Pro-Life Arguments Against Abortion

Pro-life arguments against abortion include the importance of recognizing that human life is sacred and that killing an unborn child is murder. Serious concerns exist for those females who actually have a pregnancy terminated. The procedures that are used in this process will hurt a woman physically and emotionally. The case that went through the Supreme Court that made this a legal issue in 1973 gave females the right to destroy their unborn babies if they were determined to do so. Since that time many excuses have been used to justify this catastrophe. The destruction of a human life and the destruction of morals in this country are valid pro-life arguments against abortion. If we were to measure these actions by God's word evidence would surface that should have many people questioning this ethical decision. Unfortunately in today's world many people do not consider the word of God. "And He (Jesus) said unto him, Why call me good? There is none good but one, that is, God: but if thou will enter into life, keep the commandments. "He said unto him, Which? Jesus said, Thou shall do no murder, Thou shall not commit adultery, Thou shall not steal, Thou shall not bear false witness" (Matthew 19:17-18).

One of the best ways to tackle pro-life arguments against abortion is by having the mother-to-be put herself in the place of the child. If her mother had made the same decision that she does, she would not be here today. Also, females who are having a difficult time with an unwanted pregnancy need to understand that they are not alone. Counseling must be proactive in trying to provide options that value human life. Options are available to those who need and want them. Information on the Internet is very positive and can help one to make the ethical decision. Learning the facts about the development of the child is an eye opener. The realization that the child may be in pain should deter a mother to be from going forward with an abortion.

Let's consider the stages of development of the child in the womb. Once the egg has been fertilized the babe immediately starts developing. The chromosomes that come from both parents are in place giving the babe his or her unique characteristics and genes. Pro-life arguments against abortion state that life begins at conception. As the days progress so does development of the child. The heart starts beating around the 18th day. Medical science has recorded brainwaves around 40 days after conception. The child has his or her organs and nervous system at 8 weeks. The child has all body functions at this time as well. Brainwave patterns have shown that the baby will sleep and wake at 8 weeks. The babe starts reacting to touch and noise by the 11th week. Knowing all of this should deter a person from aborting a precious baby.

As society accepts the decision as being the mother's to terminate a pregnancy there is a chance that society may condone the mother's choice to murder her baby after birth. God forbid that this would ever happen. However, the acceptance of murder is a very dangerous thing especially when science chooses to give it a different name. Many pro-choice websites do not recognize that this tiny human is a life until he or she is able to exist outside the woman's body. With medical technology a child can exist outside the womb at around 22 weeks of age. Some refer to the babe as being a zygote, a blob of tissue, and a fetus depending upon the stage of development. Pro-life arguments against abortion state that killing a babe at any stage of development is murder.

Some people think that if a woman has an unwanted pregnancy she should go ahead and have an abortion to avoid bringing another unwanted child into this world. Studies that have been done indicate that a child who is born to parents who really do not want him or her are more likely to be abused. Pro-life arguments against abortion do not agree with this view. This seems like another excuse rather than a fact. Instead, pro-lifers see abortion is the worst form of child abuse. Children in the womb who are being aborted go through torturous pain during the procedure. The facts about child abuse involving a babe in the womb include limbs being torn off, brains being sucked out, the fetus being slowly starved to death, and many more horrific types of torture.

Women need to know that having an abortion increases their risk of developing breast cancer. There are increases in ectopic pregnancies, pelvic inflammatory disease, cases of infertility and miscarriages when a female has had a previous abortion. Pro-life arguments against abortion include the concern for all women who put themselves through any medical procedure that can cause permanent damage to their bodies. Unfortunately a large number of women do not realize the extent of what the procedure can do to their bodies until afterwards.

Finally, psychological effects are another major concern to women who have an abortion. Females who go against their own beliefs when terminating a pregnancy will have difficulty dealing with it. Someone who believes that killing is wrong will be compromised emotionally and psychologically. Pro-life arguments against abortion state that studies have been done to show that a female who undergoes an abortion is in danger of suffering from depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, destructive habits, anger, and relationship problems. Christians should pray and help those who are trying to cope with murdering their own child. This is a controversial subject and everyone has their own belief system so we should not play judge or take the law into our own hands but instead should show love and forgiveness toward those who believe differently or those who have made a costly mistake but are sorry for their sin.

Arguments Against Abortion

Arguments against abortion range from objections based on the US constitution's protection of the right to human life all the way to the biblical bases for the belief that human life begins at conception. Proponents of pro-choice rights or their advocates disclaim both bases, while arguments for a woman's right to choose are rooted in a fundamental secularism of human life and dignity that supersede the Christian world view that man was created in the image of God. For those who side with the pro-life debate, abortion alternatives are also part of the solution to this polarizing issue. To learn more about what the Bible says about abortion, please take this Abortion Bible Quiz.

Constitutional pro-life arguments are generally based on the strict constructionist view of the constitution. This elevates the sanctity of human life to a protective status and overrides the right of anyone to terminate another human life for their own convenience. In order to pass Roe V. Wade, proponents of this legislation have had to 'reinvent the wheel' in order to legislate laws that allow the controversial medical procedure. The deaths of millions of unborn children to date are the result of such legislation that does little to foster any abortion alternatives. The fundamental constitutional right to human life is grounded in Judea-Christian ethics which further incites opposition to killing unborn children from a religious point of view.

Those who rely on the Word of God as the final authority for their faith and practice can substantiate their arguments against destroying unborn children quite effectively through several biblical references to God's view and dealings with this subject. In Luke 1:41, there is a biblical account of the unborn child, John, who leaped in response to Mary's salutation to his mother, Elizabeth. This is just part of the entire miracle surrounding his conception and birth from the womb of an aged mother who had previously been childless. Further arguments against abortion are sited in relation to Psalms 139:13-16 in which David writes about God placing the child in the mother's womb.

"Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being imperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them." These and other passages in Psalm 139 indicate the specificity in which God forms, knows and cares about each child even before birth. Arguments against the highly debated procedure and the subsequent abortion alternatives include the idea that God is the Designer at conception of each human being when they were "made in secret" as well as the fact that He records the development of each human "...and in thy book all my members were written." Learn more about this and other controversial issues, visit these Bible resources.

Most pro-life arguments typically have their root in an all-wise, all knowing God of the universe Who knows, loves and cares for humanity. That is why arguments against abortion are usually followed up by practical alternatives for women who are caught in the dilemma of unwanted pregnancies. In a culture that values situational ethics, it is not surprising that proponents bristle at these arguments and alternative solutions. If there is no one to be accountable to or if there is no definitive guideline of ethics, then it is easy to justify cruel and inhumane procedures such as killing unborn children.

Within the whole reasoning of situational ethics resides the assumption that people do not have an immortal soul. Most arguments against the procedure take the opposite tack and assume that since man is created in the image of God, he is too important to throw away when a pregnancy is inconvenient. This leads to abortion alternatives such as adoption, education for motherhood and emphasis on marriage when possible. The rise in homes for unwed mothers, adoption agencies and educational programs for unwed mothers have been on the rise since these specific laws gave way to unbridled abortions in America.

Even for those who do not accept the biblical view of the pro-life stance, there are many other options available for unwed mothers other than termination of life. Unfortunately, the strategies of secularists who propose abortion as the major alternative to unwanted pregnancies have clouded many young women's minds in understanding the psychological and physical problems that will follow an abortion for anyone who chooses this option to an unwanted pregnancy. Many young girls have an intrinsic need to see their baby born but succumb to pressure to terminate pregnancy with no arguments against abortion offered. After years of documented abortions in this country, the after effects for many women who have undergone the procedure is quite clear.

Even the woman cited in the Roe V. Wade case has come to the forefront years later to decry the law and is a proponent of abortion alternatives for unwed mothers. If an unwed mother or the parent of a daughter faces an unwanted pregnancy decision, there are many online sources that offer Christian based solutions. The repercussions that many experience who have had an abortion adds fuel to abortion arguments so it is important to explore the many options for the sake of the mother as well as the unborn child.

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