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Abortion pro life feminists and Christians in the nineteenth century were strongly against the act of killing unborn babies because of the belief in the worth of all human beings. They opposed abortion even though there was a vivid awareness of the damage done to women through almost constant childbearing. This opposition occurred even though the facts were that almost half of all children born at that time died before the age of five. In addition, they understood that, much like today, women resorted to abortion because they were abandoned or pressured by boyfriends, husbands or parents, and lacked financial resources to raise a child on their own. They knew that women had virtually no rights within the family or the political sphere, but they did not believe that this option was the answer. If abortion pro-life Christians in times of old, when situations were worse for them, opposed abortion; what is the excuse today for such support of abortion? For more information on this highly debated procedure, take this Abortion Quiz.

It is well known that the death of a child is a particularly difficult loss to mourn. In intensive care nurseries, parents are encouraged to hold their baby after his or her death, to take pictures, and plan a funeral and burial. Parents of aborted babies, however, have not been given permission to grieve. Grieving the loss of a baby, which is what abortion pro life feminists and Christians know an embryo is, would conclude that there was a baby and the baby was killed, thus denouncing the entire premise why this action is even legal in this nation. Parents of aborted babies have no memories, no pictures, no funeral service, and no grave to visit. As time passes they become aware of the reality of their lost parenthood, and their grief may become overwhelming. Waves of unexpected emotion, sorrow, emptiness, guilt, depression, and suicidal thoughts flood through them. Mothers are often aware of a sense of emptiness and a longing for their children. The book of Jeremiah in the Bible speaks of Rachael weeping for her lost children: "Rachael mourns for her children; she refuses to be consoled because her children are no more." (Jeremiah 31:15)

Statistics have proven that after being induced to destroy the fetus, most women suffer feelings of grief at a higher intensity level and for a prolonged period of time; sometimes 20, 30, or 50 years later. Unlike women who have miscarried, women who had abortions feel guilty because what happened to them was due to choice. While abortion pro life Christians believe that God full heartily gives each and every person the ability to make their own decisions (free-will), He does not give every person the ability to make decisions for others (the baby in the womb). It is not okay to make a decision that affects another person, especially one that does not allow another person to continue living. God is the giver of life and death, not the pregnant mother of an unwanted child. Abortion pro life feminists and Christians state that women agonize over the decision to take such an action, a decision that is often made in a hurry, and under duress. Confused by her feelings about the pregnancy, and finding no one to help her find another solution, pro-life proponents say a woman experiencing a crisis pregnancy may believe that such a method is her only alternative. Click here for the truth.

Despite the expansion of the pro-choice doctrine in the years following the Roe vs. Wade decision, legislatures continue to maintain and develop legal protection of the unborn children in all contexts except this. Prior to Roe vs. Wade, it was already settled law that the unborn child could inherit property, have a guardian appointed to represent his interest, be the subject of a custody dispute, and be considered a child for purposes of terminating the parent -child relationship. Abortion pro-life feminists and Christians report that thirty-one states and the federal government now have fetal homicide laws, which punish third parties (people other than the mother and an abortionist) who kill an unborn child. Many states expand their reach with laws applying from conception onward, rather than after quickening or viability. In one reported case, made aware by abortion pro life Christians and feminists, is of a man who was convicted of fetal assault even though the mother was unaware she was pregnant. In many states, someone who batters a pregnant woman and injures the fetus may be charged with two crimes: against the mother and against the unborn child.

Pro-life feminists are outraged that rather than promoting women's equality, pro-choice has, in fact, hurt women. Only women experience the immediate and long term physical complications, emotional devastation or psychological traumas that may result from abortion. Legalized procedures have shifted primary (and often sole) responsibility for the bearing and rearing of children onto the woman's shoulders. Killing unborn children has cheapened relationships between men and women, and has shredded the moral fabric of American culture. Abortion pro-life Christians encourage women to seek alternative options. They focus on educating women and men on the consequences of sexual relations before a commitment to marriage. Choosing to destroy an unborn child is a choice to murder. It is immoral and wrong. There are a variety of options available to women who experience unwanted pregnancies. Abortion pro-life feminists and Christians can provide lists of resources and centers available to aid in the recovery and forgiveness of those who have made the mistake to undergo this procedure and those that are considering the act with an option.

Abortion Facts Pro Life

The unborn child is human, abortion facts pro life acknowledges and proclaims with a voice that is often not heard. God is the creator of all life including all human life. "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul" (Genesis 2:7). When trying to figure out whether or not to terminate a pregnancy every woman should be asking herself one important question. The question is whether or not the fetus she is carrying inside of her is human. Medical science can prove this fact easily. Abortion facts pro life recognizes the unborn as being human and that he or she should have equal protection under the law. However, there are those who believe that a woman should have the right to choose whether or not her unborn child should have life. God gives breath and people make a decision to extinguish that breath. Written into the constitution of the United States are the words that protect all human life. However, one case under the Supreme Court has taken away that right from the unborn. Many even profit from the extermination of a child.

Living in the world can be tough at times. Our economic situation makes it hard for some to know where the next meal will come from. Those who choose to allow the possibility of conception must understand that this is where the important choices are made and the responsible ones too, before conception takes place. Abortion facts pro life are voices that cry out for the babies who are at the mercy of the medical clinics and doctors that carry out a woman's wishes. The reasons for wanting to abort do not have to be disclosed. Today women have the choice to take two pills and commit the act themselves or to have the physician perform the procedure.

When conception occurs a miracle happens because at that moment this new little person has the genes to determine sex, eye color, and hair color. "As for you, be fruitful and increase in number; multiply on the earth and increase upon it" (Genesis 8:17). At the time of conception the cells divide and travel to the womb to find a secure place to continue growing until the time comes to be born. Medical science shows that within the second week of growth the child produces a hormone called HCG. This hormone stops the menstrual period of the mother and the fetus burrows deeper into the womb.

Abortion facts pro life recognizes that at the time of conception this little creature is a human with all the rights and privileges of being so. During the third week after conception blood vessels form, the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system are complete and the heart begins to beat. The eyes develop, the ears, and by the fourth week the lungs begin to form. Towards the end of the fourth week the arms and legs appear, the mouth, nose, thyroid gland, the tongue and the face appears. In the beginning of the second month the child experiences reflex movements. The baby's brain divides into three parts so he or she can experience emotions, understand language, hear, and see. Before the end of eight weeks the child can frown, squint, move arms and legs, open mouth, touch own face, breathe in and out, stretch, and suck. The baby has every organ in place, the liver is making blood, the kidneys are functioning and bones are added. Abortion facts pro life provides this type of information to women who ask or who might think that the baby is not yet a real human being.

The abortion pills can be given up to eight weeks from conception. The hormone from the first pill stops the hormone that the baby produces and causes the child to detach from the uterus. The second pill causes the child to starve to death and eventually leave the mothers body. Abortion facts pro life gives information to a woman who may not have the knowledge to understand how this little fetus is a real little person who can feel pain. Many women do not find out until after aborting their child the seriousness of what they have done. Then they begin to suffer the consequences of extinguishing the life of their precious one. Some women have nightmares and have mental anguish after having an abortion. Besides the mental anguish many women suffer with physical problems from having the procedure itself.

Bladder injury and bowel injury are both possible during the termination of a pregnancy. The uterus can easily get perforated along with the bladder and the intestines. When this happens the patient can experience abdominal pain, fever, nausea, and vomiting. Inflammation from these injuries can lead to infection and even death. This information along with the effects on future pregnancies can be learned from those who provide abortion facts pro life. There is a chance that future pregnancies can be greatly affected from having an abortion. The future child's birth weight can be much lower than normal and the woman's chances to miscarry are greater. Abortion facts pro life brings to light that sometimes the procedure to abort a child fails. When this happens the baby can suffer with deformities and brain damage, among other things. Ladies take the time to learn the facts before having the procedure to terminate a pregnancy; you and your child's life depend upon it. Pray and trust God to guide and provide strength to do the right thing.

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