Counseling Before An Abortion

Counseling before an abortion provides a woman with options that will save the life of her child. Women who get pregnant, especially for the first time may not realize the services that are available to them. Financial assistance provides for the medical care of the mother and child while she is pregnant. Organizations that are pro life often have services that help the mother-to-be obtain maternity clothes. In addition, baby clothes and supplies are offered for women in need of them. Options such as adoption can be discovered through counseling before an abortion. There may even be someone in the family of the mother-to-be who can not have children of their own. Even if this is not so there are many couples out there who cannot have children of their own. The patient is encouraged to talk to many different couples in hopes that she will feel comfortable giving them her child to raise as their very own. "And again, I will put my trust in him. And again, Behold I and the children which God hath given me" (Hebrews 2:13).

According to statistics over 1 million abortions have been performed every year since 1973 when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of legal abortions. Some women will decide to terminate a pregnancy because it is now legal to do so. A few ladies use the procedure as a form of birth control but some do not realize that they are committing murder of a human life because they have been told that this developing life within them is just a zygote or a fetus, not yet a baby. Counseling before an abortion with a pro life organization will provide the facts to a mother-to-be, that life begins at conception and this little blob of tissue is fully human and fully alive. A baby is a full and functioning human being very early in his or her development. Once conception takes place a precious child with all of his or her individual characteristics exist. After eight weeks, the child has a fully functioning brain and nervous system along with working organs including a liver that is making blood and a heart that is steadily beating.

An ideal situation would be for clinics to give extensive counseling before an abortion; where the pregnant female is given all the facts, not only about the procedure but about the developing child, and the psychological after effects of having an abortion. Abortion clinics need to be regulated carefully to make sure that they are in compliance. What would be great is if clinics were required to send the pregnant woman to a pro life group so that she can understand the permanent implications of her actions; once the procedure is done there is no turning back and this is a memory that will be with her for the rest of her life. Counseling before an abortion should be mandatory to combat the psychological effects a woman deals with after terminating a pregnancy. Statistics have shown that many women suffer afterwards especially psychologically. Although it is not always documented, ladies can develop anger issues and mental disorders because of this act.

Thank God there is some information available online that is there for anyone who has an Internet connection. Anyone wanting to know the legal facts that led to the procedure becoming legal in the United States can read that online. They can read about the ban on partial-birth abortions signed by President George W. Bush in 2003. This type of information can be helpful for those considering the termination of a pregnancy. Basically, a partial-birth abortion is one that takes place in the second and third trimester of the pregnancy and the only exception is if the mother's life is in danger. This ban recognizes the rights of the child in the womb and is there to protect that life. Counseling before an abortion should contain factual information about lawmakers that do exist in this country who are trying to protect the innocent. One of the things that the Lord hates is a person who sheds the blood of the innocent. Praise God for people in office who have morals and are ethical.

Medical history should be included in counseling before an abortion. A physician should consider any diseases that may have affected their patient's reproductive organs especially sexually transmitted ones. Patients who have a history of serious medical problems should be counseled and may not be a candidate for an abortion. Some of the diseases include diabetes, high blood pressure, anemia, bleeding disorders, and heart disease. Cancer of the reproductive organs is another disease that qualifies as a special medical problem. Counseling should include the history of medications being taken by the patient. A physical exam will help to determine any other issues that might be of concern. An ultrasound is done to confirm the pregnancy and the development of the fetus. Also, physicians should be able to rule out an ectopic pregnancy when doing an ultrasound.

Some states do have mandatory counseling before an abortion where the patient is given options on the risks and benefits of different procedures. In addition, some states require that the patient go through a mandatory waiting period between receiving counseling and actually having an abortion. Unfortunately, not many states have these requirements. The patient should seek out additional information on her own and know all the facts. Hopefully, between counseling and a waiting period the women in those states who require these will change their mind and not terminate the life of their child.

Pre Abortion Counseling

Pre abortion counseling can provide hope to women who have become pregnant and are not happy about it. Considering an abortion is a very serious matter and should not even be contemplated as a choice. The little human child that is developing and growing in the womb did not ask to be there. He or she is there because of a choice that someone else made. God says that children are a blessing from him and they should be viewed as such. The precious little children deserve the same chances to life that all of us have had. They should not have to suffer for the mistakes or sins of others. God also says in His Word that murder is sin. Pre abortion counseling at an abortion clinic may not tell a woman all of this because basically they are trying to make a sale. Medical personnel pretend like they care and some of them may come across sincere because they are blinded to the truth themselves. "Cause me to hear Thy loving kindness in the morning; for in Thee do I trust: cause me to know the way wherein I should walk; for I lift up my soul unto Thee" (Psalm 143:8).

The Bible says that those who are perishing are often spiritually blinded from the truth. They choose to believe the lie rather than the truth. This is what makes their story so convincing to women who are asking for help. Pre abortion counseling from people who are spiritually blind may be appealing especially if the mother-to-be is looking for a way out from her predicament. Counselors at abortion clinics will not normally tell you that this little life you are carrying can feel pain or be aware of what is going on. Some might tell you that a child inside the mother's womb is not self-aware until he or she can exist outside of the womb. Some will even tell you that the procedure is safe and no harm will come to your body; when in fact the cervix has to be stretched beyond capable limits in order for the surgeon to expel the child from the body. This stretching causes damage to the tissue resulting in weakness and scar tissue. This alone can keep a woman from carrying a child to term. It may cause a woman to miscarry or give birth to premature babies.

There are other physical problems that terminating a pregnancy can cause to a female's body. In some documented cases women who have had a pregnancy terminated have had other organs punctured which has caused a serious infection. This type of infection can lead to sepsis and even death. Pre abortion counseling should include every possible risk that could happen to a woman's body. Some ladies might decide not to terminate a pregnancy when finding out the risks especially when wanting to have future children.

One option that clinics are offering ladies today includes swallowing two pills that will spontaneously cause the child to be expelled from the body. These two pills have not been used for very long so no one really knows what the long-term effects will be after taking them. Many females who have decided to have a medically induced abortion have problems. These problems may lead to a surgical abortion being necessary. Pre abortion counseling does not include all of the possible risks to a woman who takes pills to abort her child. Medical personnel in a clinic do not tell her to not be surprised if she sees a little baby floating in the toilet or shower several days after taking the last pill. Abortion clinics may not tell the patient that she could have severe hemorrhaging which could lead to death after having a medically induced termination of a pregnancy.

Some women will wonder who to talk to when searching for the truth. There is a great deal of information on the Internet about pre abortion counseling. A female who has an unwanted pregnancy should consider looking at multiple sites to get a rounded view of the subject. Most sites have contact information so a person can just give them a call and ask questions over the phone or so she can send an email with questions. Various websites have testimonies of women who have been through an abortion. This is another good way to get some unbiased information. Blog sites have stories of ladies who are asking the same questions you might ask. Take notes and then pray about your situation for a while. Take one day at a time and talk to Christian friends or family.

Unfortunately some females terminate a pregnancy because they feel pressured to do so. This is a difficult situation because family or friends and even spouses can make it difficult to not do what they want. This is where prayer and seeking counseling is especially important. Never give into pressure from others when making such a life changing decision. The decision to terminate a pregnancy is one that you will have to live with for the rest of your life. A person who is trying to make the decision for you should get pre abortion counseling so he or she can understand the severity of having an abortion. Sometimes a female is scared not to follow the advice of a spouse, boyfriend or parents. This is a bad situation and intervention is necessary to convince those involved of the truth of what is being asked. Pre abortion counseling can be attended as a group where all family members are present. Trust in God and don't give in to pressure. God can change the minds of those who are spiritually blinded to the truth.

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