Issues Against Abortion

There are a number of compelling issues against abortion that should be considered before making a final decision on this controversial topic. The beginning of life is a major bone of contention that separates those who oppose and those who support legalized abortion. Individuals who take an anti-abortion stance believe strongly that human life begins at conception. Among the arguments that are frequently presented to make the case for life beginning at conception include the fact the the DNA code originates with the moment that a child is conceived. This code establishes such factors as the gender, eye color, and hair color that the child will have. But beyond these basic features, minute details such as resemblance to a parent or loved one, future height or even whether or not a child will have dimples, freckles or curly hair has been determined at conception. Such facts would tend to go a long way toward bolstering the notion that human life does indeed begin at conception. For many, this fact alone is one of the most persuasive issues against abortion. Those who oppose the legalized termination of pregnancy firmly believe that if life begins at the moment of conception, all abortions would therefore constitute cold blooded murder.

Frequently listed issues against abortion might include the extraordinary measures that are taken to save the lives of infants that are born prematurely. The hypocrisy of applying appropriately heroic measures to save the life of an innocent preemie while at the same time promoting procedures that violently take the life of near full term infants is not lost on most abortion opponents. The same medical community that works to save the life of an infant born prematurely will utilize cruel and inhumane methods to destroy the life of infants of the same gestational age. Such disrespect for life has convinced many to align themselves with the anti-abortion movement.

While dealing with an unwanted pregnancy is never easy, there are long waiting lists of prospective parents who are willing to adopt healthy newborns. This fact effectively destroys the argument that some children are simply not wanted. One of the issues against abortion limits centers on the idea of a woman's right to control her own body. Abortion right supporters believe that no woman should be forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term. But those on the other side of this issue point out that with the large array of effective birth control that is widely available, there is no reason why any woman would not have the resources to control whether or not she becomes pregnant.

The emotional issues that many women deal with after a pregnancy has been terminated offer some often overlooked issues against abortion. There has been a clearly demonstrated link between emotional difficulties that can occur even years after abortions have taken place. Women who previously chose to end a pregnancy will frequently experience a sense of guilt or grief years later when they are ready to start a family. This can particularly be true when the woman was coerced into the initial decision to abort. Unresolved doubts can rear up later creating feelings of shame and deep regret. Often, previous abortions are kept secret making the individual much more susceptible to suppressed emotions that can have a major negative impact later on. The stigma that this issue represents will often encourage women to suffer in silence. Particularly difficult are situations in which a woman later changes her mind on how she feels about this controversial topic. Both men and women who had previously been part of a decision to terminate an unwanted pregnancy can end up feeling great guilt and grief later on, particularly if they eventually decide that aborting a pregnancy is morally wrong. These factors represent just a few of the strong emotional issues against abortion. The Bible clearly states that children are one of God's greatest gifts. "Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward." (Psalm 127:3)

The potential for medical complications can provide additional issues against abortion that should be considered. An increase in the likelihood of experiencing a pregnancy complication called an ectopic or tubal pregnancy has been reported to occur more frequently for women who have previously had abortions. Another possible complication is a condition called placenta previa which can lead to miscarriage or premature delivery. The notion that legalized abortions provide a safety net for times when other birth control methods either failed or were neglected altogether is unthinkable to most individuals who oppose legalized abortions. Terminating an unwanted pregnancy does not constitute a wise or responsible method of birth control in the eyes of most abortion opponents. Along the same line, taxpayers who feel strongly that it is morally wrong to terminate a pregnancy do not feel that it is right to use taxpayer money to pay for a procedure that they so strongly oppose.

In many cases, women who undergo abortions are very young. The immaturity of teenage girls is often sited as one of many compelling issues against abortion. Minors who are not able to completely understand the full ramifications of their actions will often regret the decision to abort at a later time. Even those who felt that such a decision was justified at the time may later experience deep regrets. An honest look at the facts surrounding the issue of abortion, as well as the subsequent problems that may follow, has pointed many in the direction of a respect for life and an opposition to this controversial procedure.

Articles Against Abortion

Articles against abortion are readily found online as well as in the newspapers especially around election time due to the controversial nature. Most of this literature places focus on the biology from conception to birth allowing for the reader to envision a real person developing during the nine months of pregnancy. Though some of this literature does not use grounded facts, the ethical dilemma of playing God remains. There are many occurrences throughout life that scientists simply cannot explain, but Christians know lifes situations are God exemplifying His sovereign plan. The conception of a child is certainly no exception.

Taking the control of life and death into ones own hands remains debatable between Christians and non-Christians. Christians do not always write pro-life abortion articles, however note that the ethical standards of these people, in general, eventually turn to Christianity at some point. Whether this is a conversion or friendly visit of sorts, it is impossible to ignore the existence of God within the conception of life. Many examples are available of good non-Christian people who convert after delving into matters of deep ethical subject. Pro-life abortion articles may include those suggestion adoption, marriage, and coping with the major life change. Whatever the choice is except abortion, God will honor and support as long as faith continues and is wholeheartedly devoted throughout life.

Written material that appears to be articles against abortion may be the exact opposite. Understanding fully what one is reading is crucial when decisions of this importance are at stake. Though a piece of writing may imply the saving of a life or prolonging existence, an underlying theme of blame and guilt may appear which may in effect cause a woman to damage the baby in some way during pregnancy. Though it would be uncommon for this to happen after reading one article, the propaganda of many writings with the same theme may cause confusion and distress. Therefore, understanding the goal of the author as well as his or her background before reading can ensure better success in making a sound decision. Many strong opinions about the termination of pregnancy flood the Internet and written publication world with topics ranging from why abortion is murder to reasons why this process should be considered a regular medical procedure. Pro-life abortion articles speak of the act of terminating a pregnancy however the main focus is to educate women about the dangers both physically and mentally.

Honoring the life that God created is important not only for the babys sake, but for the womans sake especially during time of judgment. Justice and judgment [are] the habitation of thy throne: mercy and truth shall go before thy face. (Psalm 89:14) People who fear the Lord and want to go to heaven take note of everything done throughout life. Though entrance to Heaven does not depend on works (good or bad) it does depend on a daily walk with Jesus, which leads to good works. Having your conversation honest among the Gentiles: that, whereas they speak against you as evildoers, they may by [your] good works, which they shall behold, glorify God in the day of visitation. (1 Peter 2:12) However, this may not be exemplified in articles against abortion, but rather as an illustration of honorable choices pleasing to God. Understanding the difference between neutral works and good works is important for the overall development of any Christian. People who stand by and do not conduct good works are worse than those that do bad works. Advocating and educating women about the physical and moral dangers of terminating pregnancy is a good work because it helps save Gods potential people.

Statistics, personal stories, and medical description are all focus in articles against abortion. It is hard to find women who are truly happy that they aborted their child. Pro-life abortion articles will undoubtedly support this statement through stories of depression and regret felt by women who chose to abort. Unlike most decisions in life, this one is irreversible and unforgettable. Learning from other womens mistakes leads to better personal decisions. These women who write pro-life abortion articles generally desire for other women to make smarter choices than they did. Additionally, sharing statistics in an informal publication in comparison to a medical report, which provides the same information about patient and child deaths as well as descriptions of the medical procedure and personal stories of experience.

Adoption is a viable option when the mother cannot provide a nurturing home or wishes not to keep the child. God calls His people to take care of all people including the unwanted children. Then the king answered and said, Give her the living child, and in no wise slay it: she [is] the mother thereof. (1 Kings 3:27) Gods people are called to take care of each other even outside their own family or beyond imaginable ability. God empowers people to accomplish insurmountable tasks when they believe in Jesus. A child exemplifies the faith required for belief in God and Jesus. Through ministries and articles against abortion anyone can share the truth of Jesus as well as the facts about aborting babies. Those who decide against abortion, but do not wish to trust Jesus should be respected just the same. The choice for life is the most important step to begin a life of ethical choices; patience and endurance for completion of a faith walk may come in time.

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