Laws Against Abortion

Laws against abortion have been around for approximately two hundred years though they have varied by state. By 1965 most states had laws that banned the procedure except in extreme cases. Some of the extreme cases included, saving the life of the mother, cases of rape or incest, and if the fetus was deformed or had some sort of medical problems that would deny a reasonable quality of life. Abortion laws in the United States changed after 1973 when a Supreme Court Case made the state laws unconstitutional or nonexistent. This law made all others null and void with a woman in her first trimester of pregnancy. However, there were some restrictions with the later stages of pregnancy. Since that time there have been some states that require restrictions on having the procedure done.

Restrictions for a woman to have an abortion include, a twenty-four hour waiting period from the time a woman consents until the procedure is actually done and that a parent or guardian is notified when a woman consents to have the procedure before her eighteenth birthday. One of the restrictions or laws against abortion that has been adopted is called a partial birth abortion ban. This procedure is normally done in the second and third trimester of pregnancy and is considered by most as being inhumane and horrid. One of the controversial issues surrounding the procedure includes questioning at what point a child is considered an actual person. Medical science can not fully answer that question but some of the things that are known is when the baby's heart begins to beat, when the baby starts dreaming, and that premature babies born as early as 20 weeks after conception have a chance to survive.

Some physicians belong to organizations that refuse to do the procedure after 20 weeks from conception. Abortion laws in the United States could change if the Supreme Court Case from 1973 is overturned. Many states have tried putting forth abortion bans by introducing political bills. Those who oppose these bills talk about the rights of women being violated but do not mention the rights of the unborn. They seem to be concerned with the health of women; however, there are serious risks associated with having the procedure. Some of these include heavy bleeding, infection, sepsis, problems with anesthesia, damage to the uterus and cervix, scarring, damage to other internal organs, and death.

Psychological damage that can occur to women who have had an abortion include depression, anxiety, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, extreme guilt and remorse, suffering with nightmares, problems with relationships, and suicidal thoughts. Laws against abortion are seen by many as laws that will actually protect women from undergoing a procedure that will have lasting physical and emotional affects for the rest of their life. There are other options available to women who do not believe that they can take care of a child. There are classes available that help to empower women to become a good parent. In addition, there is the option of adoption; many couples who can not have children would consider themselves fortunate to be able to adopt a child and raise him or her up as their own. Women who suffer with extreme guilt and remorse can find forgiveness from the Lord. "In whom we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace" (Ephesians 1:7).

There have been some changes in laws and policy since the 1973 Supreme Court ruling to legalize abortion. Medicaid funds can not be used to pay for the procedure unless the woman's life is in danger or there is a case of rape or incest. Abortion laws in the United States require that women obtain a court order to have the procedure paid for by public funds. However, some states allow public funds to be used for women who fall in the category of being poor. In addition, clinics that are funded by the public help women to obtain birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Christian counseling can be very beneficial for a woman who needs guidance. Fellowship with other Christians, praying, and reading the Bible can provide comfort and support when needed.

There are many organizations that will help women who are young and single that wish to have their babies. Some of these can be found on the Internet by doing a search on laws against abortion. These organizations help women with housing, medical assistance, financial assistance, educational assistance, counseling, and child care expenses. Parenting classes are available to help single women and couples that need help accepting their new role. Foster care is another option for those women who find they are in a place that they can not be a good parent or have the necessary faculties to do so. In addition, there are adoption agencies that can help place the child with loving and responsible parents. The Bible says that children are a blessing and that mothers should love their children. "But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto Me: for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven" (Matthew 19:14).

For the women who feel that they have no other choice but to have an abortion; there is always another way. A little time and research, along with making a few phone calls can help a person to discover that there are other choices with unwanted pregnancies. Abortion laws in the United States since 1973 have made it easy for the choice to be abortion. A woman who finds herself in this situation should get some counseling on how the decision is going to affect her for the rest of her life. Women should avoid the trap of desperation by making an instantaneous decision to pray and consider all other options.

Dealing With Abortion

Dealing with abortion can be a very difficult thing to do. There are many effects of this action that can affect both the mind and body of an individual who has gone through the physically and mentally challenging experience. Making the choice to have an abortion is something that many women do, even those who consider themselves to be Christians. People choose to abort for many different reasons. Some of the most common reasons include health purposes, financial reasons, or as a quick fix to end an unwanted pregnancy. Dealing with this begins before the choice is made. Many people struggle with the choice. It's important for them to understand the consequences that can stem from such actions. Not only is the child that has been conceived killed, there is no way to get that child back. Of course the individual can have other children, but that one special child that was conceived for whatever reason was a gift from God. The effects of an abortion can be very difficult for many individuals to deal with. The physical, emotional, and spiritual strain of choosing an abortion over life can stay with the person for many years to come.

Dealing with abortion is something that many women will face. It is important to understand the other options and alternatives that can be sought to provide life and care for the child. There are many effects of an abortion on the body, mind, and spirit of an individual that should be considered along with the alternative choices that can be made. When a child is conceived, the first and the best option to choose is the have the baby. While this may seem complicated for some people, it is not. Children are a gift from God and would not be given unless there was a reason. If the individual is completely incapable of handling a child, there are other alternatives. Many grandparents would love the opportunity to take a grandchild in and raise the baby as their own. There are other relatives that people can turn to as well, including siblings, cousins, and more distant relatives that may be willing to take the responsibility of raising the child. If family is not available or willing to help, there are adoption agencies throughout the country and the world that allow individuals to provide their children to other families who may not be able to conceive. This is a great gift that can be shared between birth and adoptive parents who want to provide love and family to a child.

Reasons for choosing to have an abortion will vary from one individual to the next, but they are hardly ever strong enough to explain the need for killing the child. The health of the child or the mother is one of the strongest arguments for choosing to abort the baby. While this is acceptable reason for dealing with abortion to some people, a Christian must be able to see that God has given the child for a reason. If it is His will for the child and the mother to live, that will be done. God may be sending a gift in the form of a child to help increase the faith of the parents and family of the child. Some individuals choose ending the life of a child for financial purposes. Again, adoption is always a better decision than abortion. Also, government assistance programs are available for individuals who can not afford to raise their children without financial assistance. Often people will choose to endure the effects of an abortion to keep from being embarrassed by having a child outside of marriage. The truth about abortion is that it is not a quick fix to a problem. This is a major life choice that will make a difference in the life of all individuals who are involved in the process.

Dealing with abortion can be very difficult for an individual. It is a choice that should not be made, but if it is made, the consequences and issues that can arise must be known. Physically, an abortion can cause pain and can lead to the inability to conceive children if there are problems during the procedure. The after effects can cause emotional trauma and pain for an individual dealing with the fact that they were the cause of the death of their child. The choice can be made to keep the child, place them with a relative, or give the child to another family for adoption. Many people choose to have an abortion for reasons that are unfounded or inappropriate. There is no reason to kill a child under any circumstance. The life of a child is very important and the effects of an abortion can be devastating for the female. "Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward." (Psalm 127:3)

Free information on abortions is often used when making the choice between life and death of a child. Women who are scared, unhappy, or pressured into this decision may seek guidance from a variety of sources. This can be found from sources on both sides of the debate. While free abortion clinics are not readily available, there are some that offer this as a service. Especially in the wake of a tragedy, they are open to provide services for individuals to terminate unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. For a female who is pro-choice, understanding the procedures and effects of this decision can change her opinion.

After certain tragedies some organizations offered no-cost procedures to abort babies that were conceived. In a tragedy such as rape, terrorism or natural disaster, people often embrace love and intimacy as a way to comfort each other or calm their fears. As people turned to love and intimacy for comfort, free abortion clinics and pro-choice organizations make the effort to take advantage of people who were already in a very weak emotional state of mind. Pro-life organizations also try to address the issues of conception in the wake of a tragedy.

Many pro-choice groups explained this as a way to end further pain from these situations. Pro-life organizations saw this as exploitation of the services to push it on individuals who were not in the proper frame of mind to make the choice. Women legally have the choice to choose between the life and death of a child, however, it is important to consider the lives that will be affected by the decision. Abortion is something that will carry long lasting effects that can be painful for anyone involved in the process. The use of free abortion clinics is not prevalent in the country at this time. The message of abstinence is most often the way Christians work to help individuals. Sharing Christ's love is another great way to comfort people so intimacy is not sought for the wrong reasons.

Government aid is already at a very high level, using billions of dollars for the support of individuals who cannot work because they have children to take care of. If the money continues to flow in such high volumes, the government under pro-choice leaders may choose to fund abortions instead of offering further funding and assistance to families. It is already possible to receive free information on abortions from many medical organizations that take part in these procedures. Pro-life organizations need to step up and make it known that this act is morally and ethically wrong. It goes against the will of God.

Women who may be considering abortion, obtaining as much knowledge online or through a pro-life organization will be an eye opening experience. By seeking help from a pro-life organization, individuals may see the truth. Women must know this procedure can be dangerous to both the physical and mental health of the mother. The procedure can cause physical pain and infections that can affect the health of the female for a long period of time. The mental or emotional pain will be severe, leading to serious emotional disorders and long-term stress or anxiety. Seeking knowledge should be done with care and understanding. The choice of life or death is on the hands of the mother who makes the decision. Free information on abortions can also shed some light on just how wrong free abortion clinics are.

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