Pro Choice Abortion

Pro choice abortion is a devastating choice for women to make in situations where death of a child is chosen over life. Aborting a child can lead to serious health and emotional pain for the people involved in the decision. Medical problems such as the inability to conceive can arise. Emotionally, the strain of living with the murder of a child can cause anguish and devastation for the mother who went ahead with the procedure. A pro choice abortion is acceptable by the laws of the United States government and has been upheld for several years. However, the laws of God are much more powerful than any laws or regulations that can be set by a group of men and women. Aborting is wrong. There is no way to say that taking the life of an innocent child is anything but socially, morally, and ethically wrong. The life of a child begins at conception. The only choices in the beginning of the life of a child should be made before the point of conception. Learn the truth about abortion by clicking this link.

Health complications that can affect the female for the rest of her life often result from aborting. One of the most serious side effects of a prochoice abortion is the inability to conceive. While this is not as serious a threat as it has been in the past, it is still a possibility. Other physical medical problems that may arise include infections, cancer, and later risks in the labor and delivery of children. These health problems are a very important part of understanding the effects before the decision is made to go through with the procedure. The mental or emotional effects can be even more devastating than any physical problems. Many women feel the pain and anguish over making the decision for years to come. They have to deal with the death of the child being on their hands because it was the decision they made. Stress and anxiety can be a very big part of the recovery process after an abortion. Post traumatic stress disorder is a very common problem that affects individuals after going through the procedure. Many other individuals will experience feelings of shame, guilt, grief, remorse, and many other negative emotions towards themselves and everyone around them. These negative feelings and emotions are a very big part of the choice to abort. Individuals should understand both the physical and emotional issues that may arise during and after a prochoice abortion is completed. For answers to other important topics, click this link.

Legally, aborting a child is perfectly fine. There is no judgment or rules condemning the act. In the eyes of God, however, it is wrong and should not even be a thought in the mind of a woman who is or may be pregnant. The laws that allow the procedure are based on the fact that the child in the womb, or fetus, is not a living human being, just a pile of tissue. The major belief for individuals who are pro choice is that life begins at the time of birth when the first breath is taken outside the womb. Pro life individuals feel very differently about this idea. Most individuals who are pro life are Christians or have some belief in God. They feel that at the time of conception, a child is a living human being. Christians who are against aborting can read scriptures and see the intentions of God for that child to be a human life, while the child is still in the womb. "For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well" (Psalm 139:13-14).

Aborting a child is available for women who feel the need to do so. This can be a very dangerous and unhealthy choice to make. Pro choice abortion can leave an individual with serious physical health problems like infections and even the inability to conceive more children. Mentally and emotionally, choosing to go through with a prochoice abortion can affect the health of a female. Guilt, shame, and other negative emotions along with stress disorders can result from choosing to have an abortion. Legally, the United States allows abortions to be performed by licensed medical professionals. While the laws of the world do not judge individuals for choosing a pro choice abortion, the laws of God are firm on this issue. It is murder, which is a sin in the eyes of God. "Thou shalt not kill" (Deuteronomy 5:17). For a Christian, the choice is clear: there is no choice. The life of a child begins at conception, making prochoice abortion the wrong choice.

Biblical View On Abortion

One of the facts about abortion is that it is not an option for Christian women who find themselves in a difficult pregnancy situation, but there are other alternatives that can help her get through the crisis, if she will look for those options. When a young woman faces an unplanned pregnancy because of rape, or the woman is married but cannot afford another child, it is understandable that panic would overwhelm the situation at the thought of becoming a parent at the wrong time in life. Whether she needs to finish education, or just started a new job, a marriage has just broken up, or one of the hundred other reasons to not look forward to having this baby, there are people who will help to find a solution without killing an innocent baby.

Single parenthood is daunting, to say the least. For the high school or college student, school districts and college boards no longer insist that a girl leave school if she becomes pregnant. High school-age girls often choose to go to a private school (many communities have schools especially for expecting moms) until the baby is born, to avoid the embarrassment in their current high school. College women are allowed to stay in their classes as long as they are able. The decision to bring the child to term is the most loving thing she can do. What to do after the birth should be decided beforehand, and there are several options from which to choose: Single parenthood, joint parenthood, or adoption, are viable choices. These are some of the other options that will help better abortion statistics as a whole.

Even with those choices, sometimes a young woman will be so overwhelmed emotionally or financially that she thinks she has no other choice. She needs to know the facts about abortion before making her decision. Among these that are not usually made public are the risks of complications that can occur. Some of those are the possibility of infection, damage to the uterus, infertility (no children in the future!), future miscarriages or premature births, and the increased risk of breast cancer. Psychological complications shouldn't be discounted when looking at facts about abortion either. Depression, low self-esteem, and nightmares are but a few of the possibilities that can require years of treatment to get over. Abortion statistics regarding those women who have had one show that while 39,000 of them joined the fight for the right to choose an abortion, almost seven times that many, 245,000 are members of the National Right to Life. Click this Abortion link for more information on topics like this one.

Christians have great reverence for life, and view pregnancy as a gift from God. Therefore, they see abortion issues quite clearly as the taking of a human life, or murder, at any stage. At the moment of conception a new human being exists, with a genetic code like no other that has ever been created. That genetic code is not just from the mother, but from the father too. One month after conception, the infant is no longer part of his or her mother, but is a separate human being. By fourteen weeks, the baby is kicking and moving about. This procedure kills a human being in the first trimester. By the time six months have passed, the baby can live without its mother. The baby can breath air, it can see because the baby's eyes are open, and has all its internal organs functioning. If he is born at this stage, he has a 90% chance for survival. The facts about abortion are: Abortion kills a human being at six months. Even beyond hard facts lies emotional distress and the fear of God many women feel after allowing this event to take place. It is important to education oneself sully before making any decision about whether or not a life should live. Consult a professional if a solution is not very clear.

There is no question that the circumstances in which some women find themselves when they learn they are pregnant are desperate, and may even seem hopeless. Abusive situations, abandonment, and poverty can make abortion seem like the only option open to them. The dangers inherent in the procedure can turn some (if not all) of those women to seek other alternatives. The many couples who are unable to conceive need to be connected to those mothers, and assure them that their child will be loved and cared for. With today's open adoption laws, the natural parents of an adopted child can keep in touch with the child and visit from time to time, so they don't have to suffer the guilt that generations past had to fight after giving up a child. It is incumbent upon Christians to get the word out to these women, give them accurate abortion statistics, and let them know that there are people willing to help expectant mothers make good decisions and work through the problems related to their pregnancy, so that the now declining bad news in abortion statistics happening every year in the United States will one day reach the zero level for which every Christian hopes.

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