortion Procedure Facts

Invasive or non-invasive, abortion procedure facts provide women with the knowledge to make an informed decision. Sometimes a woman who has found out all of the facts will go ahead with abortion because she feels that she has no other choice. Thank God there are many other choices for women today over termination of pregnancy. Abortion procedure facts that include options for the unborn child to live will give a woman the choices of adopting the child out, becoming empowered as a single parent, and the consideration of foster care. Sometimes the decision to keep the child is much easier to make if the patient knows that there are organizations out there that will help. Pro-choice organizations will probably not give a patient all the facts and may even try to convince the woman that the unborn child is not really a person. People have little people. From the moment of conception this baby is a little person. Use wisdom and do not fall for assumptions or guesses supposed by others. Instead research the options and be informed before visiting the clinic which will help to extinguish the life of a child. "Stand in awe, and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah" (Psalm 4:4).

Many women, at one time, or another may be faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Some may have a spouse who can help with making an informed decision. Those who are alone may be more distressed over bringing a child into the world for various reasons. Our world today is full of uncertainties that can cause a woman to doubt her ability to provide for her child. Non-profit organizations exist that can help when trying to find out abortion procedure facts as well as other options where a woman can get help to keep the child or adopt the child out to a couple who are better qualified to raise him or her. Baby adoptions are the most popular because couples often prefer to raise a child up with their own values. So finding a couple who will want to adopt will not be difficult to do. Visit or call an adoption agency and find out what is involved before choosing termination of life.

Reasons for considering the termination of a pregnancy are varied. Some of the more common reasons are because the mother to be is too young to properly take care of the baby; the mother to be may be over 40 and feels like she is too old to start a family; or the mother to be may be too poor and unmarried. With the legalization of abortion, women do not have to give a reason for terminating a pregnancy. Abortion procedure facts provided by a clinic are going to depend upon the questions asked before the termination takes place. Some clinics have brochures that list their services, types of procedures, and an estimated cost for each one. They do not usually detail how the procedure is done and what happens to the fetus.

The procedure suggested for termination of a pregnancy will be dependent upon how far along the mother is. Eight weeks or less gives the mother more options. Now clinics have two pills that can be given and the mother can abort her child at home. There are some dangers to the mother and abortion procedure facts reveal that sometimes the pills do not work. When the pills don't do the job then the patient will be expected to have the fetus surgically removed. The pills could make the child deformed if the woman decides to carry to full-term. This is just one of the reasons why a candidate for pregnancy termination needs to find out all the facts before making a decision.

Statistics claim that around 30 million abortions are done throughout the world in the span of a year. Abortion procedure facts claim that getting one's child terminated is completely safe. However statistics say that around 13% of those 30 million results in death to the mother. To lessen the mental picture of murder clinics will often call termination of a fetus as a menstrual extraction. Even though medical science has proven that at conception life begins. By the time the fetus is eight weeks old the child already has little hands and feet, a heartbeat, vital organs, and a nervous system. Abortion procedure facts reveal if the patient uses pills to terminate her pregnancy at home, she will still have to have an evaluation to determine if everything went well. Statistics show that at least one patient in 100 may contract an infection that becomes fatal.

The Bible is clear about the sin of murder. A small amount of Biblical research will reveal the sanctity of human life from the view of our creator. The Bible says that God sees our form in the womb and that we are fearfully and wondrously made. When Cain killed his brother Abel, God banished him from his family and put a mark on him that he was a murderer. The Bible also says that we all reap what we sow. Abortion procedure facts that spell out the truth about what an unborn baby goes through during the aborting process should scare and rend the heart of any mother to be. Read God's word and seek some Christian counseling before visiting a medical clinic or doctor that has no problem helping their patients extinguish the life of an unborn baby.

Types Of Abortion Procedures

An honest look at the various types of abortion procedures that are performed daily on a routine basis can be eye opening for anyone who is trying to come to a conclusion on the moral implications of this issue. In the United States a woman may legally obtain an abortion during any phase of pregnancy. It will generally be more difficult and costly to terminate a pregnancy that is more advanced, but the law does not prohibit late term abortions. This procedure was legalized in America in 1973 and a number of variations on how the act is carried out exist. Understanding the nature of these different types of abortion procedures may be helpful to anyone who is trying to come to a decision regarding this controversial and emotional topic. The kind of procedure that may be utilized will usually depend on how advanced the pregnancy is. First trimester abortions, for example, will generally require steps that vary widely from those that are routinely utilized if the pregnancy is more advanced. Unfortunately, the decision to go through with this procedure is made with little information as to what is actually entailed. Research and education along with informed counseling should be explored before making such an important and life altering decision.

Among the different types of abortion procedures that are performed during the first trimester are the dilation and curettage method, the suction aspiration method, and the chemical method. Dilation and curettage, or D&C, involves a scraping of the uterus with a looped steel knife. The placenta and infant are cut into pieces when this method is used. The doctor will then either scrape or suck out the pieces from the woman's body. General anesthesia is usually require for this procedure and the woman may experience a good deal of bleeding. The suction aspiration is a more commonly used method and involves a numbing and stretching of the cervix, followed by placing a sharp edged hollow tube into the uterus. The body of the infant is then sucked into the tube and the body is torn apart in the process. Additional suction then removes placenta and fetus together. The third of these three types of abortion procedures is called the chemical abortion. This method can only be used very early in the pregnancy. Using this method, the pregnancy is terminated through the administering of an abortifacient drug such as RU-486 or methotrexate. These medications can have serious side effects and may also cause life threatening complications.

Second and third trimester abortions can be a good deal more complicated. This is due to the advanced maturity and size of the unborn infant during these stages of pregnancy. Dilation and evacuation methods involve dilating the cervix much more widely and ending the pregnancy by removing the unborn child in larger pieces. For late term abortions, the physician may inject lethal chemicals directly into the womb and causing the unborn child to be killed. While such descriptions of these types of abortion procedures may sound quite graphic, they are an accurate representation of what takes place during an abortion. Proponents of this type of legalized termination of pregnancy claim that the unborn child does not feel any pain during these procedures, but scientific and medical evidence would flatly contradict such assertions.

One of the real tragedies of these types of abortion procedures may lie in the misinformation and ignorance has been circulated regarding just what is happening as the unborn child develops within the mother's womb. Abortion proponents claim that no life is being destroyed since the fetus represents a collection of cells and not a living being. Nothing could be further from the truth. At the very moment of conception, an individual DNA code is created. This code immediately determines the gender of the child as well as which features and traits the child will inherit. Will the child be a freckled red head or a dimpled brunette? Can the parents expect curly blond hair and blue eyes or a brown eyed child with straight brown hair? The answers to these and many other questions have already been determined at the moment of conception thanks to the DNA code. And yet, many different types of abortion procedures that will destroy the life potential that this astounding creation represents are performed by the thousands each year.

By the time that the expectant mother has her first indications that she may be pregnant, the nervous system, the brain and the spinal cord have all begun to form and a tiny heart has begun to beat. At one month into her pregnancy, the fetus will have two arms and two legs will begin to bud. The nose, the mouth and the features of the face have also begun to form. This developing life most certainly does not represent a haphazard tangle of cells. To make such assertions is to simply lie. Abortions are routinely performed within the first trimester of pregnancy, and yet, by the end of the first trimester the unborn child possesses finger nails and hair, is able to swallow and will respond to stimulation of the skin. Vocal chords as well as facial features that may resemble the child's mother or father are already present. And all of this occurs before the expectant mother has even felt her baby kick. A woman who is only four months pregnant is carrying a child that is capable of sucking a thumb or turning somersaults within the womb. When these facts are more clearly understood, the violence of these types of abortion procedures becomes obvious to most fair minded individuals. The Bible also points to God's delicate attention to life inside the womb. "For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother's womb." (Psalm 139:13)

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